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A case for gas golf carts

I have been following the gas golf cart debate since my Boy Scout Citizenship in the Community merit badge class went to the August Council meeting where it was discussed.

I think we should not ban gas golf carts.

Gas golf carts do not contribute significantly to pollution for gas golf carts have better mileage than most cars. So if we wanted to slow down pollution, we should get rid of Hummers and other big gas guzzlers, for they barely get anything per gallon.

In addition, gas golf carts have more range and dependability for those citizens who depend on them for travel.

When electric golf carts have to be pushed, gas golf carts can push or pull them up hills.

So, in all, it would just be plain foolish to ban gas golf carts.

John Hyle

Troop 181

Peachtree City, Ga.


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