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PTC OKs budget transfers: $198K for Sany fee break, and $250K for more court fines

Last week the Peachtree City Council voted on several budget housekeeping items to help close out the 2009-2010 budget cycle.

One of the most significant actions was a transfer from the general fund to the impact fees as a result of the fee break granted last year to Sany Corporation in consideration for the new heavy equipment facility it is building on the southern end of the city’s industrial park.

Sany is expected to employ 150 people by the end of next year. The company will still pay $66,000 in impact fees to the city, along with other fees to the city and state for building inspections, land disturbance permits and the like.

Another budget amendment approved by council will transfer up to $60,000 from the general fund to the city’s amphitheater to cover a shortfall from this year’s operations. The amphitheater, in a cost-cutting move, trimmed the acts in its summer concert series from two nights to one night and the city is now sharing amphitheater employees with the city’s tourism association, which is expected to help shave costs further going forward.

This year the city got a reimbursement from the tourism association for $27,000 as the city pays the employees up front and the association reimburses the city for time spent on tourism-related matters.

The city also approved budget adjustments for an additional $250,000 revenue in court fines, a $100,000 increase in building permits, most of which was largely attributed to the Sany development.


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