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Cops enforcing law, not harrassing illegals

From the letter titled “Ramsey’s punitive approach,” the author first states that he is dismayed that Rep. Matt Ramsey is against spending “one penny to allow illegal immigrants to attend our schools.”

What part of illegal do you not understand? If you are in this country illegally, staying for any period of time does not make your stay legal.

The author then goes on to rehash what has gone on with both political parties over the last 15-20 years. I question the statement, “law-abiding immigrants without papers.“ I’m not an attorney and have no training in the law. Please explain how can you be law-abiding if from the start you are here illegally? Everyday you are in this country is another crime.

Throughout our country’s history we have welcomed immigrants to our shores. We have procedures in place that provide for entering this country legally and for becoming a citizen.

Whether or not you think of yourself as an American has nothing to do with you are in fact in this country illegally. I might think of myself as a Robin Hood but if I take what is not mine and give to someone else, the local and state police authorities are going to have a different opinion. The police departments are not harassing me for committing a crime, they are simply enforcing our laws.

“Mean-spirited and repressive“? I think not. All we are doing is asking all who wish to live in this country to follow our laws from the very start.

Enter the country legally, leave on time if you are here on a visa or follow the law and apply for citizenship through the procedures already in place.

Edward C. Ragan, II

Peachtree City, Ga.



Well said and to the point.

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