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Fayette considers use of old jail while repairing new facility

The Fayette County Board of Commissioners will study a proposal this afternoon that would result in making repairs to the old jail facility at the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office so it can be used to house inmates as gradual repairs are made to the “new” jail, which is already eight years old.

It will cost at least $30,000 to rejuvenate the old jail, including repairs to boilers, the air conditioning system and replacement of window frames, according to a memo circulated to commissioners. The county is also looking into the potential cost of repairs to heating and plumbing systems.

Among the problems at the new jail that need attention is the inmate shower area, which will cost $71,000 to repair, the memo said. Other repairs are slated for one of the jail’s exercise yard and to combat mold issues, the memo said.

The matters will be discussed as part of the commission’s monthly workshop meeting at 3:30 p.m.

The sheriff’s office is requesting that repair on the old jail start before a final list of repairs and costs is gathered, because of the need to move and house inmates during the repair of the current jail facility.

Mallett Consulting has been retained by the commission to obtain estimates for a comprehensive repair and cost list.



Air conditioning? $71K for a moldy shower? How much can oscillating fans possibly cost these days? If there's mold in the shower, issue buckets brushes and bleach. Who is willing to spend this much money and when are they up for re-election?!?

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To answer your question accurately, we will all have to attend the Commission Workshop Meeting today at 3:30 pm.

However, from past experience with our current Board of Commissioners, Frady, Horgan, Hearn, and County Administrator Jack Krakeel are willing to spend taxpayers' money even if they don't have it to spend.

They refused to take money from the developers' road known as the West Fayetteville Bypass when millions were needed to repair collapsing roadways. They had to stop emergency vehicles and school buses from traveling those collapsing roads, but they weren't willing to take money from a new road project to fix the collapsing roads we already have.

Maybe we should all go to the commission meeting with buckets, brushes, and bleach in hand for Frady, Horgan, Hearn, and Krakeel so that they can clean those showers. Believe me, I know too well that Frady, Horgan, and Hearn are very familiar with the problems that can be solved with the use of a bucket.

here they go again. There is no consulting, it's a done deal. They will pick who they want and the three stooges vote yes. Weren't they in on the original construction of this facility? Eight years old and the rot started over a year ago. How about Mallett give up about 30k of what they made on the original deal and agree to stay out of this going forward to avoid the county suing them for negligence?

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