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2 arrested for South Fayette home invasion

Fayette County Sheriff's deputies have arrested two people in connection with a home invasion Friday morning at a home off Padgett Road in south Fayette County.

The two were arrested in a traffic stop by deputies who spotted a vehicle reportedly connected to the incident at the intersection of Ga. Highway 74 and Tyrone Road about an hour or less after the incident, according to sheriff's spokesman Det. Brent Rowan. The suspects names are not being released at this time because of the ongoing nature of the investigation, Rowan said.

Inside the vehicle, deputies found items that were stolen from the location during the incident, Rowan said.


Below is the original story that appeared about the incident:

Fayette County Sheriff’s deputies are searching for four individuals in connection with a home invasion Friday morning that occurred at a residence in south Fayette County near Ga. Highway 74 South. The three victims of the home invasion were unharmed.

Sheriff’s spokesperson Brent Rowan said that someone at the residence on Kimberly Court off Padgett Road called 911 at 9:30 a.m., with the first deputy arriving at the residence at 9:35 a.m. The deputy found three adults males handcuffed inside the home, Rowan said.

The men told deputies that four individuals came to the front door at approximately 9 a.m. and identified themselves as law enforcement, said Rowan. The four individuals entered the home displaying handguns, Rowan said. They handcuffed the three victims and began to steal an undisclosed number of items, Rowan said.

None of the three victims were harmed in the incident, said Rowan.

Rowan said deputies are looking for a four-door white passenger vehicle seen leaving the area.

Rowan said this is an ongoing investigation. Anyone with information pertaining to the home invasion is asked to contact the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office at 770-461-6353.



For our sheriff's deputies, police, and other LEO's...
...who give us their dedicated best everyday!

These perps nabbed within an hour...
Well done!

Saying what the people robbed said about the robbers!!!! White car, etc.

That has become one of the reasons robbers kill people they rob!!!

Who "of us" need to know who told the cops?

You must be reading a different article--nowhere do I see where it says that the vics told anyone about a car!

Good thing you aren't a detective

would make a better detective than him. :)

Hardly a day does not go by in the County that Sheriff's Deputies are not putting their lives on the line to protect the lives of Fayette County citizens --- AND THEIR PROPERTY! They are FAST; they are PROFESSIONAL; and they are EFFECTIVE!

Thank you!

I was heading up 74 when this all happened. There were police EVERYWHERE! I started noticing all the police cars alongside 74 then saw a helicopter circling. That's when I saw a police car with the car pulled over in a parking lot. There were backups coming quickly, also. We continued to see police all up 74 and on up 85 north. I've never seen so many police alongside the road. It's good to see how quickly they pulled together to keep an eye out.

There are a lot of cop shows and chases on TV. Bet you watch them!

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