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Police reports, Nov. 16-22

The following arrests were reported by local law enforcement agencies for the past week. All persons are considered innocent until proven guilty:

Fayette County Sheriff’s Office

Tuesday, Nov. 16 - Monday, Nov. 22

Donald Shane Grizzle, 21, of Ga. Highway 85, Brooks, for probation violation.
Cyrus Milner, 56, of Camden Court, Fayetteville, for pending charges battery-family violence.
Michael Charles Phillips, 49, of Longview Road, Fayetteville, for probation violation.
Marselo Ignatios Psomas, 53, of Carriage Lane, Peachtree City, for charges pending simple battery.
Cory Thomas Adams, 21, of Courtyard Lane, Fayetteville, for marijuana possession.
Kenneth Lynn Cogburn, 37, of Rocksberry Point, Knoxville, Tenn., for state drug law violation.
Brian Keith Eidson, 18, of Orleans Trace, Peachtree City, for minor in possession of alcohol.
Kelly Michelle Harris, 31, of Cherokee Street, Griffin, for giving a false name and state drug law violaton.
Archie Hollis, 41, of North Avenue, Atlanta, for financial identity fraud (2).
Tyrell Lamont Manning, 35, of Blue Fin Trail, Union City, for no license and reckless driving.
Carlos Rashaan Poole, 25, of Taylor Road, Riverdale, for suspended license.
Lowry Nelson Sales, 47, of Kyle Sprngs Lane, Jonesboro, for open container, DUI less safe and lane violation.
Alester Vandakey Simmons, 32, of Fontaine Way, Fayetteville, for suspended license and defective equipment.
Joseph Charles Verga, 34, of West Grantville Road, Newnan, for disorderly conduct.
Lori Ann Verga, 29, of West Grantville Road, Newnan, for disorderly conduct.
Gregory Lee Gordon, 49, of Greenspring Street, College Park, for failure to appear.
Adriana martinez-Alvarado, 28, of Hillsbridge Road, Fayetteville, for no license.
Luis Eduardo Mejia, 62, of Southwest Terrace, Miami, Fla., for improper backing and hit and run.
Cornelius Sutton, 51, of Metropolitan Parkway, Atlanta, for failure to appear.
Nathan Carey Tibbs, 20, of Brody Drive, Resaca, for terroristic threats and acts (3).
Ronald Eugene Turner, 40, of Shiver Boulevard, Conyers, for failure to appear.
Brandon Ray Berry, 29, of Morris Drive, Fayetteville, for false imprisonment, interfering with a 911 call, battery family violence and reckless conduct.
Nicholas Jermaine bush, 24, of Bristol Court, Fayetteville, for probation violation.
Michael Louis Butler, 29, of Kates Court, Meansville, for probation violation.
Winston Rafael Perez, 33, of Appaloosa Cove, Fairburn, for suspended license and unregistered vehicle.
Frankie Evan Scott, 23, of Barberry Lane, Peachtree City, for probation violation.
Christopher James Stamey, 32, of Beacon Drive, Fayetteville, for battery.

Fayetteville Police

Marcelino Cruz, 25, of Bilbo Drive, Newnan, for traffic offenses (3).
Cressida Pollard, 31, of Petal Place, Fairburn, for simple battery.
Kenneth Ronald Adams, 40, of Swanbrook Drive, Fayetteville, for battery.
juvenile, 15, Fayetteville, for unruly child.
Britton Delane Smith, 23, of Sparkman Drive, Huntsville, Ala., for wanted person (Clayton County) and traffic offense.
David Salgado, 29, of Old Dixie Highway, Forest Park, for traffic offenses (3).
Keith Anthony Johnson, 46, of Riverdale Road, College Park, for traffic offense.
Brandon Harp, 32, of Hayward Bishop Way, Senoia, for traffic offenses (3).
Christopher J. Davenport, 20, of Bascom Court, Fayetteville, for less than an ounce of marijuana.
Marcus Dywaine Williams, 34, of Coliguitt Road, Atlanta, for theft by taking.
Roosevelt McCarty, Jr., 54, of Habersham Drive, Jonesboro, for traffic offenses (2).
Ronald Gene Taylor, 50, of Hunters Lane, Fayetteville, for less than an ounce of marijuana.
Angela M. Dillon, 47, of Lakeview Way, Jonesboro, for DUI alcohol and traffic offense.

Peachtree City Police

Sun Kim, 42, of Raintree Bend, Peachtree City, for probation violation.
Jose H. Molina-Dominguez, 27, of Peachtree Station Circle, Peachtree City, for no license and equipment violation.



Cyclist's picture

Wow, this must have been one unruly child to get arrested. Where are the parents?

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

All these sworn PTC officers and a lousy two citations all week?

Maybe they were all loaned out to other metro departments to fight crime?

Gene61's picture

This doesn't take into account all the calls they actually take per week. More and more sworn officers are becoming family or neighborhood counselors.

You wouldn't believe the nonsense calls that are handled each week.

Mike King's picture

Give us a break, family or neighborhood counselors? You and Ole' Court are drinking from the same well.

I may not be "old" court! How old are you?

Why the same well?

I am with you on the budget necessities!

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Just two is because we have so many cops!

If we had twice as many cops, we wouldn't even have two.

If we had three times as many, there would be negative two crimes.

Are car accidents, broken tail lights, and speeding tickets included?

Are crimes on the paths written up?

Unruly child is a status offense that children under 17 can be charged with. It's essentially when they are not following their parents rules and being "unruly".

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