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Happy holidays from PTC Mayor Haddix

Cathy and I send our most sincere gratitude and appreciation to those who encouraged and supported us through the difficult times of personal attacks, illegal actions and grief caused by the actions of the council members regarding my salary.

Sadly, this has been a pattern from them for three years.

I would also like to reflect on the Veterans Day events of Nov. 3, where I had the honor of addressing the attendees.

As I noted, when you enter Falcon Field, you see the impressive jet fighter mounted as a monument. When you enter the Commemorative Air Force building you see vintage military equipment. At the gathering were many vets from different branches of the military, times and missions. These all represent the price we pay as a nation for our freedoms.

Thinking back on my own service, I didn’t see a bunch of fellow seasoned vets sitting in chairs. What I saw were young people putting on their uniforms for the first time and heading into service.

May we never forget what so many have done for so little in return. When people such as these stop entering the military, our country is lost. Without people of such character we are done as the nation we know and love.

As we enter the season Cathy and I want to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving, merry Christmas and joyful New Year.

May we all join together as a community on these special days. Let each home be filled with as much warmth and sharing as possible. May those who cannot be with you physically be with you in heart and spirit.

Don Haddix, mayor

Peachtree City, Ga.



NUK_1's picture

Everyone have a great holidays but let me first start by whining as usual about my fellow councilmembers and also mention "personal attacks," something that has marked my tenure as an elected non-leader from Day 1 over and over and OVER.

Have a nice Thanksgiving, turkey.

Robert W. Morgan's picture

Of course Steve's letter is much longer, but same format.
1. Woe is me
2. I, me, we, I, I , I me, me, we.
3. We need to work together to give the little people what they need.
4. Happy holidays.

What in the world goes through what passes for one's mind when you have to start a holiday greeting with a personal political attack? Is it possible that these two clowns are completely crazy about themselves and their own image? Methinks yes, it is so.

Live free or die!

You have not resigned yet?

Why not?

Who have you slandered today on City time?

Mr. Mayor, do you realize your letter could have done without the attacks?

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