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Boy Scouts have right to set requirements

This is in response to Kenneth Hamner’s letter in the Nov. 7, 2012, issue of The Citizen:

“On my honor I will do my best

To do my duty to God and my country

and to obey the Scout Law;

To help other people at all times;

To keep myself physically strong,

mentally awake, and morally straight”.

If you’ve been in scouting you’ll recognize this. You might even recognize this even if you weren’t in scouting because it has been part of the fabric of the life of so many of our boys and men in this country over the years. It is called the Boy Scout Oath.

I am saddened Kenneth Hamner returned his Eagle Scout award in response to the Boy Scouts of America maintaining a ban on homosexuals in their organization. I have to wonder what happened to Mr. Hamner along the road of life.

In the second line of the Boy Scout Oath it says a scout will do his duty to God and country and, according to the first line, do it with personal honor to the best of their ability. The oath places God first ... before country. I guess Ken forgot about that “God thing” or it got obscured somehow over the years.

Apparently Mr. Hamner feels as if homosexuality is something “in the genes” or, as he says, “... beyond their control” ... and it may be ... I don’t know.

The bottom line, however, is homosexuality will disqualify you from becoming a Boy Scout or remove you from their ranks.

We don’t have problems with people being disqualified from many professions because their DNA gave them poor eyesight, short stature, flat feet or other non-qualifying characteristics ... all of which are beyond their control.

Being friendly, courteous and kind are personal traits we should all embrace. We are compelled, certainly, not to judge others ... but that does not mean we endorse, approve or accept what they do or how they live.

I won’t rehash what the B.S.A. has stated publicly regarding homosexuality and denying individuals from their organization who adopt this lifestyle; you can easily find it online.

Suffice it to say the homosexual lifestyle goes against the Boy Scout Oath ... it’s that God thing again ... and flies in the face of what the B.S.A. feels are appropriate role models for boys. And heaven knows we need some solid, moral role models for our young, both boy and girl.

As a private organization the Boy Scouts have the right to set and maintain standards of personal conduct and behavior.

As for what God has to say about homosexuality? Well, again ... an online search will bring up some strong language, none of it good, for those practicing homosexuals.

It might do Mr. Hamner good to look up exactly what God does say, the One mentioned in the Boy Scout Oath, with regard to his statement homosexuality is “neither immoral nor sexually deviant.”

In short, “homosexuality” and “to do my best to do my duty to God ...” are incongruous, incompatible and mutually exclusive ideals.

I for one applaud the Boy Scouts of America in standing by their standards and enforcing them. We need a cadre of strong moral leaders and role models. Last I checked people still have choices; to join an organization and accept its requirements and abide by them ... or not. And if not, then do not be surprised by the fallout.

No doubt there will be folks who’ll put their own “spin” on what God says in His book but they will be wrong. Not because I say so but because God says so ... the same God any Boy Scout, young or old, professes with honor to do their best to do their duty to.

Mike Mahoney

Fayetteville, Ga.



I am not sure parents today can trust anyone but themselves to teach good morals and provide positive role models to their children.

The BSA has done a lot of good for our youth. They also have fallen in line with the Catholic Church, Penn State and others as an organization that closed its eyes, condoned and allowed children to be molested for years without doing what was morally right.

Just last month, there was a court case in Oregon that uncovered the secret "Perversion files" that the BSA kept for decades of scout leaders suspected and known to molest the innocent youth they were entrusted to teach. This secret list was held at the highest level of the organization down to each troup for decades. Not one of these moral leaders ever did the right thing.

The AJC last month also ran an article describing how a scout master in Athens spent decades molesting the boys under his charge. All the while the church leaders knew what was going on and either looked the other way, had conversations with the man, but never taking this to the police because the church leaders knew this activity being made public would destroy the church.

So, please explain to me and other parents, where the BSA high moral standings were prior to the 2012 court case in Oregon? Seems to me that for decades the BSA actually permitted homosexuals and gays anyway while these so called god fearing moral leaders looked the other way. Ain't that being hypocritical?

Don't take my word on this. Google it .

There are bad people everywhere. I don't mean to pick on the BSA since I was once a scout and my son is now active in scouting. Its sad, but this can happen in any organization that is afraid to stand for what's right due to the mighty dollar.

I believe in god, I like the scouts, but it's up to me as a parent (not scouts) to teach good morals as the BSA seem to have some problems that need fixing.

pedophiles to molest these young boys while they looked the other way because these pedophiles were'upstanding people of the community". I would like some of these scout masters who covered up for these people to explain to me how someone sexually molesting young boys could be upstanding people in any way shape or form, no matter how much they gave to the community in the form of contributions, time or whatever. What warped thinking.

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