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Retired teacher busted for 25 lbs. of pot, $30K in cash

A retired school teacher who taught previously in Coweta and Fayette counties was busted Dec. 2 when a Coweta County Sheriff’s deputy conducting a traffic stop found Craig Blount Humphrey in possession of 25 pounds of “high grade” marijuana and $30,000 in cash.

Fifty-six year-old Humphrey, of Sharpsburg, was pulled over Friday night on Freestone Drive off Ga. Highway 154 after a deputy followed him from the area of Ga. highways 34 and 54 in east Coweta after observing his truck weaving in the roadway, according to Maj. James Yarbrough.

While speaking with Humphrey the deputy noticed a bag of marijuana that Humphrey was sitting on was exposed as the he shifted in his seat, Yarbrough said.

A search of the vehicle revealed two duffel bags containing marijuana in the cab of the truck behind Humphrey and another duffel bag in the passenger area, said Yarbrough. What the deputy found was approximately 25 pounds of “high grade” marijuana and approximately $30,000 in cash, Yarbrough said.
Humphrey was charged with trafficking in marijuana, failure to maintain lane and improper display of a license plate, Yarbrough said.

Yarbrough said Humphrey initially told deputies he was a teacher in Fayette County. But that is not the case, according to representatives from the Coweta and Fayette school systems.

Coweta County School System spokesperson Dean Jackson said Humphrey taught in Coweta early in his career. Humphrey then taught in Fayette County at McIntosh High School in Peachtree City until 2000, according to Fayette County School System spokesperson Melinda Berry-Dreisbach.

Humphrey then returned to Coweta in 2000, first teaching social studies at East Coweta Middle School and then at the Central Educational Center in Newnan until he retired in 2006, Jackson said.



Looks like a little harmless supplemental income for the old 'teach' to me ... but I just gotta ask ...

... "Craig <strong>Blount</strong> Humphrey ... really? Come on... Blount? As in 'Blunt'?? REALLY??

Your friendly local teabag supporting, fanatical, right wing, extremest, Christian, party of no, 'enemy', 'hostage-taker', neoconservative, gun and bible clinging, homophobe.


in Coweta County? Nah, maybe Freestoned Dr.? Maybe he thought he was in Fayette County out there (seems to be alot of confusion lately) and was looking for Bob Horgan. Stranger things have been known to happen, dude.

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Good man, great teacher. It's a shame he made such a dumb decision but he really was a great teacher. Further underscores the stupidity of drug laws in this country, but it is still the law. I hope he manages to get through this with what's left of his life intact and move on.

Mr. Humphrey taught Economics at McIntosh in the late 80's. Sad to see his life take this direction.

Just what makes Marijuana "High Grade" and how does one tell?

is one of the things, or better yet, the level of it in the plants. As in any tobacco, there are different grades...and that's all POT is, tobacco.

Some tobacco is good for Cigars, some is good for mulch. And then there is that in between. :)

Yeah, but don't ya have to test it to find out the THC level--don't think you can tell by looking at it--and that's kinda what the report infers.

IF you know what I mean. :)

But you can tell a lot just by looks, is it clean, etc....

Google says so. Not that I would have any idea. Honestly, it's amazing how much you can find out about POT with a quick google. Who knew you could buy seeds online?

The original article stated "High Grade", and I just was wondering how that determination was made. Thanks for reply. Next question is: is the offense of possessing "high grade" marijuana more serious than possesing "low grade" marijuana?? Is there a "middle grade"? I did the google bit and only found out that hydroponically grown Marijuana is typically a higher grade and commands a much higher price. But like you, I wouldn't personally have a clue.

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I can't say for sure , but it was obviously 'high grade' back in my college days that forced me into the military.

Mike, I'm sure you wouldn't have settled for anything less than "high grade.!

How could you possibly calculate that? You have seen his works here!

....on here who didn't take some kind of dope or smoke Mary Jane in school days.

We never heard of it then. We did hear that some Chinese smoked something called---I don't even remember what! Needle injected Heroin was in a few movies---that was it. They were always crazed people all of the time.

However, lots of cigs at .10 cents per pack for "Wings." .15 for Camels that had added nicotine for more "kicks" and addiction. (Numerous tobacco company company execs later swore tobacco was not addictive though their research said it was (secret).

When do you reckon congress will interview alcohol company execs about addiction? Never I suppose due to the taxes made from it.

Another regulation!

I might be willing to try one of those Mary Jane cigars!
One big puff and all is well!

That thing could be passed around to a whole crowd!

Would need a bank loan though to buy one.

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If we could wave a magic wand and apprehend all violators of drug laws in the U.S. it would probably be logistically impossible to lock them all up. On the other hand, if we all of a sudden quit enforcing drug laws so many people would be put out of work it would be a disaster. Just another amusing little conundrum.

You are correct SPQR!
Also, if we suddenly one week sent all 35 million "illegals" home, so many restaurants, beer joints, chicken factories, roofing contractors, lawn trimmers, hog gutting factories, turkey slaughtering places, maids, cooks,
what few factories we have, goat farmers, taco makers, bike and golf cart makers, and the loss of so many taxpayers that we would instantly go the way of Ireland, Spain, England, Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkey, Cuba, Venezuela, Chile, (that is enough), and the riots would start like now in London!

Goodness, who is to blame for all this?

I doubt very much that someone supposedly with that much marijuana was driving around impaired. Sounds like a police officer's excuse to violate our 4th Amendment Rights, what little we have left. If the guy was impaired, why doesn't the Coweta County Sheriff's Office release the results of his breathalyzer test or the results of his field sobriety test, instead of claiming he was "weaving in the roadway". The legality of the stop as well as the search of the vehicle seem a little fishy to me.

.......while driving!!!!

I had never thought of a fool-proof way for a policeman to stop a Mexican filled car and be able to check their "Papers," but this is it people!

Of course if he has "papers" and passed the drunk tests, and weaving is a matter of opinion, or a rabbit was in the road, then he is of course free to go after great embarrassment---to the Mexicans, not the policeman.

One could even catch teenagers this way---wow, we have it!!!
Call Arizona today!

(I'm not sure they would even have to be driving)

When did that become a crime?


Who cares? New radar gun and OT this week, boys!

How long is this crap going to go on? Can we please just legalize this and use the tax dollars to help pay for something? Take the illegal trafficking profits out of pot and it becomes just another naturally benign substance.

Prohibition doesn't work.

Alcohol is much worse than marijuana and it is legal.

Come on already!

Your friendly local teabag supporting, fanatical, right wing, extremest, Christian, party of no, 'enemy', 'hostage-taker', neoconservative, gun and bible clinging, homophobe.

They did tax it. Right at one hundred percent. You don't think he's keeping the 30k, do you?

So that's a nice 30k confiscation put towards LEA gadgets and 30k taxpayer expense for each and every year dude is behind bars.

Heck of a ROI.

I saw Mr. Humphrey playing in a band one time...guitar I think....I wondered at the time how someone so devoid of musicality and talent could own so much quality band, I have my answer, and I shoulda known.....the problem is, he is the tip of a very dangerous iceberg, Fayette and Coweta parents......Counterculture baby-boomers who are teachers.....

Well steaky-facey, ain't you the one to judge people? You better hide under your bed, because reality is coming to get you.

Listen kid, society has it's priorities messed up. We pay teachers an inadequate salary, while giving those who dont' contribute anything (hedge fund managers, for example) an obscene amount of money, even when they mess up.

So hang up your junior moralist badge. Did he flunk you in class and this is your snarky revenge? You'll be living in your mom's basement forever.

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