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Thieves steal copper along I-85

It is not the kind of copper theft you hear about every day. But that did not stop thieves earlier this week from stealing the wiring to the intersection lights at Interstate 85 and Collinsworth Road.

Coweta County Public Affairs Director Patricia Palmer said the copper cabling used in the lighting system at the I-85 interchange at Collinsworth Road was discovered stolen Tuesday morning, leaving the lights damaged and inoperable.

“Having these lights is an important safety feature for our community and we appreciate the community’s help in watching over the resources we have here,” Palmer said.

Palmer said the wiring was cut at the base of one light post and at the utility box a short distance away.

The Coweta County Sheriff’s Office is investigating and county officials are gathering estimates on repairs, which are expected to be at least several thousand dollars, Palmer said.

Palmer said the theft of wire at the interstate was the first time for such an occurrence.

The lights at the interstate interchanges belong to Ga. Dept. of Transportation but are operated and maintained by contract by local governments.

Coweta County work crews should be the only personnel conducting maintenance at the light posts, Palmer said.

Palmer asked that anyone observing suspicious activity at any interchange lights or along the interstate ramp areas call 911.


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