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PTC Police issue scam alert

The Peachtree City Police Thursday morning issued an alert to citizens to be aware of two versions of an internet “money scam” that has been reported in the city and surrounding areas.

Version 1:
Victims who are selling items via the internet are receiving checks for an amount significantly more than what the item is being sold for.
Once the check has been received by the victim, the offenders are requesting that the victim deposit the check and wire a third person the difference in the money actually owed and the amount of the check.

Many times the money has already been wired to the offenders before the bank notifies the victim that the check was fraudulent, said department spokesperson Capt. Rosanna Dove.

Version 2:
You may receive an email stating that a “person” has a business opportunity for you. It will state that it’s an easy way for you to make some extra “holiday money” and all you have to do is cash a check, wire most of the money to the offender, and keep some for your troubles. The rest of this scam is exactly the same as Version 1.

“We urge you not to cash checks where this scheme is requested,” said Dove. “Many times the check is either completely fraudulent, or it’s a stolen check from a real person or company. The end result is always that you lose money.”



Gene61's picture

Thanks PTC Police, good job..

These two "scams" issued by Rosanna Rosana Dana Dove are as old as she is!

More PD publicity.

I have never personally known anyone to be taken by one of these situations! On occasion, a senile person who is at heart selfish will respond---maybe 1-2 a year in the country.

Is there one here who did?

Ever seen the movie, "Flim Flam Man?"

secret squirrel's picture

These scams are a form of financial Darwinism. Con artists have a moral obligation to relieve the stupid of their money. Let's face it- if you're dumb enough to fall for these types of cons, money will only confuse you and make you dangerous to the rest of society.

the Nigerian scam that has been around for 10-15 years? (if not more)

I once gave a copy of one of those to the Postmaster here, about 15-20 years ago.
They weren't interestd saying they had no jurisdiction in Nigeria!

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