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Senoia reviews $2.3M budget

The Senoia City Council on Dec. 5 heard the first reading of the 2012 General Fund budget proposed to total $2.3 million. The proposed budget represents an increase of nearly $200,000 over 2011 but is also nearly $60,000 less than the projected costs through the completion of the fiscal year that ends Dec. 31. The budget is expected to be adopted on Dec. 19.

The FY 2011 General Fund budget that runs through December totaled $2.128 million though the projected expenses through Dec. 31 are expected to total $2.385 million. The proposed 2012 budget comes in at $2.326 million, a difference of $198,400 over the current budget adopted a year ago. City Administrator Richard Ferry said the majority of cost increases this year and extending into next year are in public safety and the municipal court and in increased fuel costs.

“In all, the General Fund is proposed to increase by 9.6 percent, with most of those costs in the police department and municipal court,” said Ferry. “Budgetary highlights include maintaining the current level of service in the other departments. There are very few significant cost increases. The largest are the costs for an additional officer in the police department, the significant increase in the cost of gasoline in all departments. These costs should be able to be met without any significant increases to fees or the millage rate.”

Ferry in additional comments on the FY 2012 General Fund budget noted that it is the result of what he described as a long-term plan revised in the light of the current situations.

“As demands for services continue to increase for all departments, the city staff is confronted with the problem of how to increase productivity without substantially increasing expenditures. The departments have been very cooperative in this. We have been able to meet the demands from the residents and businesses without significantly neglecting other areas,” Ferry said.

The second reading of the budget will be held on Dec. 19 when it is expected to be adopted by the City Council.


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