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TCBY is new destination at Braelinn Village

From the minute you open the door and enter the new TCBY at Peachtree City’s Braelinn Village off Crosstown Rd., you can tell you’re in for a treat.

Armed with funky furniture and bright colors, this self-serve TCBY aims to be a destination, a place for people and families to go to enjoy a unique and healthy treat. In addition to the frozen yogurt, of which there are always 12 flavors on tap (18 if you count the twists), there are frozen pies and cakes and the Coca-Cola Freestyle Machine.

There are only 300 Coca-Cola Freestyle Machines in the world. The machine gives the customer 106 different drink options and, thanks to microdosing, every drink is the perfect pour. One simply approaches the touch screen, chooses the flavor of the Coca-Cola product they want and instantly the cup will fill with the right flavor, taste and amount of carbonation each time. It is just one of many futuristic elements that gives TCBY and their customers the sense of trying something different.

You can’t have a TCBY without the Y (yogurt) and there are numerous flavors to choose from including chocolate and vanilla to the famous White Chocolate Mousse, Peanut Butter, Mountain Blackberry, Cheesecake, Peach and more. There will always be at least two no sugar added flavors and there are some nonfat and non dairy options as well. A person could eat very healthily at TCBY, choosing the right flavor and kind and then adding some fresh fruit as a topping. One could also go crazy with the flavors and then add a wide variety of toppings like cereal, nuts, candy, hot fudge, caramel and sprinkles. Customers pay by the ounce (45 cents an ounce) and can go as big or small as they want.

Owner Mike Murtaugh is excited to be a part of the community and plans are already under way for schools and church groups to have spirit nights at the store. He sees his store as being a destination for people of all ages and invites everyone to come check them out this Saturday when they have their official grand opening. The first three ounces for customers will be free and there will also be discounts on the frozen pies and cakes for those interested in picking up a treat for Thanksgiving.

This is the first self-serve TCBY in Georgia and the third in the country and Murtaugh thinks it will be a big hit for Peachtree City and Fayette County.
“The other night we had 200 people in here in three hours, as a thank you to those who helped us realize this dream, and there was a family of five just siting around a table, talking and enjoying their treats,” said Murtaugh. “That’s what I want this place to be, some place where you can get away for a little while and enjoy a healthy treat.”

TCBY has free wi-fi and flexible seating and gives people something different to try. It is a wonderful fit in the recently redesigned Braelinn Village Shopping Center and is a golf cart destination for people of all ages.

TCBY is located at 532 Crosstown Rd. Phone770-631-9803 for more information.



OK, I go to Braelinn S/C often but have not been successful in finding TCBY. An address on Crosstown Road does not help. Where is it in the shopping center? Next to what????

Out of PTC

find Cardsmart. It's a door or 2 north of there (heading towards Kmart). Enjoy.

Went by there yesterday and they were just puting the sign up on the outside -- NOW I can find it!

Out of PTC

thiss is a great article in the citizen.

KEEP all the family involved and it will be a big success.
Wish I was there but hope to see the store some day.

do u have a phone # for the store?? would be good for me to have since u
will probably there most of the time.

Good nite--Love Granny and Lizzie

granny Evelyn

What is the self-serve element of this TCBY? Do you serve up the yogurt yourself? If so, while it sounds interesting, it also seems that it might be rather slow while patrons make their decisions and serve themselves. I have also noticed that in fast-food restaurants with self-serve beverage stations, the stations can get rather messy (and sometimes pretty unhygenic).

In the summer of 2010, the company opened a prototype store in Salt Lake City, Utah operating under a different business model. Instead of customers ordering and being served in a traditional fashion, they serve themselves using any combination of available yogurt flavors, add their own mix of fruit or candy toppings, and pay by the ounce. The store sports a different logo to match the store's ultramodern, European styling.

It's about time a new store opened at Braelinn. The last one was Kane Yama, if I'm not mistaken, about 2 years ago maybe? The line was out the door today, and they said they are open till 10 tonight. First 3 oz. are free today, for 2 people, it's a $2.70 discount. Plus, they have a frequent shopper punch card, buy 9, get an 8 oz. free. If you go to city hall and buy the new color path/street map for $2.00, there is a TCBY ad in there good till the end of 2011 for 10% off your purchases. Just put the map in the car/golf cart and bring it in every time for the 10% off. They are going to put tables and chairs ouside in the spring, and maybe cushions on the planter ledges to sit on. Sure is nice to see traffic at that section of the parking lot again.

I'll give them until next fall to close! Rent at $25 a SF makes for a heck of a lot of stuff sold just for that--all those freezers run up utilities also. We are in a bad recession!

Yeah, everyone nearly must do what everyone else does for 30 days. It happens every time. I think if a cow manure store opened, everyone would go and buy at least one bucket of it, so as to have something to talk about! Especially if a quart of it was free!

I hope tcby does great. I go there. Now we have another shop going in behind McDonalds on Hwy 54. Same guy put one in across from the Hospital. At least someone has some money to spend, Good luck to all who try.

scrapsuzy's picture

They've been open 2 months now, and our family has filled multiple "Frequent Swirler" cards. Even when it is snowing outside, we have been known to go for TCBY.

We like the self-serve element. My kids usually mix a couple of flavors, and they like so many toppings they often completely cover the frozen yogurt. :)

The owners/employees do a great job with customer service and even better with keeping the place clean!

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