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PTC cops top teens in annual trivia challenge

On Tuesday, Nov. 30, the Peachtree City Youth Council and Peachtree City Police Department held their 4th Annual Trivia Match.  Led by Chief Skip Clark, the Police Department is pleased to announce that they were victorious and have secured the trophy and bragging rights until the next re-match in 2011.

The Peachtree City Youth Council, headed by Art Sivertsen, the Youth Services Coordinator for the City, and assisted by volunteer Debbie Lemay, did quite well during the event. Both teams had approximately 20 people answering questions that included Georgia Law, Police Department structure, pop culture, teen idols, and much more.

In addition, Council Members Fleisch, Imker, and Learnard join the fun this year and answered questions for both teams. Their support of this event is greatly appreciated. 

The final question of the night was truly the deciding factor.  Both teams could wager up to double their points, and the Police Department was only ahead by about 30 points. After the points wagered was announced, the Police Department had to get the question correct or the Youth Council would win the event either way. The questions required each team to put the names of Disney movies in order from the oldest release date to the newest. The correct order was Bambi, Peter Pan, Mulan, Finding Nemo, Lilo and Stitch II and Bolt. The Police Department put them in the correct order, whereas the Youth Council believed that Peter Pan was released prior to Bambi.

Both teams look forward to the 2011 re-match.



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Great way to engage our youth with the police where was the Mayor?

Oh that's right is was Trivia!

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That was pretty subtle.

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