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Two Atlanta women arrested in holiday assault

Two Atlanta women were charged with assaulting two Fayetteville residents in their home Nov. 24. The two women had arrived at the residence with relatives to pick up a child who had been visiting her grandmother at the residence.

Joy R. Franklin, born in 1968, and Yolanda E. Franklin, born in 1987, both of Napoleon Drive, Atlanta, were charged with battery and cruelty to children, according to arrest reports. Yolanda Franklin was also charged with using harassing, disorderly or fighting words, reports said.

The Nov. 24 incident occurred at approximately 11 a.m. when deputies were dispatched to the Plantation Circle address on a domestic violence call.

The deputy said that, upon his arrival, he saw four women enter into a car in the process of leaving the residence while three others stood in the driveway yelling at each other.

“As I walked up, the women got out of the car screaming and being completely uncooperative,” the report said. “The homeowner and her family were the ones in the driveway. They were very respectful and totally cooperative. As I attempted to get both sides of the story I kept having to tell the women who got out of the car to quit screaming and cursing.”

The report noted that Yolanda Franklin was completely out of control, and continued screaming and cursing after being told repeatedly to stop.

The deputy said that Joy and Yolanda had accompanied their sister and mother to the Plantation Circle residence to pick up their sister’s daughter. The residence is evidently the home of the child’s paternal grandmother, according to reports.

“When they arrived they made a big scene outside and were asked to leave. Two of them (Yolanda Franklin and Joy Franklin) forced their way into the home and attacked two of the women inside the home, one of which is a 78-year-old woman who had to go to the hospital later,” the report said.

Both victims had cuts on their eyes, the report said, adding that one woman had a large chunk of hair ripped out of her head and was complaining of neck pain while the other resident had scratches on her chest and neck and a torn shirt.

An investigator was called to photograph the injuries and damage to the home, reports said.

Yolanda and Joy Franklin were subsequently arrested and transported to the Fayette County Jail.


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