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More retail coming to Fischer Crossings just west of PTC

Residents of Coweta and Fayette counties frequenting the Sam’s Club and NCG Cinemas at Fischer Crossings or have occasion to travel along the area of Ga. highways 34 and 54 in east Coweta might expect to see the beginning a few changes to the commercial landscape in the coming months.

Leases with T.J.Maxx, Michaels and Home Goods retailers totaling 63,000 square feet are being finalized. Construction is anticipated to begin in February with the openings expected to follow in spring 2013.

Fischer Crossings developer Scott Seymour said Wednesday that the commercial development will take place on the northeast area of the intersection of Hwy. 34 and Fischer Road. The T.J.Maxx and Home Goods stores will share a 52,000 square-foot building while an adjacent building totaling 21,000 square feet will house the Michaels store.

The new construction will be situated on the tract that extends from Fischer Road on the west to the 40,000 square-foot NCG Cinemas on the east side of the property. Specific to the new businesses, Seymour said they will be located west of the recently opened roundabout that is located immediately north of the intersection of Hwy. 34 and Hwy. 54. The buildings will be oriented in a north-south direction and will leave sufficient room for a number of outparcel lots that will line Hwy. 34 down to Fischer Road.

Leases on the three commercial projects are being finalized and, once done, will pave the way for several smaller retailers that have expressed an interest in locating at Fischer Crossings, Seymour said. Those projects will add another 50,000 square feet of commercial offerings, Seymour added.

Seymour said he has received a grading permit for the entire site from Coweta County and is in process of obtaining the required land disturbance permit for the portion of the property where the retail center will be located.

Construction on the Michaels, Home Goods and T.J.Maxx buildings are expected to begin sometime in the February time frame, Seymour said, with all three ready to open in spring 2013.

Area residents are likely familiar with Michaels and T.J.Maxx but that familiarity may not yet extend to Home Goods, owned by the parent company TJX that also owns T.J.Maxx and Marshalls. According to the Home Goods website, the store offers frequent shipments of one-of-a-kind, handcrafted merchandise and high-end designer goods and has 10 locations in Georgia in areas such as northeast metro Atlanta, Athens and Savannah.

Seymour said the development has also obtained a grading permit for a 12,000 square-foot building on the extreme north side of the property, essentially across from the Sam’s Club gas pumps, that will house a new day care location for the Newnan-based StoneBridge Early Learning Center. The facility will be situated between Fischer Road and the future ball fields that will complete the northernmost area of the site.

Seymour said that regardless the current progress with the Fischer Crossings retail development it is nonetheless subject to the ongoing local and national realities of the banking industry.

“It’s still a rocky road but we’ve got our feet under it,” Seymour said.

Kohl’s had previously signed a letter of intent to establish an anchor store across Fischer Road from the 136,000 square-foot Sam’s Club between the upcoming commercial construction and the day care and ball fields but earlier this year postponed signing off on the agreement.

The northeast section of the Hwy.34/Fischer Road intersection was just one of the portions of the overall Fischer Crossings development that was the subject of a 2010 study entitled “The Economic Impact of Fischer Crossing Shopping Center on Coweta County” that was compiled by Dr. William Smith and Dr. Hilde Patrol-Boenheim, both of the University of West Georgia’s Department of Economics.

Pertaining to the northeast section, the study noted the potential for that section of the overall development to have a significant impact for Coweta County in terms of employment. Containing more than 270,000 square feet at build-out, businesses would employ 310 people with wages totaling $6.75 million, the report said.  

The study also noted the significant impact for the county’s sales tax and property tax coffers. Viewed as a whole with future build-out on the northeast, northwest and southwest corners of the intersection of Hwy. 34 and Fischer Road, the study concluded that, “If fully operational, property tax revenues are estimated to be $2 million or 6.5 percent of (Coweta County’s) total property taxes. Sales tax revenues are estimated to be $5.1 million or 27.7 percent of current sales tax revenues. Thus, local revenues (sales and property taxes) generated by the operational phase is estimated to be between $5.2 and $7.1 million annually, or between 8.7 and 11.9 percent of total county revenues.”

The first business to open at Fischer Crossings was the Sam’s Club almost a year ago. Next up was the NCG Cinemas in the spring.

While not part of the report, there is yet another factor that figures into the sales tax equation. It is one that comes with the business reality that, when it comes to shopping, dining and entertainment preferences and convenience, county lines have long since evaporated. In that regard, it is undeniable that the Fischer Crossing development is likely to draw significant numbers of Fayette County’s estimated 108,000 residents, including those living less than a mile away in Peachtree City.

That expectation was verified by The Citizen with the opening of the Sam’s Club store in January. A review of vehicles in the parking lot that could be identified by the county of origin, the results showed that 39 percent of the vehicles were registered in Coweta County while 39 percent were registered in Fayette County.



yellowjax1212's picture

The Mayor said that wouldn't happen.
PTC residents would never drive all the way across the line to deposit tax revenue into Coweta County.

At least we got the dollar tree.

And to think we could have had a Hooters!

I'm actually ok with the Race Track. I don't understand everyone's issue with that. Everyone loves Hooters ( ;

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Don't understand all the objections to a well run discount gas station and convenience store. A little competition will do the other over-priced guys some good. I would prefer QT but...

a veiled (or not so veiled) threat that if he did not get what he wanted that he would put a Hooters where the service station is supposed to go in--and everyone was up in arms. I was all for it--thought I could get a job there or at least sue for age discrimination when they refused me employment.

Easy now--can't just jam in a Hooters where you want either! Took long time to get it approved in F'ville and then it went Tango Uniform in about 2 yrs.

going to say I couldn't just jam into one of those Hooter's uniforms!

I remember that first Hooter's debacle(I just like using the word:) At this point, I really don't care what they do on that side of town. If they hire a new EDC in the near future maybe his/her first assignment could be to bring the Hooter's back to the table. They could even build the restaurant to overlook Lake McIntosh.

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Please, let's dispense with the trivial and select a locale for Saturday! MYTMITE can wear her Hooters outfit if she so wishes, Gym can show off his Mr Universe physique, Kevin can grin, and I'll order another beer( I'll likely need it), and let's celebrate the season.

Gym, pick the time and spot and drag Hutch with you.

Kevin's grin--I know it can't be because you want to wear the Hooter's outfit--or is it that you are yearning for a little libation--okay guys, no more levity--let's get down to business---where and what time?

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Anytime Saturday for me. Anywhere: Buckhead to Griffin or anywhere in between.
Mike. State requests.
Athomegym: Sound off.
Carbon. State your case.
Hutch: Squawk identify. Or pop a flare; use your signal mirror. Something.

Vote Mytmite in 2012!

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OK, here we go, 6pm, Taco Mac PTC, Air Farce weenies pay.

I yam what I yam

You guys gonna be able to make it on Sat at 6 pm? Be good to see you there.

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...on the links Saturday (although I could certainly spend that time working through Mac's beer selection!), and yard work, then off to FL for a conference on Sunday. I will try to make one of these in the future, tho!

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I'm golfing Saturday too, you know by 6 it will be dark? Only thing left to do is drink beer. Trying to talk Mrs. hutch into coming, and being designated driver.

I yam what I yam

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:( Won't be in town(or the USA even) for a while. Drink a few for me, especially the Anchor Steam Christmas beer that's really goood.

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The boss says I can go. Do you need a ride?

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

Great! No thanks on the ride--see you there!

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Armed with appetizers; entree guns are jammed :-D

Vote Mytmite in 2012!

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Hey kevink, I hope to see you and the others there.

How 'bout them Steelers.

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Is it even possible for Big Ben to get insurance? There are WWII bombers over Berlin that took leas damage than him last nite. Saw game at Twin Peaks in OKC. Much much more bueno than hooters. Except on UFC. fight nights

Vote Mytmite in 2012!

See all you handsome gentlemen there. Is Dawn going to make this one? Would love to meet her. Sure would hate to be the only female there--right!! Guess I will have to give up my teetotaler status but hey, for you guys, it's worth it.

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Don't worry. They have sweet tea :-)

Vote Mytmite in 2012!

damaging--besides citrus is good for you----so extra lime for me! I don't usually drink but I think I will make an exception--no reason for not drinking---just had my fill of it years ago---in my wild and wooly days.

Can't wait. Add another female to the mix!

It's about time you guys picked a spot.

that was decorated and mentioned in the Citizen will be decorated for Christmas?

Ifyou mean the Southern Living project in Senoia, the 2010 version is closed. The 2012 version will be open next June through December.

TheCitizen had an article about a house in PTC that does fantastic decorations for Halloween and Christmas. I told my neighbors and they went to see the Halloween ones but I forgot to write down when they said they would have Christmas decorations done. Probably won't be in town then, but would love to have seen it. Thanks anyway.

We will still be outnumbered but I think we can live with that. LOl

Great--see you thereMYTMITE----Hey Sky, why not stop by and see us all--but understand if there's a shift issue!

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If you go earlier (1:30 pm or so), you can see a gathering of local USMA people for the Army-Navy game

Don't think I'll make it earlier--got a 0700 Bkfst with Group of Vietnam vets and I can only handle so much socializing in one day! Stop by or will you already be there for the game?

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I may try to thread the needle of time tomorrow. We will see, I suppose

Mr. Universe Physique? Must be a case of mistaken identity--that sure as hell ain't me! But wait, Kevin gave Hutch a mission--let him do it. If that hasn't happened by 8pm tonight, I'll do it in a heartbeat--but I can't promise to "drag" Hutch anywhere-he's a big boy, he goes where he wants. If I remember, you prefer late Sat pm right? Remember we do have a 7am Breakfast to attend.

Nah, not my style.

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Any news where they are landing?


Well...that sound you hear is the sound of more sales tax revenue flying out of PTC/Fayette County over the county line into Coweta County. Gee....can't wait to hear Erika's next bogus annual report on how much sales tax revenue PTC lost to the development at Fischers Crossing. The one she provided this past year was a load of crap. As if one could really provide an actual estimate. What small headed people we have elected here in PTC.

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I understand your posting, but I still cannot fathom where a retail establishment the size and scale of Fischer would be located in the confines of PTC.

carbonunit52's picture

and how can PTC lose revenue that it does not have the ability to generate. Perhaps PTC needs to take the advice of the conservatives and learn to live within its means. Survival of the fittest also comes to mind.

The objections are not directed at Race Track. That is a good gas station and would be great competition for the PTC area. But, as one who lives in the McDuff Parkway area, I realy don't want to see any other commercial development on this stretch of Hwy 54 that will cause further traffic problems. As it is now, it is already practically impossible to get through the McDuff light onto Hwy 54 turning left. The light is very slow to turn greem as cars pile up back to the apartment complex and further. When it f i n a l l y does turn green, all of the cars waiting rush through trying to beat the light. Any type of business in that area that will increase frequent in and out traffic and the possibility of another light between McDuff and Planterra certainly create more traffic problems. I vote for a nail salon, a tanning booth, a mattress store and 10 more empty retail buildings.

Can you imagine what the intersection of Macduff and 54 will be like when/if they complete the extension to 74?

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