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PTC OKs part of county transportation plan, opposes F'ville bypasses

Instead of endorsing the full Fayette County Transportation Plan, the Peachtree City Council instead chose Thursday night to approve solely of the myriad of city projects contained in the plan.

And while the county transportation plan specifically says no transit projects are recommended for Fayette County, council’s resolution of approval also rebukes a 2007 unfunded plan for metro Atlanta that could bring bus and rail transit service to the city.

Council previously decided not to approve the entire plan for the entire county, reasoning that there are several projects in the county’s portion of the plan that it objected to. Among those are the second and third phases of the West Fayetteville Bypass and also work on a proposed East Fayetteville Bypass.

Council’s rebuke of transit options specifically referenced Concept 3, an unfunded transit plan created in 2007 for metro Atlanta. Concept 3 includes bus service coming through Peachtree City and a potential rail station on a line that would lead from Senoia through Union City into metro Atlanta.

The county transportation plan also does not recommend implementation of any transit projects in Fayette County.

The county transportation plan is a guiding document for the future and does not lock the county into funding any particular element, according to Fayette County Public Works Director Phil Mallon.



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Hopefully, someone on Council will shed some light on this "isolationist" type action. Approving/endorsing only those projects submitted by the city fails to take into consideration that city residents leave the confines of the city limits to venture over to Fayetteville, Brooks, or Tyrone.

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Most the projects on the list are intersection and existing infrastructure improvements. Who argues with those kinds of projects? Pretty much givens.

Did you want us to approve Concept 3, WBP Phases 2 and 3, which would create a major artery through to County to 92 and a network of roads creating a development area? How about the widening of 92 to and connecting to I85, thus a four lane highway from the Fayetteville area to a diamond exchange with 74 at I85?

Exactly what projects are you talking about we should have endorsed?

Go through the CTP and please let me know.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

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Understand that it is not within your purview to approve any portion of the CTP, but only to endorse those projects county wide with which Council agrees that benefit the county as a whole. Second, should council have issue with any of the items listed, they are free to offer suggestions for improvements, etc. To merely endorse only those items that are city projects and dismiss all others is nonproductive.

Your methodology of merely "rubber stamping" existing infrastructure improvements shows a shallow view of prioritization in a time of economic strife, but then raising taxes has always been your fallback.

Now that you've opened Pandora's Box, I will review the CTP and make my views known. Your phobia concerning the creation of development areas outside and within the city limits again demonstrates both a shallow and narrow vision for the county as a whole. Does Fischers Crossing ring a bell?

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I am extremely encouraged to know that there are some public officials in Fayette County who do not adhere to the "go along to get along" theory of government. These people actually have their thumbs on the pulse of Fayette citizenry. They are actually representing the majority of our citizens.

Mayor Haddix and the Peachtree City Council have evaluated the Atlanta Regional Commisssion's Concept 3 Transportation Plan and have decided that portions of the plan are not in the best interest of Fayette County.

Well done, Peachtree City. Thanks for having the intelligence, foresight and courage to lead.

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This Council represents ineptitude and incompetence maybe, but "intelligence" or anything that resembles "foresight?" Not a chance. The lack of foresight amongst the elected officials in PTC from the Brown era until present is the entire reason PTC has dug themselves into a gaping financial hole that severely limits anything besides a)much higher taxes along with b) reduced services. Previous councils have been bad but this one is easily the worst and I'm not seeing any signs that they understand anything about governance or the citizens.

As far as what PTC thinks about other county projects outside of PTC....I don't really care and probably the rest of FC doesn't care what PTC thinks either.

You do realize this is also the same Council that emphatically wanted Haddix off the RTR and passed a resolution to slap him in the face with that fact, right? It was another meaningless gesture just like this action, but in your mind they have the "intelligence(LMAO!),foresight and courage to lead. " SO I guess you have totally changed your mind about them wanting anyone but Haddix heading the RTR now?

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Mike King has decided to review the County Transportation Plan which is nothing more than the Atlanta Regional Commission's Transportation Plan for Fayette County.

Mike King's decision to review the Plan is also very encouraging.

We could all learn something from reviewing the Plan.

I am extremely aware of the fact that this Council is the same group of officials who wanted Haddix off the RTR. Maybe they took a close look at page 49 of the Plan and realized that folks have been telling the truth about county representatives on the ARC voting for mass transit and buses in Fayette County. Then maybe they took to heart an article published in this very paper where Jack Smith and Ken Steele were arguing for small county representation with the Atlanta Regional Commission.

Also, I would dare say that the "average FC citizen" got completely fed-up with two of our commissioners total lack of respect for the "average FC citizen's" view on how they wanted their representatives to conduct the citizen's business and they voted them out of office.

We are in big trouble if our officials can't or won't look at all sides of the issues and adjust their determinations depending upon the facts.

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"We are in big trouble if our officials can't or won't look at all sides of the issues and adjust their determinations depending upon the facts."

You got that right....100% I think as PTCer that the above paragraph has been for far too long a very serious problem with PTC elected officials.

I realize that some who have been elected have been what most would describe as "pretty dumb or ignorant," but not all of them. Several knew better and went ahead and ignored all the facts as well as the other side and now PTC is paying for it.

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I have made this mistake before and tried to delete one of the offending posts. I would be ever so grateful if someone could instruct me as to the procedure for deleting a double post. I'm not to proud to say that I am technically challenged.

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If no one has replied yet under your post, you can go to the Edit button in the lower right corner of your post and then just wipe out everything. You'll have to add a few periods or something else as this software won't let you post "nothing" at all. It doesn't delete the have to clear out the text and then you can also change the Subject if you want to, but the entry will still be there. Plenty of people have had to do this so don't feel bad :)

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for the instructions and software information. Knowledge is power.

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