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Fayetteville cops searching for gunman who robbed CVS Friday

Fayetteville Police are looking for a gunman who robbed the CVS on north Glynn Street around 7:35 Friday morning, officials said.

The assailant, who got away on foot, was described as a black male wearing a black hooded sweatshirt with red trim, wearing jeans, a white sock hat and canvas tennis shoes, according to police Det. Mike Whitlow. He struck an employee in the head with a black handgun and demanded cash from the store safe, police said. The employee was treated at the scene by paramedics.

The gunman left the store with an undetermined amount of cash and a number of detectives and officers attempted to locate the suspect but were unable to do so.

Anyone with information on this incident is asked to call police at 770-461-4441.



So I suppose this is "racial profiling"... but how many "black male in a hoodie" pictures in the course of commission of a crime do we need to see a PATTERN???

Hey Rev. Al Sharpton... WHAT SAY YOU?


Nothing to see here. He just needs a second chance. Blah blah blah.

If Obama had a son, he'd look like....

is dangerous if persons see a 'pattern' in young white men with mental problems kiliing school children or privileged white men allowed to 'stand their ground' without getting the menial help they need. (Zimmerman)


1. There are criminals in our society
2. Many of these criminals in and adjacent to urban areas are 'black' (Many are 'white') <cite> Pictures in The Citizen</cite>
3. Many of these criminals in suburban areas are 'white'.
4. Some are Hispanic
5. Some are Asian


1. Every black man wearing a 'hoodie' is not a criminal
2. Every white man with a mental problem will not kill a classroom of children
3. All 'white' people do not 'hate' all black people - and vice versa.
4. Race relations in the United States has improved
5. There are die-hards in the US who refuse to acknowledge the improvement.
6. There are Americans who fear one another based on skin color.
7. Most Americans have moved past 'hatred and ignorance' except for a few who feel it necessary to let their neighbors know they have not learned to respect individuals - and fear a 'race' of people.

Let's all be on the lookout for criminals in Fayette County - and assist our law-enforcement in catching them!! We'll all be safer.

non-Caucasian become 'a privileged white man'? I am sure you must have been referring to him since this is the only place that we see 'stand your ground' mentioned over and over, even though this was not a factor in his acquittal.

[quote]Just one question---how did Zimmerman, a middle to poor class non-caucasian[/quote]

Poor Zimmerman - no one wants to claim him now. His Daddy is caucasian; a judge; and his mother is Hispanic (not from Mexico or illegal) He was supported by white males throughout our country as having the right to protect himself from a possible black criminal who 'hit him first'.

Have a nice day.

mother and a black father but is always referred to as black; thanks for explaining it to me. Have a nice day.

believe that Magistrates in the state of Virginia are not Judges. Magistrates in that state do not have any of the power of judges. Of course I know you probably are right and I am wrong but that is what has been my understanding of their system.

right or wrong - but one of status in a community:

[quote]A magistrate is an officer of the state; in modern usage, the term usually refers to a judge. This was not always the case; [/quote]

The elder Zimmermans are respected as Americans in their community. I don't think the father is looked upon as a 'minority'.

diffrence there between a judge and a magistrate.

as having the right to protect himself from a possible black criminal who 'hit him first'? No where did I read or hear that he had the right to protect himself from a black criminal. Your racism is showing. Have a wonderful nite.

And your superior intelligence is overwhelming us! I'm wrong. Thanks for the correction.

intelligence to point out your prejudices. You are welcome. Ready to help at any time. Have a nice day.

LOL at referring to George Zimmerman as a privileged white man. He was a non-white Hispanic rent-a-cop. Oh, DM how I've missed your delusional, racist, anti-white rants.

LOL!! I'm not anti-white - just anti-ignorance.

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You must really struggle with your racist ignorance and the veiled bigotry you spew. You are a horrible ambassador for race relations. Deep down inside..... I truly believe you glow inside when you read about knock-outs.

<em><strong>Stupid can't be fixed. We can only vote him out</strong></em>


I glow when ever I get you to reveal your intelligence!!!! LOL

I have never bragged in public how I have found the employees I have/ may have hired as incompetent - who happened to have a different skin color than mine. Years ago I found your statements to be the most disgusting representation of the 'old boys southern racism' that I had read/heard about in my youth. There were blacks who were born here who told me those of your ilk were a dying breed - and to judge my neighbors, church family, and residents of Fayetteville and PTC on their actions, and not the words of some racist nut. I came here in 2003. I must say, the vast majority of citizens that I have met are not like your words represent.

I have learned to understand the feelings of those who have had difficulty ( both white and minorities) in learning how to live in a world where their skin color does not denote their inferiority or superiority. We as Americans have come a long way since the 1860's. The media, the entertainment world, our religious and social organizations are still informing us of how far we've come. - and what we need to continue to do to achieve harmony in 'race-relations'.

I must admit I was ignorant of this sickening activity. I hope West's publicizing it does not glamorize this barbarism. The beating of any innocent is horrendous - regardless of the color, gender, or sexual preference. I'm hopeful that those in the media do not write articles that create more of this type of violence. There are some activities, after 74 years of life, that I wish were not brought to my attention. No one glows when realizing the pain and humiliation a human feels when they are beaten like a dog. May any human who participates in such sick activities be dealt with severely under our legal system.

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as a composite or an impostor. 2 years ago you said you were 70 and now you are 74? WTF, How dat happen? If you actually lived in PTC we could blame Haddix for your sudden aging, but you don't - according to your "Identity".
So you must be an imposter posting racial slurs and defenses under an assumed name. Shame on you. I may not be the smartest guy around here, but at least I use my own name.

Live free or die!

I may have said <cite>In my 70's</cite> LOL! But honey - I'm proud to be 74!!! No one has 'outed ' me, but after I saw what happened to 'Muddle' years ago, I too started using a pseudonym. You guys have trouble handling 'one' of me and my opinions. I have not posted racial slurs except in quotes - quotes by others. Check it out. I do not consider it a slur to call someone 'white' or 'black'. - do you? Good football today!!!

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Actually, what ever happened to Haddix? He was funny too, not in a ha, ha way, but in a whack job funny way. So where's he at? Been banned? Been abolished? Been tarred and feathered?

DM you funny too. Good stuff for a young white guy posing as an old black chick.

Ask Mr Garlock how young, white and male I appear. Keven King may also be able to answer that for you! LOL!

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I think that we don't see white men with mental problems killing kids in school on a daily basis. We do however read about young black men in hoodies robbing people on a nearly daily basis. There is a problem. We have failed somewhere that so many young black men are committing these crimes. It's not racial, it's reality and it's incredibly awful.

No disagreement - the danger in seeing the 'pattern' is assuming that all black men in 'hoodies' are criminals. (Or that all 'whites' who for some reason have shaved their heads - will harm a black man or woman. ) The media expresses the fear of the 'white' community - and the victims of 'black on black crime'. MOST VICTIMS OF BLACK CRIME ARE BLACK - BLACK COMMUNITIES) The reality is not being reported justly - but feeding into the fear of the 'white' community. In the last month some 400 homicides were committed in Chicago - in the black community. There is reason for fear. There is reason to ask how did they get these weapons; etc., etc.,, etc. The Citizen for the past month has published pictures of 'white' criminals - no reaction in this forum. Wisdom should tell all citizens of Fayette County that they need to be aware of all criminals - not just 'black'. Sorry RKS - but there are many who see this problem as being publicized/actualizd on a racial basis. However, many, many - regardless of color - see your point.

One difference in 'black' gangs, and 'white' gangs is that the entire Italian, Irish, Jewish communities were not forever identified with the 'crime' that was perpetuated by the criminals in these 'white' gangs. Many readers of this 'blog' are incorrectly convinced that all 'white' people feel the way some of the contributors express themselves. The churches in this community and many organizations are doing an excellent job in correcting this - and many neighborhoods are judging their neighbors by their ACTIONS and not their SKIN COLOR. Fayetteville has achieved so much more than many small southern or northern cities in our country in the area of 'race relations. A good many of those who express ignorance and fear - appear to be from PTC. Please correct me if my perception is wrong.

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I don't make any conclusions about how the people of Fayette County think/feel/respond based on the stuff I read on here. I am not that narrow minded. I draw conclusions based on my interactions with people. This website is a minutia of people.

Just because people didn't respond on here about white crime does NOT mean that there is not concern. It just means the minutia of people on here didn't respond. So, yea, I think your perception of the County based on what you read here would be wrong.

After being here for ten years, you will see where I have often said, based on my experience, Fayetteville is a role model of the new south. My neighbors are terrific, especially the new families that have moved-in in the past two years with their young children. The neighborhood is truly integrated and remains so. I have watched children maintain friendships from elementary through college. Most families have their children in the local public schools. My grandchild attends a community pre K . . and will probably attend the neighborhood Kindergarten. I have not, in ten years, met anyone who expresses themselves like some in this discussion. I have had the opportunity to meet a 'black' participant who was conservative - but grew tired of the statements made describing all 'black' people. No one can deny the statistics - and I agree, they are awful - but there are many in our country of all ideologies who are working hand in hand in trying to provide a hope for another way of life to all young Americans who are having their lives cut short by drugs, poor education, and crime. The rehab centers in our country are filled with non-minority young people. We are blind if we think that only the poor and minority communities are affected by crime, drugs, and miseducation. Thanks for sharing.

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[quote]I don't make any conclusions about how the people of Fayette County think/feel/respond based on the stuff I read on here.[/quote]

Only DM has the authority/ability to do that. And she's the only one that can see how people of other races think and feel.

[quote]Just because people didn't respond on here about white crime does NOT mean that there is not concern.[/quote]

That is because there is no white DM or NAAWP to stir things up when the criminal is white.


Allen West, a black man but not a leader as per DM, writes a good article on a racial crime that nobody else in the media seems to care about.

DM said:

[quote]After being here for ten years, you will see where I have often said, based on my experience, Fayetteville is a role model of the new south. My neighbors are terrific, especially the new families that have moved-in in the past two years with their young children.[/quote]

At other times she's referenced Fayette County as a bastion of white supremency.

To have this young man as an interpreter for DM's words?

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and it's a daunting task too!

committed crimes--I think you will see people had much the same to say about them as crimes committed by blacks. No one is happy with any criminal who commits a crime.

I totally agree with RKS 's perception of the minutiae shared here by a very small percentage of the population of Fayette County. My experience is that the citizens of Fayette County are above being led by a slanted news story or the opinions of a few. LOL - and I include myself in that assessment. Just happy to see that I am not alone in some of my opinions.

Hey where's all the racist comments on this one below? Who's his daddy - Bush? You guys are such hypocrites. Actually, you are all the pathetic punks. And so is this newspaper who continues to allow people like you to post hurt and division.


Thanks for sharing what many, many feel. However - this is one paper that allows others to express a different point of view - and this is needed in all communities in our country. Don't be silent - and don't let the ignorance of others prevent you from expressing your view point.

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Buy a gun, learn to use it, have it available at ALL times, put it on in the morning just as you would your shoes, and DON'T be afraid to use it!
The police can do just so much to protect us, we must accept the fact that times have changed. Carry a few of these punks (white or black) out of these stores in body bags and I will bet my paycheck that these crimes will drop so fast that it will make your head spin !
Just saying

PTC Observer's picture

Maybe he came in to find out about Health Insurance and discovered that he needed more cash so he could pay for it?

There 'they' go again showing their racist tendencies--was it necessary to describe the gun as being black?

Inanimate objects now have a 'racial' identity. One learns something new everyday.

when they read it. Maybe wound a little too tight???

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[quote=MYTMITE]There 'they' go again showing their racist tendencies--was it necessary to describe the gun as being black?[/quote]

You know what they say about guns MYTMITE. Once you go black, you never go back. Replaced my old blue-plated Colt 38 with Glocks several years ago. Love my 23s and my 27....

Hope you and your Glocks have a long, happy, healthy life.

meanoldconservatives's picture

That is the plan!!! Hope for the same for you. BTW, if you don't have a Glock yourself, consider picking one up. It's rough out there....

big, strapping former Marine but second choice will have to do. OOps, sorry, there is no such thing as a former Marine. Once a Marine, always a Marine.

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a "hoodie"???? It doesn't get that cold around here. I hope they catch this POS thug.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

tune----"A white sock hat and a black hoodie, I'm all dressed up for a heist."? Old Navy must be making a killing selling all those hoodies--now I guess white sock hats will be sold out also.

Cyclist's picture

it's about dressing for success. This young punk put on his best stocking cap and hoodie to do the only thing he knows how to do.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

No fear--they'll teach him some new tricks in the slammer--and he'll be there fairly soon!

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Prison Based Edumacation.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

Sorry, it sure does, like, TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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