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Peachtree City kicks off big Hometown Holiday Dec. 4

The holidays are upon us and once again Peachtree City invites you to celebrate in style with an evening full of entertainment for all ages.

From hunting candy canes, to music of the season, the tree lighting, and of course golf carts, don’t miss this annual Peachtree City tradition Saturday, Dec. 4.

Festivities will begin with the Candy Cane Hunt at 5:15 p.m. on Shakerag Knoll, located on McIntosh Trail in Peachtree City. Hometown Holiday continues at 6 p.m. with a musical program at “The Fred,” sponsored by Sam’s Club.

The evening concludes with the Lighting of the Grand Christmas Tree approximately 8 p.m. at City Hall located on Ga. Highway 54.

Kick off the evening with a Candy Cane Hunt at 5:15 p.m., as children age 2 to 10 are invited to find the candy canes “hidden” on Shakerag Knoll.

There will be separate age groups for the children: 2-4, 5-7, and 8-10. Those arriving via golf carts will be directed to a designated parking area at Shakerag so that they will have easier access to the Trail of Lights following the concert at The Fred.

Following the Candy Cane hunt, stroll over to the Frederick Brown Jr. “The Fred” Amphitheater for a musical celebration of the holiday, presented by Sam’s Club.

The program begins at 6 p.m. featuring performances by the Peachtree Wind Ensemble, Peachtree City School of Dance and local singer-songwriter Paige McCauley. The family can join in the fun by singing favorite carols, and possibly get a glimpse of the big man himself, Santa Claus.

Those attending the event are encouraged to get in the true spirit of the season with two great ways to give back during the evening’s festivities. The Fred will be collecting new toys for the Toys for Tots campaign during the holiday season, and a collection bin will be on-site at the entrance that evening. Also, purchase a cup of Starbucks coffee or hot cocoa at The Fred for $1 and proceeds will be used to purchase coffee for the troops.

At 7 p.m., join us as Santa leads the golf cart Trail of Lights procession from The Fred parking lot, along Lake Peachtree.

The festivities culminate at City Hall for the lighting of the Grand Christmas Tree, and children can visit with Santa Claus.

The Peachtree City Youth Council will also be on hand with hot cocoa and other treats available for purchase. The events at City Hall will begin once the golf cart procession arrives which is between 7:45 and 8 p.m.

Hometown Holiday is an event presented in combination with the Peachtree City Parks & Recreation Department and the Frederick Brown Jr., Amphitheater.

For more information about the evening’s events, visit the city website at, or Or, call The Fred at 770-631-0630, or the Recreation Department at 770-631-2542.



Does Donnie Darko know about this?? The Evil Empire a/k/a Sam's Club has invaded PTC and is sponsoring the musical celebration at The Fred that evening! Someone break it to Donnie gently. A man his age may not be able to handle this kind of news.

Imagine that...even after all of Donnie's trash talking about Sam's Club and how no one from PTC would dare grace their door and spend their money, they apparently still plan on being a part of the PTC community.

Oh by the way, go their website. They refer to the store across the line in the evil developer owned Coweta County as the "Peachtree City Sam's Club". Hey, what was that noise? Was that Donnie I just heard hitting the floor after fainting? Anyone got any smelling salts?

More bad news, Donnie! I see where the new movie complex opening up across the county line in evil developer owned Coweta County will be called NCG Peachtree City Cinemas. Great! So we now have two business establishments piggybacking on our city's name but PTC will reap none of the sales tax benefits because of your's and Doug Starkdumb's "just say no" position. Donnie/Doug, I hate to break it to you but whether or not you personally like it, the fact is folks like to shop and see a movie. That being a fact, you may as well get some benefit out of it. All we will be getting now is more traffic on Highway 54 and PTC citizens not shopping locally and subsequent reduction in sales tax revenues. Such small headed men you are.

Robert W. Morgan's picture

Although it certainly makes sense to either protect your borders from things like this or have them in the city and get the tax revenue, there is absolutely no logic to the third choice (the one they made) which is to put your head in the sand and hope the developer or big box just goes away.

Live free or die!

It is not developer bias. It is facing reality. The northside has been pretty much built out and the reality is growth is now coming our way whether or not anyone likes it or not. That being the case, it would behoove our elected leaders to act as functioning mature adults and not put their head in the sand as you correctly put it but figure out how to balance growth with the city's plan.

I don't know if either of these businesses even considered coming to PTC but when you constantly say no to any and all new development, the message going out to the world is "PTC is closed for business". But you know what, these businesses are not going away. They will do as Sam's Club and NGC did and figure out a way to tap into the PTC market without actually being physically located in PTC.

And so we are left with this....growth and more traffic on Hwy 54 with out one red penny to show for it and the continued reliance on homeowners property taxes to foot the city's bill. Hope Darko and Starkdumb think about this when formulating the City budget next year. Nah....never mind....too much to ask of small headed men.

Robert W. Morgan's picture

This started long before Brown, but he was the first to use the demonization of developers as a campaign promise. Listening to the clueless, unwashed, enviornmentalists who have never run a business, but seem to show up at every city council meeting is a recipe for disaster, but most city council people since the Brown regime do this. And then act surprised that Sam's Club is literally within sight of PTC and 90% of our residents will shop there and contribute sales tax to another county.

The law of unintended consequenses never sleeps and it disrespects those who have their heads in the sand.

I'd take Fred Brown, Herb Frady or Bob Lenox any day over any mayor or councilperson since 2001.

Live free or die!

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