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Choose one: Liar or incompetent

So, now that we’ve witnessed a near complete failure of the launch of Obamacare, what should we conclude about the man himself?

Not to mince words, but to quote one of my favorite comedians, Adam Carolla, he’s either a liar or stupid. In either case, that’s a bad thing for our country.

If he’s stupid, that would explain why Obama kept reiterating that you could keep your plan, even after DHS bureaucrats wrote the actual rule and made grandfathering a plan exceedingly difficult.

It would explain why Obama and his Democratic minions kept rejecting Republican attempts to modify Obamacare to address some of the problems that are now occurring.

It would explain why Obama was bragging about how great the website would be days before the rollout.

Or why he blamed, as usual, the insurance companies for the cancellations when in fact they were only doing as the law required. (The irony was exquisite when Obama invited insurance companies to the White House last Friday to talk to them about how to fix the problems.)

And finally, stupidity would explain why Obama thought he could remake one-sixth of the economy basically by fiat and not pay much attention to how the whole Rube Goldberg contraption would work. He just figured, “I spake, it shall be thus.”

Or, this particular concept could just be chalked up to ignorance since Obama had zero previous experience of actually doing anything other than getting elected and tearing down opponents.

If one were less charitable about our president, you would assume he knew all of this and instead just lied about it.

In either case, the words negligence and fraud come to mind. Our country was lied to and key information was hidden from us in the run-ups to the passing and implementation of Obamacare.

If Obama didn’t know about all of these potential pitfalls, he should have. He should have been asking questions that an entry-level corporate employee would know to ask.

The irony of the whole thing is magnified by the premise of his administration, which is that we should trust him.

Reagan’s premise was that he trusted us to do the right thing. Obama wants us to trust him to do the right thing, so when something as disastrous and mendacious as Obamacare occurs, it undermines the president in a particularly potent way. Even his unthinking followers in the media are now questioning his shtick.

We on other side knew this trust was misplaced. He had lied to us about religious exemptions, foreign policy, Benghazi, the IRS, and a host of other issues, but because victims were either conservative, foreign, or small enough in number, he was given a pass.

No longer, Mr. President. No longer.

Trey Hoffman
Peachtree City, Ga.


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