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A/V upgrades for future Senoia council meetings

One of the ideas associated with the new Senoia Police Department and Municipal Court building on Howard Road was the ability to hold city council meetings and public meetings at that location in what is obviously a much larger meeting room. The council Monday night approved the purchase of $6,900 in audio and video equipment needed to accommodate the need and accomplish that purpose.

In addressing the issue city administrator Richard Ferry, in reference to a recent meeting held in the new courtroom, noted the difficulty in both hearing and seeing the proceedings. Ferry said the audio visual improvements to the room would alleviate those problems.

To accomplish that task the council approved the purchase of two Samsung 50-inch plasma television monitors at $575 each, two Sanus wall mounts at $75 each, an audio system upgrade at $2,800, the relocation and installation of the projector currently used in city hall for $500, wiring and installation of the monitors at $600 each and additional equipment for each monitor at $550 each.

Ferry in a memo to council members said the TV monitors will be located on the walls for public viewing. Council will view the presentation on the screen by moving the projector from city hall to the Courtroom. If we find the screen ineffective, we may have to purchase computers for each councilman, Ferry said.

Mayor Robert Belisle during the discussion, and as part of the motion, asked Ferry to get prices on laptop computers that could be used by council members during the meetings.


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