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Apologist for illegal aliens should grasp who pays for his leniency

Last Wednesday’s paper carried a letter by Mr. Ron Chandonia that touched on a topic that deserves, and is poised to receive, considerably more involvement nationally and in Georgia: illegal aliens.

First, lets understand basic terms. Aliens (not the ET kind) are people who are not citizens or nationals of the United States. They can be here legally (comply with entry and visitation term requirements, as many students, tourists, and workers do) or illegally (they do not comply with U.S. entry laws). We have a large number of both in the U.S. and in Georgia.

Aliens may be further classified as resident or non-resident, immigrant and non-immigrant, and documented or not (illegal).

Despite Mr Chandonia’s compassion for others, his assertion that there are “law-abiding immigrants without papers” is nonsensical; if they haven’t complied with U.S. immigration laws they are not law abiding. You can’t be “mostly a virgin.”

In 2011, we are all going to have to sort through the tough business of defining how we respond to legal and illegal aliens, work visas, benefits, and their attendant costs.

This will be a far-reaching debate that requires compassion as well as thoughtful consideration of the realities of open doors.

With some of our choices, as in all other areas of law, we will need the courage to “step up” and enforce the rules, just as we do when enforcing difficult rules with our own children.

Emotion and compassion will certainly enter the debate, but must not dominate it. They must be tempered with the far-reaching consequences of feelings gone unchecked.

Nationally, for example, how many aliens can our culture assimilate each year and still retain its essential character?

I don’t mean everyone has to look, dress, eat, and celebrate the way I do. Not at all; but to retain the character that made us the pinnacle of individual freedom and the destination of others throughout the world, I believe immigrants to our culture must continue to embrace the Constitution, respect the rule of law, individual liberty, and strive for equal opportunity for all citizens (both male and female).

To begin this tough process, Representative Matt Ramsey (R-Peachtree City) has been selected to co-chair a joint House/Senate panel looking for solutions to immigration issues. Rather than denigrate Ramsey and the panel, I challenge Mr. Chandonia to understand the complete breadth of the panel’s charter and contribute workable suggestions.

For every well-intentioned recommended benefit, there are costs that taxpayers must fund instead of using their earnings for their own rents, mortgages, food, health costs, education, and the like.

Mr. Chandonia hasn’t addressed this vexing side of the equation, while denigrating those who must.

Robert Ross

Peachtree City, Ga.



What Senator Harry Reid of Nevada and his Democratic legion is keeping quiet?

Not a word about the--CHAIN MIGRATION--afterwards. According to the Migration Policy Institute report, at least 2.1 million students will qualify under the act, and the sponsorship under the law will at least triplicate that number. Immediate family members will be eligible to come here, as a surety bond that the sponsors will financially support them. This seldom happens as the original sponsors tend to forget their promise or neglect their responsibility to follow through. Because the chain migration sponsorship laws are hardly ever enforced, the whole issue falls apart. Its ramification are the parents, brothers and sisters, grandmothers and grandfathers cannot support themselves financially, so they have no choice but to go on public welfare. So when the Liberals and House democrats state there is no cost, you might take a visit to county hospitals where these new immigrants ended up on dialysis costing millions of dollars in just one Texas hospital.

This type of major problem is repeated across the United States, specifically in Border States. There are a whole bunch of liberal Progressives who remain brain-dead to the costs of sponsored senior citizens that arrive here, after the student or legal immigrant executed an affidavit of support. The majority of these people will be a massive financial burden on taxpayers and not on the initial sponsor. Chain Migration will become a extremely expensive situation, because families who come here have children, who under the misinterpreted 14th amendment gets instant citizenship. Anchor Babies are a cornucopia of welfare cash payments, and even more entitlements, including low income housing that the whole family moves into. This vicious circle never ends and actually accelerates costing hundreds of billions of dollars annually and will never cease until the political parties stop pandering to foreign nationals and carry out the interest of citizens.

Those taxpayers who have had enough, DEMAND of your Senators with your angry words and your Members of Congress to oppose the DREAM Act Amnesty -- 202-224-3121 NumbersUSA for details. NumbersUSA will inform you of the truth.

I think the state of Israel would not now exist if donations weren't sent to their homeland by Jews and sympathizers here, in addition to some foreign aid. They are our bastion in the middle east as protection for us not having to have a base there.

Now, as to Mexicans spending money on relatives coming here as necessary using the "Dream Act," I think you can find where this same method was used and is still used for immigrants to the USA from Italy, Spain, Taiwan, China, Ireland, and many other places.
Actually, check Walmart Service on Friday and see the money now flowing to Mexico!
That could be kept here. They could even open bank accounts!

Circumstances cause people to be problems more than anything.

This act was "put off" by the House today--you can relax for awhile!

We don't need no more Mexicans or others who will be qualified for College or will help out our volunteer army. Again you don't propose the solution!

This argument is similar to the Al Quieda discussions and the Taliban discussions! Suddenly we have the Taliban as the enemy and all the people they are fighting is the "government" of Afghanistan, not us! Nation building--yuk!

Should make you very happy also that conservatives defeated consideration of $250 each for Social Security Recipients to make up for no increase last year or this coming year! Man they hate young, not white and Old people!

That ought to resolve the problem quickly of about 40 million illegals and visa "aliens" here rail quack!
"Papers, please!" Each college could have a monitor of "Papers"

In a party-line election last December 8, the House of Representatives passed the <a title="Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act election presents citizenship for service or education" href="http://personalmoneystore.com/moneyblog/2010/12/09/dream-act-vote/"> DREAM Act</a>. The DREAM Act; provides a “path to citizenship” for illegal aliens who came to the country as children. The DREAM act might well-be subject to U.S. Senate filibuster, however.

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