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Vote postponed on gas golf cart ban for PTC

Last night the Peachtree City Council postponed a vote on a proposed complete ban on gas-powered golf carts within 10 years until its Jan. 20 meeting.
After the meeting, Mayor Don Haddix explained that further questions had popped up about the ordinance

but could not be answered in time for council to make a decision on the matter.

A memo from city staff late last week outlined several concerns about the enforceability of the ban, particularly citing a state law that specifically disallows cities from requiring an inspection of a golf cart as part of the cart registration process.

Reaction to the ban has been mixed. Supporters claim that gas golf carts are a nuisance on the paths because they are smelly and noisy. Some path users, particularly pedestrians, have said the fumes from gas golf carts can become quite noxious.

But proponents have said gas golf carts are more convenient, particularly for people who used them as their sole transportation, due to the flexibility they offer on range.

A gas golf cart doesn't need to be recharged for several hours, a process that makes it unavailable for use, and instead travels much further on gas power between fill-ups, some citizens have said.

Another concern that has been voiced by residents is the fact that the ban would result in the city depriving citizens of the right to use property they already own, although that likely could be ameliorated if council were to consider grandfathering all existing gas golf carts in the city. So far, however, that suggestion has not been voiced by council.



It baffles me why people have such overpoweringly strong feelings about this topic, one way or the other. If the ban passes, it wouldn't take effect for 10 years and all current carts would be grandfathered in anyway. Also, I'd be willing to bet in 10 years time your typical electric cart will be able to go just as far, if not farther, than current gas carts. Lastly, to think that waivers won't be granted to folks, in 10 years time, with gas carts in certain extreme situations is rather naive.

That being said, I still would lobby against this law on the grounds of it not being necessary. I think people's freedoms to own a gas cart outweigh the 5 second "annoyance" opponents to gas carts claim. So long as extremely noisy and smelly gas carts are not becoming a major issue for the city (and I would argue they're not), let's not add laws for the sake of adding them.

But if the law passes, I hope people don't blow a gasket. No, this one law is not going to initiate or contribute to the "end of personal freedoms as we know it". Similar, minor quality of living laws/ordinances to this one have been enacted for decades in communities. Don't get all up-in-arms over this. It's not a big deal... really.

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Someone else s inconvenience is never a big problem

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<strong>specifically disallows cities from requiring an inspection of a golf cart as part of the cart registration process.</strong>

Most interesting.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

Just another attack on freedom by the ones that think themselves better than you. -GP

Mark your calendars on this auspicious date.....I agree 100% with GP.

I feel so........dirty.

You wantin to drive your jeep on the paths? Maybe a Prius?
Horses OK? Camels?

Want to drive your gas cart on the highway?

How about hunting deer, rabbits, and squirrels in town with sawed-off shotguns and double ought buckshot?

I seem to recall that years ago when the city first decided to register the golf carts that it was stated current gas carts would be grandfathered in but no new ones would be allowed. Now, this was in the '90s. What happened? For years I didn't see or hear or smell gas carts but then about 2 or 3 years ago they started showing up and I even saw a family on a gator that had a sticker on it!!! I have rented many a golf cart and not one was a gas one. To say the companies renting them have to rent gas carts so that the people won't get stranded is stupid!!! If you can't remember to plug one in to charge it, how can you remember to put gas in it??? As for the distance, I have driven a golf cart to the 4th of July parade, ridden the entire parade route, gone back home and then to the fireworks and home that night without a problem! I say anyone who is in favor of gas carts need to ride behind them for a couple of miles! Part of the joy in riding the cart paths is the feeling of being close to nature. This is quickly destroyed by a gas cart. Sitting on my porch (which is in as estate area) you can hear the gas carts coming from a long distance and smell them for a long time after they are gone. This should not even be an issue since, as I already stated, this was dealt with over 10 years ago!

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Most would stop following close behind such a cart as they would refrain from remaining downwind from flatulence, but then there are those who remain stuborn. You and our mayor seem to be of the same ilk.

Please, admit than when relaxing among the solitude of your porch when you hear a gas cart, are you sure it's privately owned or could it be one of those monsters the PTCPD uses to patrol the paths in search of fish poachers?

In any regard, welcome to this site.


My main point is that this issue was addressed years ago when they first started registering the carts - I want to know what happened to that!! Sometimes you don't have much of a choice about riding behind one and when my little ones are with me, I just have to stop and wait for them to leave and for the air to clear. So, by them exercising their freedom to drive a gas cart I am restricted from exercising mine to a peacefull pollution free ride. Sure life is a lot of trade offs but the excuses and explanations for gas carts do seem a bit lame. As for seniors who can no longer drive a car, well, my dad who is a senior says that if they can't see or react sufficiently to drive a car they certainly don't need to be driving a golf cart!

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My apology for the comparison.

What's this got to do with seniors and driving? Old Court may take offense.

I also noticed that I started seeing a lot more gas powered carts 2-3 years ago. I remember thinking it was odd, given that gas prices had just spiked. I also remember thinking how much I hate hearing and smelling them as they pass me on a jog or dogwalk.

But hey, who am I to get in the way of someone exercising their god-given right to befoul public spaces built and maintained with all our taxes and erode the value of our community amenities? And what right do my city leaders have to take any action on it? What do they think they are, elected representatives or something?

As a matter of fact, let's get 'em to overturn the ban on jet skis from Lake Peachtree! When I'm walking along the shore I wanna hear the buzz and smell the fumes of freedom, baby!!

Hizzoner & Council need to realize that they are operating beyond the scope of their job descriptions trying to micro-manage every little detail of life in PTC.

Your job is to administer the operation of city government and oversee the functions of agencies and departments under your stewardship. Your job is NOT to pass whimsy-based laws affecting every method and means of how the citizens live and move about within the city limits.

SIMPLY PUT--The squeaky-wheel approach to making new law within the city limits has to end.

Those few self-appointed <em>"PTC-lifestyle /perfect appearance /enviro-guardian"</em> activists that are somehow "offended" by the presence of gas-powered carts have often mistakenly assumed they have a "right" --- NOT to be offended.

Simply NOT the case; GET OVER IT!


We need to VOTE-OUT ...THROW-OUT or KICK-OUT! (Key-word OUT! OUT! OUT!)
That "nanny-state" mentality that seems more of a fad among the subculture of aspiring professional politicians---
...And VOTE IN public servants who possess some common sense, and remain committed to serving the citizens of the city based on constitutional law and long-established principles...

...INSTEAD OF-- the daily rations of micro-management pap, drama and folly of trying to please everyone with a hangnail-level complaint.

Yumpin' yiminy...

Slavery about 200 years!
Supreme Court decides how the out-dated Constitution is interpreted.

Simple stuff...
--private property
--individual liberty
--free market economy

[quote=courthouserules]<em>Slavery about 200 years!</em> [/quote]
Lemme see...
1789 through 1865...
Hmmm... seventy some-odd... you do the math.
(It's not "200-anything")

[quote=courthouserules]<em>Supreme Court decides how the out-dated Constitution is interpreted.</em> [/quote]

You don't have to like it--
...but the "out-dated" Constitution remains the law of the land...
...and the principles of liberty and law therein govern and qualify every other making of law.

Did you know that Euro-Disney is a logical extension of the Magic Kingdom??
Enjoy your day.

Many other countries had many slaves by the English, Sutch, Spanish, etd. much longer than 70 odd years!
How do you suppose all of the Caribbean States have lots of blacks?

Then we don't need Cnstitutional Amendments! Linerty, property, etc., are vague and have to be explained in each case---sometimes by the Soopreemees!

What does Euro-Disney mean?

On second thought are you saying that 70 years of slavery is OK per the Constitution. but maybe 200 wasn't? Want to cancel the women's vote?

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Please do take your meds! Only you would refer to a people as "Sutch".

Or, could it be that old Dollar has found his way into the holiday spirits a bit early this year?

......full of typos. I have found so many ideas wrong on here lately that it is making me "hurry up and wait," (like the military) which causes mistooks!

It just gripes me to think so many have forgotten if they ever knew about slavery in the 1500s! Even the Romans had slaves when they invaded England! May not have been from Africa, however.

Now someone is going to say, "did the Romans invade England." Are the Chinese going to have a compound?
Will we ever need any more roads in Peachtree City or the County?

I almost remember when the head of the US Patent office said, "we could just close the doors to this office, everything has been invented that ever will be." 1800s, maybe.

Darn, I don't think there is one citizen in PTC who thinks further back than 1985, or further ahead than tomorrow morning!

All we learn anymore is how to make money. Even at Harvard.

C'mon, fella. You're just a Google search away from the truth on this one. Slaves are kept to this day in many parts of the world. Haiti ring a bell?

Just for kicks, put "Arab slave trade" into Wikipedia.

You might learn something.

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ignore CHR$, he doesn't know what solar system he's in.

Don't encourage him.

Thanks for the tip.

But sometimes it is fun to poke ninnies with a stick.

You don't even get the point!

You people are "constitution this, and constitution that" when the thing had and has all kinds of errors in it at the beginning.

I suppose you wouild not wanted slavery to have been made illegal, women not be allowed to vote, must have property to vote, etc., rather than make a change to an obsolete document!

In fac the TEAS want a dozen changes right now!

Only one they don't propose is that if you are born in Africa, you CAN be President of the USA! That will also change to anyone qualified can be President.

Is this somehow related to Georgia EPD and a stormwater management plan?

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Is this really running a city?

Banning gas golf carts
Banning dogs without leashes
Banning pain clinics

Come on, the council needs to start addressing real issues facing this community.

1. Business growth through making our city attractive to business
2. Job growth, associated with #1
3. Traffic control
4. Crime - excluding pain clinics providing a service?
5. City infrastructure - landscaping, paths, library, etc.
6. Protecting the village concept - making certain we don't have more Walgreens debacles.

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Perfectly clear. Deal with positive things instead of banning things. Nothing banned is a real problem in anyone's day to day life. BTW, why was parking golf carts on the street banned? Did more than one person complain? Do-nothing councils are usually caused by lack of experience and lack of effective leadership. They can't grasp complicated issues, so they debate dog leashes and walking signs. And they write silly letters to developers and retailers. BTW, why won't anybody answer me about who else on council thought this was a good idea? Doug is a given, but who else? Who is the third fool?

And, note to Haddix and others, just to be clear - Job growth does not mean job creation at city hall. We don't need more managers and inspectors looking for things to ban. Job creation means private sector. Be nice to businesses and the businesses will thrive and grow and hire people. Works every time. You can look it up.

Live free or die!

Don't forget...
Banning walking signs
Banning multifamily housing
Banning golf cart parking on streets near McI HS

Do you and Observer have any idea as to how many "bans" are on the books for PTC?

Want to vote them all null and void at one time? Sounds conservative to me?

Srupid people trying to tell you when to mow your lawn; can't paint your house whatever color you like; can't park in a policeman's space at the station; can't park in handicap parking unless someone says you are handicapped---or you make a HC sticker on your computer; can't go around with a 9mm and M-16 showing and a Bowie Knife; can't buy beer in a grocery store on Sunday; got to get your auto inspected for the con artists; got to take your old repaired wreck to Mr. Deal's shop for inspection; can't run a motor boat on our great lakes; dogs can't bark too much but cats can poop in flower beds; can't hunt in town; can't shoot firecrackers in town; can't do a rolling stop; can't have a tail light out; can't fish if not from here; gotta have lights and horns on golf carts--but no brakes necessary; taxes on hotel rooms are not taxes on us--on somebody else; we can provide an airport for jets and big prop planes for those who own those, but no transportation for those who don't have any; can't have sacks full of bugs in the kitchen or restaurants but filthy windows and sills OK; can't park on the grass or have a trailer on the driveway, but you can have no grass; can't walk around drunk as a skunk, but can stay six hours in a bar and drive home--or somewhere; and I never even looked at the copy of the town codes!!!

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