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Pinewood Studios construction continues apace

Work on the Pinewood Atlanta Studios facility on Veterans Parkway continues to transform what was pasture land into Fayetteville and Fayette County’s largest-ever economic development project. The latest improvements to the property are easily evidenced by the view offered from Sandy Creek Road.

The newest additions to the property can be seen from the studio entrance across from the former Rivers Elementary School. Construction is underway on a 20,000 square-foot production office building that is being attached to the soundstage building nearest the studio entrance.

The other new addition to the site is the second 45,000 sq. ft. workshop building situated north of the soundstages. The workshop will house office and production spaces, a 5,000 sq. ft. screening room and edit bays, project representatives said in October.

A bit further to the north is the concrete pad on which a 45,000 sq. ft. Home Depot store will be located. As noted in previous comments by project representatives, the Home Depot will be utilized specifically for projects being filmed at the studio and will not be open to the general public.

The exterior work on the Phase 1 soundstages was completed in recent months. Those include two 30,000 sq. ft. soundstage buildings, each of which house two 15,000 sq. ft. stages, and a 40,000 sq. ft. soundstage building.

Work along the perimeter of the property has also progressed in recent days and weeks. Many of the sculpted berms along Veterans Parkway and Sandy Creek Road have been installed and grassed. Aside from providing an aesthetic quality to the road frontage along the 288-acre property, they also function to obstruct the view of the 65-foot soundstage buildings.

Also new is the installation of a wooden rail fence situated between the berms and the roadway. The choice of fencing material is reminiscent of the type of fencing used on area pasture land in days past.

The 288-acre Pinewood Atlanta Studios property is situated along Veterans Parkway and Sandy Creek Road and is part of 1,200 acres recently annexed into Fayetteville.

The studio is expected to be operational in January, in time for the first production to get underway.

Though the name of the film has not been announced, studio vice president of operations Brian Cooper said in September the movie will be considered a “tent pole” feature, in reference to what moviegoers usually call a blockbuster, that will be a $150-200 million production.



FCDA last posted a notice about contractors, vendors, and jobs on April 13th.

Since the facility is expected to open in January, I would think that there would be an update.

While it is good for Atlanta based Home Depot to have the contract for raw materials, have any new vendors set up shop in anticipation for the opening?

Have there been any hiring of us local yocals for this startup?

The only thing I have seen are more homes for rent in anticipation of the out of town startup people requiring housing.

How about an update from FCDA or the Citizen? We all would like to see a true feel good story here.

I'm curious what the neighborhoods around the studios in Hollywood are like. Are they high crime neighborhoods? Will Pinewood be a future tourist attraction like MGM Studios Theme Park in Orlando, with all the traffic? I guess you can't fight "Progress", you just have to move away from it, .....somewhere else again.

I met someone this week getting ready to move over to Pinewood. They said the first movie was going to be Star Wars. I just checked this out and it may be feasible since it says it will be produced at Pinewood.

Patience you must have, my young padawan....

Robert W. Morgan's picture

Be careful when you open that link. You will see the brown clown's pet newsperson utter the following gem: "Fayette County Chairman Steve Brown, one of the political architects behind getting Pinewood Atlanta Studios built in the county, predicts it'll be a "job-making machine."

I think the actual truth is that Brown was deliberately bypassed by the guys that really put this together - and for good reason.

As I said elsewhere - Brown is going to spend his last year or two politicking for his next election and that is fine. It would be better for the county if he did that on his own and didn't do it as County Commission Chairman. Oddo is a much better choice and I hope he gets voted in tonight or whenever the first meeting is.

Live free or die!

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