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Multi-family moratorium renewed for PTC

Peachtree City has again renewed it annual moratorium on multi-family rezoning proposals.

That means any developer wanting a rezoning to create a multi-family project such as apartments or condominiums must first get approval from the City Council before city staff is allowed to weigh in on such a project.

In the past, city officials have noted that such a policy prevents staff from being inundated with requests that might have little chance of passing muster from council.

Council has the final say on all rezoning matters, though such projects are also considered for a recommendation vote only by the city’s planning commission.

Prior to Thursday’s vote, Councilman Eric Imker inquired why the city had to renew the moratorium every year instead of a more permanent gesture. City Attorney Ted Meeker explained that the city continually evaluates the assessment in relation to the city’s comprehensive plan “to see whether there is in fact a need or any justification for any multifamily housing.”

Imker suggested that in the future as the city nears build-out there may no longer be a need for such a moratorium. But Mayor Don Haddix pointed out that re-development opportunities in the future may arise with developers seeking properties to be rezoned for multi-family use.

Resident Phyllis Aguayo spoke in favor of the moratorium, noting that she has the impression that the city has more multi-family developments than originally planned years ago.



Sounds like a bass-ackwards way of doing business to me--or just a power play by council.

Mike King's picture

You, Sir have solved the riddle.

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

Yep, nice one--thanks--Hope you and yours had the same? You make a drive to a neighboring state? Understand you made a trip over to F'ville/Starbucks for overt action with Hutch. You & Hack do any sidebar "throttle bending"? As far as the moratorium goes, I just don't understand why, when there is much criticism of city staff and their necessity, why council would build fences to bypass them intentionally. Just doesn't match my experience in using a staff to help management make smart decisions. Well, not really any concern to me, seeing as I am a permanent resident of the unincorporated county!

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Had a great Thanksgiving, thanks.

Yep, I did make the visit and it was nice seeing Hutch and Hack.

Hopefully, Hutch and I can get a golf game put together before it gets too cold.

Hack was doing great and unfortunately, no throttle bending, just a little bragging.

Hope to see you soon.

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