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County asks PTC to shrink Parkway-Crosstown fix

At the request of the Fayette County Board of Commissioners, Peachtree City is looking to scale back its plans to improve the intersection of Peachtree Parkway and Crosstown Drive.

The city on Wednesday asked the commission to set aside $774,000 in remaining transportation SPLOST funds to add multiple turn lanes to the intersection. The city needed a quick answer to avoid losing more than $400,000 in state matching funds for the project.

The catch, however, is that the Georgia Department of Transportation has already approved plans to add a traffic light along with the turn lanes, and the city needs the DOT to approve removal of the traffic light to maintain the grant funding.

Commissioner Eric Maxwell said he feared the DOT would require the traffic light to be installed, which based on his experience using the intersection doesn’t make any sense.

City Manager Bernie McMullen said the city council doesn’t want to build a light there either. Maxwell further clarified that he wouldn’t vote for any project or funding that might possibly allow a traffic light at the intersection.

“I haven’t seen the traffic counts ... but with the exception of a 15-minute window in the afternoon when I have seen it stacked up, that’s about the only time I ever see it stacked up.”

Maxwell said he didn’t think the intersection was dangerous either, as any collisions would be at a relatively low speed.

After a thorough discussion, the commission agreed to fund up to $25,000 to complete a scoping study to scale the project back, perhaps to add only turn lanes for east and westbound traffic on Crosstown Road where the backups most often seem to occur.

City Engineer David Borkowski noted that the eastbound traffic on Crosstown has a very short area to stack before making a turn, which leads to significant congestion during the peak afternoon traffic hour.

Peachtree City has been given a deadline by the end of the year to notify the Atlanta Regional Commission if it would proceed with the project, otherwise the city faces losing the state funding, officials said. Commission Chairman Jack Smith, who serves on the ARC board, said he would get an answer for the city quickly, but he didn’t anticipate a slight delay being any problem.

The city also made its pitch for $1.04 million in county SPLOST funding to pay for construction of a “Gateway” cart path bridge across Ga. Highway 54 West near the city limits. The city is projecting to get $518,000 from a state grant for the project.

Borkowski explained that the bridge would link homes on the northwest side along MacDuff Parkway with the Shoppes at the Village Piazza shopping center. It was also noted that the bridge would be accessed from the south by going through the Planterra Ridge subdivision and the Line Creek Nature Area.

As of now, those living along MacDuff who want to get to Shoppes at the Village Piazza have to drive through the Walmart area to reach the new bridge and tunnel system at Hwy. 54 and Huddleston Road and then backtrack westward across Huddleston and through Planterra Ridge.

Commissioner Lee Hearn asked if he city had any figures on how many trips per day are made at the current bridge and tunnel system at Hwy. 54 and Huddleston, so a figure could be devised to determine how much traffic would use the new gateway bridge.

McMullen said city staff would work on trying to get some data in that vein.

Councilman Doug Sturbaum said that some residents will go across the highway on their golf carts to reach the shopping center, and several have reported near-collisions with vehicles using the right turn lane to access MacDuff Parkway.

McMullen said the city was considering using a “boardwalk” style bridge that would be elevated on wooden pilings instead of a traditional bridge and path system in an effort to better handle stormwater on the site. The city finished a similar cart path bridge earlier this year over Flat Creek on the city’s south side, connecting homes off Braelinn Road to the southeastern tip of the industrial park.



Why should PTC have to scale back their plans when the commissioners are wasting millions on the West Fayetteville Bypass???

doesn't need the large sum of money for this project, with no light. And we do not need that light. WFB question? Good point.

Hint: (paid for by someone else).

IF you can't handle it, you don't need to be behind the wheel.

I don't get it!
Crosstown needs no work, yet it is a problem to get onto---so, there must be a lot of traffic!

Why can the west side of town on the left get a traffic light at McDuff when the shopping center hasn't even been built, but Crosstown doesn't need anything?

Sounds like WHOSE ox is being gored on Sunday whether we help the ox or not!

It's not a matter of "handling" it. It's just too much congestion at certain times. One turn lane to the south would help immensely.

I just go through Kmart and turn left, avoiding Crosstown entirely. Pulling out of the shopping centers onto Crosstown, on either side, is risky most of the time.

Your route is much easier...although cutting through just to save time is a little bit uncool.

Don Haddix's picture

In 2008 there were several intersections and roads GDOT wanted to be enhanced.

There was Banks and Peachtree Parkway. This year I was asked if we wanted that intersection removed from changes, said yes,
GDOT agreed and it has been removed.

Then there was Crosstown road itself being widened. Again, we removed that from changes.

But as for the intersection, there are still technically problems. If we do not do something and the funding gets pulled down the road PTC will have to pay 100%. So we are trying to find the minimum enhancement needed.

There will be the new plan, the old plan with and without a light and what DOT says it will go with. That is the bottom line, really.

What we don't want to revisit is the big roundabout plan. That consumed a lot of property and a two lane roundabout is no fun to drive on.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

Mike King's picture

It's not like folks are backed up to Hwy 74 in the afternoon, it's simply a 2-3 minute delay for those who elect to sit there.

Simply stated, it ain't broke so it don't need fixing!

Leave it to you and we'll have PTC's version of the Arc de Triumphe(sp).

Ever get the feeling that things just run smoother when you're not involved? Case in point, the ARC?

had that big storm the other day? I am sure it was all Haddix's fault and you missed that wonderful opportunity to blame him. Shame on you.

Mike King's picture

Some people when furnished rope, simply hang themselves.

I am glad that the mayor still has his supporters, and hopefully someday he'll give you reason not to be embarassed.

I'm not sure what point you're making, vis a vis the Arc; but it is a true monument to what happens when absolutely nothing is done.

Have you driven it?

Traffic comes from every conceivable direction.

Mike King's picture

Point being should we entrust Don and staff to 'upgrade' that intersection, we could end up with a multi-laned roundabout with a light that DOT says we must have.

It is not that big of an issue at this point. Wouldn't it seem a bit more logical to take perhaps Kelly Drive? Sure it might be a short distance out of the way, but the city simply cannot afford the project. Besides, imagine the hassle for upwards of six-nine months to complete the work.

Yes, I have driven the Arc.

I wasn't sure if you were using the Arc as an example of traffic control or lack thereof.

As for Don's roundabout ... the one at Crosstown Kroger is enough. If I wanted to drive in Hatton Cross Roundabout, I would.

Robert W. Morgan's picture

Of course they have to be designed correctly like Sea Pines Circle on Hilton Head Island- which only has 2 lanes at the north and south exits. Sure it takes land, but it is safer than a 4-way stop and you can put a fountain or statue in the center. I didn't like the Rounabout idea at Walt Banks and the Parkway, but after using the Sea Pines Circle for a few years, I am convinced it is the best solution. It is nothing like the one at Kroger.

Live free or die!

And Hilton Head has MUCH more traffic than we do here.

I don't mind the mini roundabouts at the Kroger myself. I don't see the problem with them. Fact is, many folks just can't drive, or have no common courtesy when they are driving.

people here are too stupid to drive.

Why is it that people have NO idea how to precede through a four-way stop?

My solution is to have the PTCPD monitor this intersection and issue MASSIVELY EXPENSIVE tickets to those that have no clue as to the laws of the road.

The city will gain unimaginable revenue and the ignorant drivers will once again learn how to proceed through a four way stop. A win win if I've ever seen one.

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