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Senoia teen arrested for kidnapping, child molestation

An 18-year-old Senoia man was arrested Dec. 3 on charges of child molestation, kidnapping and false imprisonment after he forced a juvenile into his home. Police were alerted by the man’s father when he arrived home from work and intervened.

Terry Lee Sherman was charged with kidnapping, child molestation and false imprisonment, according to Senoia Det. Jason Ercole.

Ercole said Senoia officers responded to Sherman’s residence on Dec. 3 at approximately 3:09 p.m. after receiving a call about a possible sexual assault involving a juvenile. 

The investigation by responding officers and detectives from the police department revealed that an 18-year-old male, identified as Terry Lee Sherman, observed the juvenile walking along the street near his home, Ercole said. 

“Mr. Sherman allegedly attempted to lure the juvenile into his home but the juvenile refused. After the juvenile refused, Mr. Sherman allegedly forced the juvenile inside,” said Ercole. “According to the juvenile, once inside the home, Mr. Sherman closed and locked the door then forced the juvenile into a bedroom. The juvenile tried to escape but was unsuccessful. Mr. Sherman then committed acts which are considered in violation of the Georgia child molestation statute.” 

Ercole said the acts were interrupted when Mr. Sherman’s father arrived home from work and intervened. 

“Once the father realized that something criminal was going on, he immediately contacted the authorities. While on the phone with the 911 communications center, the suspect fled the scene,” Ercole said. 

Ercole said the age and gender of the victim is not being released so the victim’s privacy can be protected and so the integrity of the investigation which is still ongoing can be maintained.

Detectives discovered that Sherman and the juvenile did know each other prior to the alleged assault, said Ercole. Detectives also believe that this was an isolated incident, Ercole added.

After collecting evidence at the scene and after interviews with the suspect’s father and the juvenile, detectives established enough probable cause to believe that Sherman had committed the crimes of kidnapping, false imprisonment and child molestation, Ercole said. 

Warrants were prepared, presented to and signed by a Coweta County Magistrate Judge for Sherman’s arrest, Ercole said, adding that Sherman turned himself in shortly after the warrants were signed.

Sherman was transported to the Coweta County Jail. 



This father is to be commended for reporting his own son to police instead of saying, "He's a good boy, he would never do anything wrong". Sir, this had to be the most heartbreaking thing you have ever done, but you did the right thing.


Integrity, courage, and true love not only for his son but for the community.

I agree. Also as parents I ask what are some parents not teaching their children besides having faith in God?

am glad this Father called the police. This is called good common sense.

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