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PTC tables county transportation plan review, transit opposed

Presented with a request to sign off on the latest Fayette County Transportation Plan, the Peachtree City Council threw up the brakes Thursday night in favor of waiting until it is put in a final form and council members could be briefed on further specifics of the proposal.

The draft of the plan was circulated to councilmembers in advance of the meeting, but Councilman Eric Imker said he wants the city to specifically object to several projects in the plan, because a blanket “yes” vote would lead people to believe the city was okay with all of the plan’s proposals.

And although the plan specifically states that it doesn’t recommend any fixed-route bus or rail transit projects, Imker said “if this has anything to do with mass transit or bus service we’re going to be hung on that. ... I would be hung later in my future career as a politician if somebody comes back and says you supported mass transit because it’s in that county plan.”

The draft copy of the transportation plan points out that a conceptual plan for transit in metro Atlanta has proposed a potential bus service through Fayette County and a commuter rail stop in Peachtree City between Senoia and a station in Atlanta.

The plan clearly states, however, that any such transit plans lack substantial support among citizens and particularly among several elected officials, including those in Peachtree City.

One of the main goals of the plan is to outline the county’s priorities for road, path and other transportation improvements to help in the process of securing state and federal funding. In that regard, Imker said he wanted to make absolutely sure that every potential projects for the city is listed for consideration.


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