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New school calendar coming in Dec.

The Fayette County school calendar for the 2014-2015 school year is still a work in progress. With more than 1,000 suggestions on the two draft calendars, the Fayette County Board of Education Monday night agreed to have school system staff take those suggestions and re-work the calendar.

Superintendent Jody Barrow said the school system had received more than 1,000 responses and suggestions on the two draft calendars. Barrow recommended that staff work on the calendars to combine the best features of both and bring a proposal back to the school board in December.

School system spokesperson Melinda Berry-Dreisbach said key features of the calendars include no furlough days for employees, a fall break in October, end of first semester by the holiday break and school attendance days within the state assessment window.

One of the draft calendars would have school beginning on Aug. 4 and ending on May 22, while the other has the first day of school on Aug. 11 and the last day on May 29.

Both calendars will maintain a 180-day schedule. And both calendars will include no furlough days, canceling the two furlough days currently in effect. Those two days will become the teacher planning days.

The potential for repealing the furlough days has been discussed recently by the school board and could be voted on in early 2014.



Robert W. Morgan's picture

Our new school board member Mary Kay Ballacco is leaving us guaranteeing that her only contribution to the county was to rid us of Terri Smith. She's running for State Superintendent on an anti-Common Core agenda.

Hope we don't get tagged for the cost of a special election like we did when Harold Bost whizzed out of town.

Live free or die!

I didn't come across this yet.

Robert W. Morgan's picture

Saw it in one of those old fashioned newsstands.

Live free or die!

If she is running on the platform to get rid of common core, she may have a following, but I doubt the resources to beat the growing field of candidates.

I could read between the lines that she caught the others off guard with this and she probably should have talked to them privately instead of them hearing from the papers.

I'm not sure how we fill the extra seat come January. Special election?

I will predict the Tea Party making a big push for minority participation as a last ditch effort to halt district voting.

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Selfishness is the only explanation for serving a tiny part of your term, dong basically nothing except objecting and abandoning the voters and the taxpayers with possibly the cost of a special election. And not sharing with her fellow board members? Shame on her.

Not a good start to a statewide campaign. I mean, would you give her money as a campaign contribution? Will anyone? Now, for those like mudcat who will vote for any female for any position for any reason - refocus on Karen Handel. She's a winner. Might not beat all the Good old white men, but I can see her as my Senator in Washington. Paired with Isakson - great! Especially when the Republicans are going to take over with 6 or 7 more seats in the Senate next year. Obama's coattails are being cut off and most of the Dems are very uncomfortable with their Obamacare vote..

And just today he has annoyed the techie royalty he invited to the White House to talk about NSA spying - instead he did an Obamacare sales pitch. Can this guy ever stop campaigning and maybe get down and govern? What a jackass. And so is Mary Kay. Get a grip sweetie, your kit cat smile ain't gonna work anymore. You a ditzy, confused, self-absorbed joke of a politician and you will be swimming with the haddixs soon.

Live free or die!

Perhaps timing is crucial but blv the Board has authority to appoint a replacement, as they did when Presberg was appointed. What a great opportunity to appoint Bonnie Willis--if she's still willing to serve.

Pretty sure that the replacement for MKB needs to live in the same post. That would be out Whitewater/ Brooks way.If it is appointed, I hope they use the same process that got us Mr. Presberg. Even if I do not agree with him politically it was transparent.

Take Care & Merry Christmas


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You did nothing besides replace the awful Terri Smith. Good luck in your future endeavors as you're going to need a lot of it because you didn't impress me at all after being elected. To suddenly run again for higher office is quite a stretch.

Has anyone seen this idiotic calendar yet?-

School starts on Thursday??
We know enjoy a senseless 2 day break in October (Monday and Tuesday)
full week at Thanksgiving
2 full weeks plus a day at Christmas (school will resume on a Tuesday)
2 BIG DAYS in February (A Monday and Tuesday)
Full week in April
School wraps up on the Friday before Memorial Day

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