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Haddix booted for original thinking

How sad that Peachtree City Mayor Don Haddix was summarily fired from the Atlanta Regional Commission roundtable for suggesting that Fayette County should consider joining the Three Rivers Regional Commission instead.

If not applauded for his courageous, “out-of-the-box” thinking, at least he should have been heard, especially since it affects our pocketbooks. Instead, he was politically “lynched.”

I don’t know if his idea is a good one or not, but such creative thinking is rare, and deserving of thoughtful debate in the newspapers and on the street.

J.D. Holmes

Fayetteville, Ga.



Salvo10's picture

Common sense is not prevelant in Fayette County. Corrupt Agenda's Are We will know Ken Steelee's backers and names by the next meeting. We will be there with megaphones and facts. See Hadiix Poll: www. Taxation of 10 counties is taxation without representation and is unconstitutional.

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Creative thinking is rare and very deserving of thoughtful debate. However, Mayor Haddix wasn't allowed to have the opportunity to present his findings concerning HB 277 and the differences between the ARC and Three Rivers Regional Commission. The citizens of Fayette County weren't allowed the opportunity to evaluate the issues and voice our opinions.

Public officials who belittle, insult, ridicule and bully any other citizen, be they private citizen or public official, should be removed from office. I have witnessed and experienced such treatment on many occasions over the last four years in Fayette County and I am personally sick and tired of it.

Anyone who has the courage to oppose the political status quo in Fayette County will be verbally and politically "lynched."

No one cares how "sick and tired" you are about this! If you are irritated about it for some reason, say that and why. I am also "sick and tired" but I am old.

Don't know if it was even possible for Fayette to choose which region they wanted in! We connect to Fulton County!

As much "belittling" as we all do to officials, I don't see anything wrong about them gentlemanly, or lady-like, telling us off!
Poor old President Obama would cause half of Fayette County to be "removed from office" if that were true.

Now, I normally do not agree with anything Mr. Holmes proposes or has an opinion about (so many people have been frisked by "gyms"), but on this one he is correct.

I suspect we will see a law suit about this removal soon! It makes no sense.

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