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PTC to swear in Mike King, vote on $1.1M loan

Peachtree City will get its first new council member Thursday night, as it is expected to approve a five-year financing plan for $1.17 million to purchase public safety vehicles, computers and other equipment.

Mike King, who won a three-way race for the unexpired Post 2 term vacated by George Dienhart, will be sworn in at the beginning of the council meeting. It also means he will be on the hot seat for decisions at the meeting, as his vote will “count.”

City voters have also given a nod to former police department captain Terry Ernst, who will take office in January when the term begins on his new Post 4 seat.

The lease-purchase agreement will give the city seven new police pursuit vehicles equipped with radios, cameras and other accessories along with one new police command vehicle for a total of $393,246. A police motorcycle is also included at $44,289 along with a fire department command vehicle at $35,000 and a new ambulance at $127,152.

The agreement also funds an additional $287,442 in technology upgrades which cover mostly computers and installation in the second phase of a three-phase plan. Some $23,197 of those funds are dedicated to the completion of the first phase of the plan, according to city documents.

The city will also use the financing to replace the city’s phone system at a cost of $147,320 and purchase a new excavator for $64,836 and a boom lift at $38,876, the latter two for the public works department.

The interest rate on the five-year lease is capped at no more than 2 percent per year, according to a memo to city council by Finance Director Paul Salvatore.

Also on the agenda is an ordinance change suggested by Councilman Eric Imker to change the authority and commission appointment process to eliminate the interview process of applicants in lieu of council picking each appointee directly. Imker wants the change in response to a decision by Mayor Don Haddix to decline the appointment of an interview committee for several openings.

Haddix said at the Nov. 7 meeting that he wanted the new mayor and council to have that responsibility in January, so he would decline to appoint an interview committee to meet applicants for each of the open positions on the airport authority, water and sewer authority, the Convention and Visitors Bureau and the Recreation and Special Events Advisory Board.

The amended ordinance would put city administrative services staff in charge of “presenting applicants to council” in lieu of the current interview process.



PTC Observer's picture

Does he actually walk this way?

Why can't we get a picture showing him upright, instead of a poor attempt at a glamour shot?

He is standing upright, they just slanted the picture. I guess if, for the time being at least, that is the only problem we can find with a candidate we are doing okay. But then again, it is early in the game--and I imagine the slings and arrows will be flying in no time. Oh, well, that is politics, I guess.

PTC Observer's picture

must ask......yes!

AND I don't have a glamour shot anywhere, at least I hope not. ;-)

out glamour MK's glamour shot any day. Anyway, if you make up your mind that you are running for office I know an excellent photographer--I think a shot of you running through a field of flowers would be most impressive. But then, I don't think you are ready to put yourself through all that you know what all candidates seem to have to go through. Better to be a sender than a receiver in that situation I do believe. Now make sure and get your beauty rest, you do have a reputation to keep up.

PTC Observer's picture

Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting..........

PTCO - I'm sure Solomon is describing a woman in Proverbs 31. With 700 wives, I guess he should know.

You've never seen Mike King? I bet if you said "Hey Mike, let's stop in for a cool one at Azul Tequila",he'd say name date & time. BTW, the Dos Equis Lager is quite tasty and nice & cold! Oh, and then you could ask him personally about the "glamour shot" thingy!

PTC Observer's picture

No, I can't say that I have, does he look like his picture?

Actually, I intend to do just that, though I don't know about the Azul Tequila venue, it's too slow in service and it's not worth the wait. There's a new Mexican Restaurant in town over by the Kobe Steakhouse, it's call Las Mariachi and it's excellent. I had the "skinny tacos" with grilled fish and their great. Met the owner and his son, nice people and the service is fast and friendly.

I would like to sit down with Mr. King and Mr. Garlock and knock back a few there.

So sit at the Bar--usually plenty of room. No, I don't own stock in the place just like their food & cold beer--and never had a svc problem. And yes, he does look like that--unless he's in the workout mode!

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I hear you. It kinda makes one feel like we have a movie star on the city council with classic rugged good looks. Vanessa ditched her glamor shot. It'll be interesting to see how long Mr. King keeps his. That said, I'm going to try very hard to avoid remarks that he would find offensive.

PTC Observer's picture

Yes, I agree with you and my comment wasn't meant to offend, however I don't think Mr. King has a thin skin about anything, except his family. As well he should. I was merely poking some fun at a poor attempt at flattering photography.

We'll wait and see what he does and not what he says, I wish him well in his new council seat.

If he introduces the idea of a Director of Public Safety for consideration before the council, I will be asking the same questions I asked before the election. Hopefully, he will simply answer these questions as he makes his recommendations. As it sits at the moment, I have no idea what problem(s) he is attempting to solve. However, I do know that it will cost more money because it adds a new layer to our city bureaucracy.

Now, if he wants to endear us all, he should come up with ways that will save us money, use our money more wisely and prove that through his actions on the council. As should all our representatives on council.

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