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Cell antennas pitched for PTC streetlights

A cutting-edge initiative to improve cellular signals in Peachtree City will involve the use of streetlights instead of celltowers. NextG Networks wants to add antennas and small control boxes to existing city streetlights as a low-profile way to cover cellphone deadspots in certain areas for certain carriers.

The proposal will be considered by the Peachtree City Council Thursday night, and an upshot that since NextG will be using city right of way and property for the project, the city will get a 3 percent cut of NextG’s revenue for the service.

The city is negotiating other details, such as the maximum height allowed, as part of a franchise agreement since public right of way is necessary for the project. Among those details would be language to limit the new poles’ height “in conjunction with the surrounding streetscape,” according to a memo from Community Development Director David Rast.

The company wants to use approximately six light poles in the Kedron Hills/Georgian Park area, with the possibility of erecting new poles to create the network, Rast wrote.

The antennas would be between two and four feet in length. Any new poles installed by the company would be required to be of the same style of other utility poles in the area, according to the memo.

The technology could prove to be extremely helpful in providing cellular service to areas where it is difficult or impossible to locate a new cellular tower, Rast said in the memo.

“Ultimately, a 40-foot streetlight pole with a four-foot antenna is far less intrusive, even if on a residential street, than a monopole or lattice celltower that exceeds 100 or 150 feet in height, and will help to provide the needed wireless coverage in a far more visually appealing manner,” Rast said in the memo.

According to NextG’s website, the company is already up and running in downtown Atlanta and beyond with the same service. Up to two carriers can be located on one pole, Rast indicated.

The plans are surely to be welcomed by residents who have opposed recent overtures by several cellular companies who want to build new antennas in residential areas of the city to provide better service. The city recently adopted a new ordinance that would allow celltower to be located on land zoned for industrial, commercial or office use, with the latter two being new additions designed to accommodate the industry’s wishes due to spots of poor or no signals in the city which vary from carrier to carrier.

That new ordinance also included language that allows for celltowers to be built at city-owned recreation areas, although that procedure was also allowed under the previous ordinance.



Gene61's picture

Would love to see if this is in use in another city.. Would love to know how effective it turns out to be.

If you really want to see many, many of them go to Washington, D.C.
They are OK if proper signage is performed ahead of time.

It is a several direction round without traffic lights. Would be better at 54/74 than what we have.
However on that hill we should have overheaded one of those roads (54) with exits on it. And, the Avenue should have been built elsewhere!

We lost our planned community with those two constructions, never to be regained. Developers and banks won.

We are right now "pitching" neighborhood street-light/ cell phone towers, and we are "pitching" roundabouts in Fayetteville, and we are "tweeting" and "twirping" other things also.
We have already nuked, ousted, the Mayor, and built 600 bridge tables for $850,000!

We got done changing the zoning 3-4 times on the unstarted shopping center on the west/south side of town, now they want a million dollar bridge to Walmart and Cannery Row!

Of course much of that money required for such construction comes from our begging from Washington, D.C. before the Teas get in power with Palin as Prez and then she will stop all transfers of money to all states and counties except the bridge to no where in Alaska and her salmon pond!

That pipeline that supports Alaska's budget (they have no other income) will be extended on into the USA onto the refineries on the southern coast if we will put a few valves in Canada on the way!

You ain't seen nothin yet!

Excellent summation of the current city council's accomplishments! 600 Bridge Tables!

Since the paper's headline said the $850,000 was for bridge players, I was simply estimating just how many bridge tables (card tables) could be jammed into the Gathering Place once the new two story addition is made---since that is all it will be used for by the "old folks at home!"

These old dudes pay little taxes and are worthless. (the 50 years they paid already doesn't count!)

You see when someone doesn't like something they pick the one thing that is useless about it and pound on that with big headlines and the lack of need for us to take care of our "old folks at home," and especially our teenagers---who do not count since they are villains and a pain in the rear!
Even worse than Liberals, or Independents who they think lie!

PTC Observer's picture

Here is a link to their website, if they put these in public parks on Lightpoles like those seen in this picture, I am all for it.

I have questions, like who pays to have the poles to be put in if one is needed, etc.? If only one pole is needed and therefore one light, how do we make certain that a light is not simply sitting out in the middle of nowhere with an antenna on it? Details, but we need to think this through.

Otherwise, I think this is an excellent alternative to a tower.

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