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Letter insults all legal immigrants to U.S.

A recent letter (“Ramsey’s punitive approach to illegals is the wrong solution”) lamenting the intention of the Georgia legislature to prioritize enforcement of the laws regarding the crime of illegal immigration was an all too common insult to immigrants.

The use of the transparent term “anti-immigrant legislation” is an immediate tip off to the anti-enforcement agenda of the writer.

Immigrants, by federal definition, enter the USA lawfully. Escaping capture while crossing our borders in violation of our immigration laws does not make anyone an immigrant ... or an American.

The USA takes in more than 1 million real, legal immigrants each year, more than any other nation on the planet. Unbelievably, even now, we also take in another million or so “guest workers” while unemployment runs along 10 percent.

Americans have nothing to apologize for when it comes to immigration and that rich tradition was put in place to help the United States of America, not any other nation or population.

The legal, proper and federally used term for individuals who are present in our nation in violation of our laws is “illegal alien.”

The U.S. also suffers the highest illegal immigration in the world and Georgia has more illegals than Arizona. English is an optional language in the Peach State.

Illegals, led by well-funded hucksters, march in our streets fearlessly demanding an end of enforcement of our immigration laws.

When looking around for the real culprits in this crisis, look first to multiple administrations in the federal government and the shameless employers who stand a better chance of being struck by lightning for hiring black-market, replacement labor while their countrymen – many of whom are real immigrants – stand in the unemployment lines.

When it comes to “immigration”, the anti-enforcement minority hopes against hope that most Americans are not aware that the U.S. granted a “one-time” amnesty to about 3 million illegal aliens in 1986 with the straight-faced promise that after legalization, the borders would be secured and the employers would be sanctioned.

Look around. Legalization is not the answer and only rewards and encourages illegal immigration. Nearly 25 years on, we are now being told we have to again legalize 12-20 million illegals to solve the 21st century mess. Trick me once ...

The last thing we need is to accommodate millions of radical leftists who are here illegally.

It would be deeply irresponsible of our elected leaders under the Gold Dome to not use every available tool – including employment verification — to protect us from the ravages of illegal immigration. American workers need to know they have a fair shot in their own country. Even in good times, awarding illegals with non-federally mandated public benefits funded by the taxpaying citizens is immoral. And illegal.

The punishment for illegal immigration is deportation. Family or not. But, as has been proven all over the nation, when we enforce our laws, illegals migrate away from the enforcement to more hospitable areas. Enforcement works. And it is not “mean-spirited.” It is America first and an equal application of the law – all the law – which is the sworn duty of our elected officials.

God speed to state Rep. Matt Ramsey and thank goodness for his badly needed leadership in returning Georgia to the rule of law where we honor genuine immigrants, citizens and justice in America.

D.A. King

Marietta, Ga. 30066

[King is a nationally recognized authority on illegal immigration and president of the Georgia-based Dustin Inman Society, which is pro-enforcement of American immigration and employment laws. On the Web,]



I try not to use the word "racist" lightly. There are many opportunistic race-baiters in Fayette county, and I'm quite sure a lot of folks use the "n-word" in private company, but there are thankfully very few people who truly believe themselves superior to others solely because of their race.

Having said that, I am of the opinion that D.A. King is a racist.

D.A. King, a man who appears to hate all Hispanics with the intensity of a thousand burning suns, brings his "Lets all hate the Mexicans!" spew to the letter pages of the Citizen.

I'm surprised Racist King didn't reprise his infamous 2007 speech to Newton county Republican party, where he first rose to prominence declaring "illegal immigrants are not here to mow your lawn - they're here to blow up your buildings and kill your children, and you, and me."

Somewhere in Hell, J.B. Stoner is nodding his head approvingly.

Fill me in.

Note that Crispy Bacon cannot address a single point in this letter and seems to be quite upset that this guy hit the nail on the head. We think he is a racebaiting liberal who will smear anyone he cannot overcome with facts.

King has this nonsense about Newton County GOP in 2007 on his website: He was talking about the terrorists (who are also illegal aliens)who have already come over the nearly open border with Mexico and made that very clear. The Newton County paper reported as much. Crispy Bacon, who lacks any integrity or honor, is following the "SHUT HIM UP AT ANY COST" directives of the radical leftists who hate our immigration laws. Thus is about the 50th time this same lie has been posted around Ga. to marginalize D.A. King. It is really funny.

Hooray for the Citizen for printing Mr. King's letter. I have heard him speak here and he knows his stuff very well. I wonder if crispybacon, a true pig, is going to attack the black Americans and Hispanics on the board of King's immigration law enforcement organization as "racist" as on it.

It is easy to tell when the left loses...they always squeal the same drivel.

Sad American Vet Fayette Co.

Sad American Fayette

Note that Crispy Bacon cannot address a single point in this letter and seems to be quite upset that this guy hit the nail on the head. We think he is a racebaiting liberal who will smear anyone he cannot overcome with facts.

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