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PTC sewer contract working on root problems in pipes

For the past year and a half, the Peachtree City Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA) has been assessing the condition of its sewer system with the help of Solo unmanned inspection robots and similar technologies from RedZone Robotics.

The results of the data collection, software and inspection services provided by RedZone have identified the “root” of a problem impacting the utility’s sewer pipeline integrity. More specifically, RedZone has identified nearly 51,000 linear feet of root intrusion into WASA sewer lines.

In response, the Authority has entered into a contract with Duke’s Root Control, Inc. to address this issue of root intrusion. Duke’s currently is treating 12,000 linear feet of impacted sewer lines, which equates to approximately one quarter of the sewer lines within the WASA system that have been impaired by root intrusion.

The areas of the authority’s sewer system being treated initially include the McIntosh sub basin, the Spyglass Hills sub basin, and Wysteria Court, all of which are east of Lake Peachtree.

The remaining portions of the sewer system will receive maintenance for roots annually, since managing root intrusion into sewer lines is an ongoing challenge for the utility, says Stephen Hogan, WASA general manager.

“Protecting the integrity of our system for the benefit of our customers will always be a top priority of our operations,” says Hogan. “The data collected by the RedZone Robots identified those sewer lines within our collection system that need maintenance or repair. We now enter that phase of addressing those areas of concern – which in this case involves a contract with Duke’s Root Control for clearing those lines impaired by root intrusion.”

Duke’s Root Control, with headquarters in Syracuse, N.Y., has more than 30 years of experience in root control preventative maintenance, treating over 180 million linear feet of sewer line, which is more than any other contractor in the sewer industry.

Duke’s proven chemical root control program and preventive maintenance, such as what the company is providing PCWASA, can prolong the life of the authority’s sewer lines and provide substantial, long-term cost savings, especially when compared to alternative maintenance methods such as mechanical root removal, point repairs, or pipe replacement, officials said.


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