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Ware's hit pops ball loose, clinches 2nd Creek title (gallery link)

This hit by Sandy Creek's Jamal Ware jarred the ball loose, sparking the turnover that halted a strong Carrollton drive that appeared destined to at least tie the game in the waning minutes of Saturday night's title matchup at the Georgia Dome.

Watch a series of photos on the fumble and ball recovery here:



Take a look at the gallery of photos from The Final Drive. That, my friends, is textbook football (nice pictures,too!)

Jamal Ware and Quintez Williams did exactly what they were trained to do. Look at that YouTube interview with Williams, he couldn't really explain what he did, he just reacted as he was taught to do.

All those hours in the hot August sun, the two-a-days where they drill the fundamentals over and over and over, paid off handsomely for Sandy Creek. The players played way beyond expectations all season long, and let's give credit to the coaching staff at Sandy Creek who managed to mold them into State Champions.

Sandy Creek accomplished what most teams never do. State Championship. Must have taken a lot of smart, hard work for players and coaches. Is there another team in this area who has ever won state?

I have a question which has nothing to do with the championship but nevertheless it needs explaining.
It appears from pictures in the paper that nearly all of Sandy Creek first string players are African-American--not so Starrs Mill.

I know where Sandy Creek High School is located and I don't understand where in that corner of Fayette County so many African American players come from!

That's a good question, CHR. I know Sandy Creek and FCHS are the two schools in the county with majority African American students (51% for both). Starrs Mill and WHITEwater are the two whitest schools (both at 85%).

I know Burch and Tyrone elementary are feeder schools for Sandy Creek yet both of those schools are majority-white also. Perhaps North Fayette (67% African American) feeds Sandy Creek as well?

Majority African American neighborhood off of Milam rd. Fulton CO. attend Sandy Creek. There are some out of county kids using addresses in that area to get into Sandy Creek. Funny how some think color plays a part into the reasons why Sandy Creek won state. Coaching, Good Coaching Great Coaching will provide the reason.(The best coaching staff around). Also commitment starting with the players, parents and fans is a winning philosophy. When you look at Stars Mill you find something very similar and as successful as Sandy Creek but done by a majority WHITE group. Stars Mill did not win the state Championship but they have been there couple of times. You need full commitment from parents, players and coaches to reach the level of Sandy Creek and Stars Mill. It does not take a majority of African American players to win state just commitment that no other school has in the county.
If it was a color thing what the hell happen to fayette county high.Worst coaching staff in the state.

So, if we send the out of county ones back home next year and have the same coaches, they will win the State Championship again, I suppose.

Just change the law and let the Supers decide who goes where as a group.

It is stupid to transport 40 miles if a high school is near!

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The starting football players drive their own cars, of course, but when they were young, Mama used to drop them off at the bus stop just inside the Fayette County line - or in some cases an aunt or uncle or grandma might have an address in Fayette County that is useful. And the person responsibile for keeping track of such things - a Ms. Law, used to think River's Edge was in Fayette County.

And the serious answer to your question is those subdivisions in Tyrone that Wieland built - after 15 years of the old school Tyrone leadership desperately trying to keep him out instead of negotiating. Had they negotiated, those homes would have been built 10 years earlier and sold cheaper and to an entirely different clientele. But no football champs would be celebrating there today - maybe they would be cross-country or tennis champs, but certainly not football. That would be your Barry Amos legacy.

When growing up, the first word out of Mudcat's mouth was "Mama".

The second word out of her mouth was "Dada".

The third word out of her mouth was the N-word.

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I agree Bacon. Your best post though was The Comedy Central post on Lynn the Lunkhead.

So, is it Wieland's fault or the Fayette Superintendent's fault?
If there is a fault? Wieland got sued for giving the worst jobs to African-Americans? That don't fly with him selling them homes!
Price range of homes then determines population breakdown?

What is wrong with it anyway; Notre Dame, The Fighting Irish," have a ton of Warshinskibods on their teams!

Does McIntosh have any out of county students to take acting, tennis, cross-country, or have 2350 SATs?

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Just trying to answer the original question which was where do all the African American football players come from - Bacon's question I think. Like I said, not sure there is anything wrong with it and it certainly isn't a problem for me. Should be flattering that people want to attend Fayette County schools. Being state champs certainly helps as well.

Now, if for some reason you don't approve of Sandy Creek being football champs or having integrated subdivisions, then you may be the one with the racism problem. I live in an integrated subdivision and love it, but our kids go to McIntosh so we don't spend a lot of time thinking about state champs at football.

I do think Tyrone wasted a lot of time and money fighting Wieland and since the zoning was given to them by a judge, no restrictions were able to be negotiated by the town. Some may think that was wrong, some may not like Barry, some may not like Wieland, but none of that has any racial overtones that I can see.

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Mudcat's selfish, bigoted comments are routine. Negative, negative, negative.

So people sneak in here to get a better education ? Ha...I call that ingenuity. They want their kids to get a better education.

Congrats to Sandy Creek for two in a row. It is a major achievement.

But poor old ignorant Mudcat--- "entirely different clientele"-- you go girl and keep on stereotyping. You'll earn a full set of bedsheets from Melear's.

Hundreds of Fulton County parents sent their students to Fayette County for their education. Most notably to me was Deputy Chief Michelle Phiefer with Fulton County Police who made marked patrol cars transport her son to her sister's house off of 92 North to Fayette County schools. She never paid a penny here for his education. Arogant.

I wouldn't call it arrogant! Rubbing in the position would seem more plausible.

Do you think anyone in Fulton will investigate the use of police cars for that? Of course not---most will applaud.
Some are determined to copy what many people of power and influence find difficult to be honest about.

I of course do not know if this is true, but it certainly seems true that our school supervision turns a blind eye to such things. If they consider it a necessary thing to do, then change the attendance rules!

Reminds me of the Fayette County Court House Crowd.

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All paid for by Fayette County taxpayers. Terrific! At least we got a State Championship football team out of the deal this year. No one has the cojones to investigate how many players on that team live somewhere else. No one.

Oh wait, the new superintendent coming in can do it. What's his name? New broom, clean sweep. What do you think?

Live free or die!

Don't we have a school board to order it done, and then an investigating committee to check and see if they did, then an appeal to the court.
Then the GBI works with the DA to investigate and question some people, and from there maybe some warrants---but doubtful.
Then some NAACP action. Then some ACLU action.
Then give the old super a million to go with recommendations and hire a new one with confusion as to who can can him since his contract will have a million dollar firing clause.

Kinda like Atlanta's school board?

How sad. Congratulations to the students, staff, and parents of Fayette County schools. By the way - Wieland Homes have always been integrated except for some in Cascade. The first development off of New Hope in Fayette County was an integrated development from day one. You can't blame this discussion on David's Mom. Just sayin'.

So DM do you have an opinion or a comment about whether students should attend school where they like (county)?



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Theft of services in the amount of $8,000 and you don't have a comment?
Isn't stealing wrong?
Isn't lying and misrepresentation wrong?
Are you kidding me?

Surely/ Shirley you are not wiling to overlook these crimes for a football championship. Or are you gonna hide behind the "we don't really know where they live" defense? Really?

Come on Moms, suck it up and answer.

Live free or die!

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Isn't DM a big Democratic mover and shaker or something? So why ask these questions?

Asking a political operative these questions is rhetorical, in their book the answer naturally is "no" to all.

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that RWM wants to ask DM these questions in this thread is because of an uncontrollable desire to look like a horse's ass.

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I see.

You have reconize that no one in FC is willing to pursue and prosecute out-of -county violators. IMHO , may as well change the law. I seem to remember county officials identified a Clayton co Grandma who put her grandkid into Fayette Co Schools, was identified, and never prosecuted. Laws are only useful it they are enforeable and there is a willingless of law enforcement to makeit happen. Otherise, get rid of the law/

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See below where I said No one has the cojones to prosecute this crime. Got it. Understand it.

My post above was simply to get a response from David's Mom who said she had no opinion about what I think is theft. Still waitin' Moms.

Live free or die!

You got it wrong!

The correct answer is, "they deserve it---everything they can get in any fashion!
The law will never be changed, apparently to allow it. We will just do it and close our eyes!

Shameful comments

Anyone know?

The reason why kids at McIntosh don't think about football championships is because they are too stoned from all the drugs on campus or too spoiled driving around in fancy cars!

Wake up!

The reason why kids at McIntosh don't think about football championships is because they are too stoned from all the drugs on campus or too spoiled driving around in fancy cars!

Wake up!

Not sure of your point.

The fact that a thread that should be celebrating Sandy Creek's Football State Championship turned into an insult thread, well, it's insulting.

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Pay attention. We can't grade kids based on performance. God knows we can't fail someone. Playground games can't have winners and losers. We have to be so politically correct that anyone actually accomplising something goes unnoticed. Sure it is better to be stoned - you get the same grades without the stress. Only wonder is that the teachers aren't stoned as well.

Live free or die!

I think you might have your priorities mixed up

Live the Revolution

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Just a few shots that I took at the games on Friday and Saturday nights. Included are some pre-game and half-time event photos.

I think we are lucky to have kids, coaches, teachers and parents who help these boys go as far as they have gone with football and their education!

Congrats to both teams on a hard fought season! It took LOTS of hard work and guts to make it as far as they did!!


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To see where the African-American players for Sandy Creek live, just review the FCBOE Boundary Map.

Most of these kids grew up playing hard-nosed youth football at Old National & North Clayton versus the "Fair for Everyone" youth football that's been played around here for years. Finally, some of the high schools have dedicated feeder programs that will pay off several years from now.

In the mean time, Sandy Creek will continue to dominate as more and more African-Americans legally move to Fayette County (in the Sandy Creek district) because they want their child playing for a program that teaches how to play winning football at the college level.

That all works just fine until you get kicked off the team, off the campus, and lose your scholarship for illegal early morning gunfire!

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Sounds like a "liberal" approach to football. One that Pelosi could champion.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

Just be proud of the students for a job well done. They brought home to Fayette county 2 state titles in 2 years. We are all neighbors and live here. I am a Starrs Mill supporter, but if Starrs Mill falls short I will support any of the other High schools in our county. Heck thats better than letting the others take it home. So best wishes to all You sandy creek football players on a job well done.

Change the law and let anyone attend where they wish, or give the Superintendent the authority to allow transfers.

Don't just pretend it didn't happen.

That sure doesn't teach these young folks honesty, now does it?
Or, are you assuming they don't care about honesty, like their guardians?

What's your answer for Starr's Mill...they played in th Georgia Dome too!
Would you define those players as "poor white trash" because they don't play tennis, ride golf carts and do as much drugs as the McIntosh students!
Maybe there is an invasion from the southern counties into Fayette over there?

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which is in Coweta County.

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