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Fork in the Road Cafe cooks up down home cooking

It’s like going for a meal at your grandmother’s house and sitting down for a Southern-style meal where everything is made from scratch. That simple notion, one that is hard to find in today’s world of pre-packaged restaurant fare, is just one of the things that make Fork in the Road Cafe in Peachtree City a different and delectable dining experience.

Southern-style country cooking is the order of the day at the Fork in the Road. That means authentic, from scratch menu items like fried chicken, meat loaf, chicken and dumplings, squash casserole, macaroni and cheese, broccoli casserole, fried okra, turkey and dressing, cornbread, fried green tomatoes and, perhaps in a food group all their own, real buttermilk biscuits.

“It’s like you’re going to your family’s house for dinner,” Debra Colston said, as if signaling forth the memories of past years at grandma’s house. “You walk in on hardwood floors and sit at a table with a table cloth and flowers. And every item is fresh, everyday. It’s all scratch-made, right down to the cream sauce in the macaroni and cheese.”

Owners and Peachtree City natives Michael and Debra Colston remember the city from the late 1960s and early 1970s. Travels across the U.S. to places such as Nashville and San Francisco could not match the home they knew and, in 1999, the couple returned with the desire to raise their children in Peachtree City.

The couple prior to establishing the restaurant owned a manufacturing plant and later lost it. But that loss only opened the door for another opportunity, one that gave Debra a way to start up a restaurant she had always wanted and, just as important, to use the recipes from her grandmother and others that she had compiled over the years.

Today, and any day, at their unique Fork in the Road restaurant and catering business on Huddleston Road Debra and Michael, their sons Michael, 11, and Max, 8, and Debra’s mother and father-in-law are on hand at what is truly a family-run business. That means food prep and cooking, running the register and bussing tables. Virtually every aspect of the business is family operated.

Beyond the standard homestyle menu items that are always available, the restaurant also features additional favorites on Mondays through Thursdays. Then on Fridays it’s all-you-can-eat catfish for $9.95 or seafood for $19.95.

Authentic Southern-style cooking is a hit with customers at Fork in the Road. Many of the customers who have become regulars since the restaurant opened in April come three or four times a week because they can always get something different, Debra said. One of the regulars is Peachtree City resident Peggy Baker.

“I’ve been around Southern food a long time and Fork in the Road is the real thing,” Baker said. “I’m a regular customer and I’m in the restaurant two or three times a week. And I bring relatives and friends all the time.”

But that is not all there is to Fork in the Road. There is also the catering service that features mouth-watering, up-scale cuisine such as citrus herbed shrimp, steamed pork dumplings or crab and goat cheese empanadas with mango chutney. The catering service is available for weddings, birthdays, company and holiday parties and school and summer festivals.

All things considered, there is really nothing quite like homestyle cooking and there is certainly nothing like Southern-style, made from scratch cooking.
To taste the real thing visit Fork in the Road Cafe & Catering at 114 Huddleston Road in Peachtree City. Hours are Monday-Wednesday from 11 a.m.-2:30 p.m., Thursday and Friday from 11 a.m.-2:30 p.m. and 4:30-8 p.m. and on Sunday from 11 a.m.-2:30 p.m.

For more information visit or call 770-631-2883.



Jesus I hope you got rid of all the rats and roaches that nasty building had. Surely you know how long and how many have been in that run down joint. Sure little paint here and there but that has been one nasty grease slim building. Couldn't you find somewhere else to go, there are so many empty strip malls that at least could start out clean. Anyway good luck to you, your type food is what I love but sorry don't think I'll be trying you, not in that location.

I won't eat there either, but that's mostly because I'm not much into that kind of food. Your comments are not only ignorant but bordering slanderous. They probably didn't have the $75,000 plus in cash, as that would probably be a close minimal estimate to opening up a resturant in one of the "many empty strip malls". God I can't believe how stupid some of the posters are on these forums. Do you spend much time with Mike King or Bonkers/CHR's/Dollar?

My comments were directed to the new residents and whether they checked this place out. The last tenant in there when I visited (maybe a year ago maybe a little longer) served country flare. My friend ask me to meet her there and I am sorry we saw a rat, mouse whatever you want to call it run across the dinning room and there were although dead, insects. I did not make any recommendations I simply said I wouldn't go there because of the age of the building and the fact I don't think it has ever been guted and cleaned up. It, in my opinion is not a good place to start up a new business unless they really know how clean it is. Before you call people names maybe you should learn to read and direct your comments accordingly. I was talking about the building.

Like many whom post on these forums, you obviously just don't get it, so there's not much else I can say.

have no place in this paper.

I've had good lunches at this restaurant, and I know their Sunday Business is doing well.

Good luck to them.

I think you are saying that our restaurant inspections have no value!

Maybe so, I don't know for sure.

That place is quite shop worn and somewhat harmful to appetites due to needed updates and more steel to clean easily, but I'm not sure that it hasn't been cleared of any creatures and scrubbed down and kept that way. It may be and you should be sure of that before telling us what to do.

Frankly, unless they have very low overhead they won't be able to support a family in that location due to lack of traffic. Management is the key to a restaurant---so many are run by cooks who cook well but have no business sense.

You can't serve scarce foods at even high prices to just a handful of people.

You can make a mint across from a high school with a hot dog and hamburger converted street car, providing you ration your throw-outs every day!
The high school I went to had one, and the chili pot was never washed! They were delicious.

much about it? I have eaten there several times and the place is spotless. Unless you have been there since the Colson's have started running it you should keep your opinions to yourself. It is hard enough to open a business (especially a restaurant) and make a success of it without having someone like you bad mouth it without even being there. Shame on you. We are used to CHR's remarks (I am sure he meant gluttons) and while they are sometimes uncalled for they are never mean spirited like yours. Hope you get indigestion where ever you do eat your next meal.

....not mean-spirited?

No, I meant glutens----those with large maximus muscles from overeating too much cat fish, ccornbread, and slaw.

Sounds like someone is having a bad day! I completely disagree with the very ugly comment I just read. Fork in the Road Cafe is awesome. The food is amazing and it couldn't be cleaner. I have enjoyed eating there since they opened as well as my friends and family have and we will all continue to do so. So, anyone that has not been in for lunch and/or dinner I urge you to try it. You won't be disappointed. Please don't listen to ignorance. What I do not understand is why would anyone say such nasty things they obviously know nothing about. So many people are trying hard to make it in this economy and I just don't get why we aren't working together to support our local businesses and keep our community strong, but rather go online with ugliness and lies.

ginga1414's picture

This really sounds like my kind of place. I most definitely will be there for supper tonight.

MissiCool,I completely agree when you said, "So many people are trying hard to make it in this economy and I just don't get why we aren't working together to support our local businesses and keep our community strong, but rather go online with ugliness and lies." I know, from experience, that anyone who owns a restaurant is a very hard working person.

Good luck to "Fork In The Road Cafe." I truly hope they do well. It is extremely hard to find a good buttermilk biscuit. I can't wait 'til supper time.

Since I've lived here, this building has housed 2 Mexican restaurants, a rib house, an upscale restaurant and a bakery. Let's hope this time the restaurant owners can make it work!

My husband & I eat there every week. The food is great. We need to support out local restaurants in PTC. The best deal is the all you can eat catfish on Friday nights.

The gathering of the gluttens!

PTC Observer's picture

Well I'll be there tonight (Sunday) to try it. This is just what the community needs and the owners sound like the type of people we should all support.

See all you posters there too!!

Come on Bacon, get off your anti-capitalist rant and support them!

scrapsuzy's picture

My friends and I like this type of food, and are always looking for locally owned restaurants to support, so decided to give this place a try.

We were extremely disappointed.

We recognized the waitress from the Boxcar Cafe in Tyrone, and she was very nice. But she was overwhelmed. While she wasn't serving food, one waitress alone is just not able to keep up with refilling drinks at lunchtime. We finally just got up and refilled them ourselves. However, the lack of drink-replenishing alone would not keep us from going back.

We all chose different entrees and sides, but noticed some kind of odd taste in at least one of each of our sides. We all have varying tastes, and don't like all the same things, but this was a consistent oddness that we couldn't connect to any particular ingredient.

Within a few hours of eating there, all of us experienced some sort of digestive illness, to varying degrees. Not bad enough to seek medical treatment, but bad enough, especially combined with the rest of our experience here, to make us sure that we do not want to return to this restaurant.

The food just isn't anything to brag about. This place won't last long

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