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Controversial Walgreens architecture up for vote Nov. 29 at PTC Planning Commission

The latest building elevations for a Walgreens Pharmacy at the intersection of Ga. Highway 54 and Peachtree Parkway will be unveiled at the Nov. 29 meeting of the Peachtree City Planning Commission. The developer will be razing the existing Ruby Tuesday restaurant to make way for the Walgreens, which will be located immediately next door to the Rite-Aid pharmacy.

The Walgreens will be more than three times the size of the Ruby Tuesday, sparking some concern over the look of the store “dominating” the area. Officials for the development company handling the project have pledged that all landscaping along Ga. Highway 54 and Peachtree Parkway will remain intact during and after construction.

To some that may or may not mitigate the more visible profile of the new Walgreens building, particularly given its location at the most prominent intersection in town. Ironically, several years ago the Peachtree City Council turned down a request to make room for a Walgreens by rezoning land directly across Hwy. 54 from Ruby Tuesday where Christ Our Shepherd Lutheran Church is located.

The commission is expected to vote on the elevations, which will be presented by Walgreens representatives at the 7 p.m. meeting at City Hall Nov. 29.

Planning Commission members have asked for the architecture to be thoughtful so the store doesn’t look like a typical or standard Walgreens.

At a September commission meeting, long-time resident Phyllis Aguayo urged the commission “to use whatever influence you have to make sure we put proper size restrictions and protect the buffers so we have very little change there when Walgreens comes.”

Aguayo said her main concern was about the new Walgreens being three times larger than the existing restaurant.

Covenants from when the property initially was sold required the site to be used for a restaurant, but those covenants expire next year and therefore have opened the door for site redevelopment, officials have said.

Because the site is zoned general commercial, city officials are unable to prevent the redevelopment project.



I hope they vote NO!!! We don't need a big store right there. It will be a eye sore.

Here in Illinois Walgreens has not been a good neighbor. They tear down existing local businesses-offering obscene amounts of money for the properties, and then put up bland boxes. As an architect, I am intimately aware of building codes. Our Walgreens do not provide public toilets-in direct conflict with the Illinois Plumbing Code. We have pointed this out, and turned them in to the Dept. of Public Health. They build the store with NO intent to provide this required amenity. The toilet room doors are locked away in the storage/shipping ares.
I would encourage Walgreens to become a good citizen and start to do the right thing-EVERYWHERE.

remember their email address? Would like to let them know that they are
not welcome in our town. Why build when in a year it will become another one of our empty retail spaces?

I want walgreens to come here. If the other store folds well thats tough. Its called competition.

I see Walgreens on AARP. My money is on RiteAid closing. This is another good example of NotInMyBackyard. Free Enterprise, as long as it is my vision. The property owner can do (sell) with their property, as long as I approve.

It was a stupid idea to start with,..... building next door to existing competition. And you wonder why business does not want to come to PTC?

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We have so many stores of this type between Faye' and PTC. I truly wish that Ruby Tuesdays would stay.Walgreens has this thing about competition and always pops up near Rite Aid. I'm not saying Walgreens is bad, but neither is CVS and Rite Aid. Shoppers choice. Can't Walgreens get business in by just being themselves? Leave Rubys alone...please ! The Rubys in PTC is so much better then the one in Faye', we need this one.

"Can't Walgreens get business in by just being themselves?"

This IS Walgreens just being themselves, from what I've heard. In my area though they built their first store far from any other drug store, and the one nearest my home is not right next to the Rite Aid that's been there since it was an Eckerd.

Apparently Walgreens really wants that intersection. As for Ruby Tuesday, it seems to me if the chain gives up that location but still sees PTC as a good place to be, they'll build a new one -- or maybe take over a vacant restaurant building, if any are available.

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This is bloody absurd!

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