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Brown: County must focus on quality of life

There is a great deal of speculation regarding what will happen in our county government with the new board composition beginning in 2011. Personally, I believe the real question is what are you and the rest of the citizenry going to do in 2011?

In your hands, my fellow Fayette Countians, more than in mine or the other commissioners, will rest the future success or failure of our county. The true character of our county will be determined by how hard we fight for what we believe in.

Admittedly, I am encouraged to see that the Mayor and City Council of Peachtree City said there were certain elements in the county’s new transportation plan that they could not support, citing disapproval of mass transit for Fayette in the Concept 3 plan and the West Fayetteville Bypass, to name a few.

I hope to see a concentration of cooperation from the new county Board of Commissioners directed toward preserving the quality of life for our entire county. There is very little doubt where the priorities of the voters lie.

The citizens of Fayette County need to demand a common-sense, intellectually honest debate of the issues, avoiding personality politics and special interests scams.

The citizens of Fayette County need to make their voices heard and hold their elected officials accountable.

There will be a host of personalities and factions who say our county must proceed in a certain direction merely because they say it is so. This is unacceptable and should not be tolerated by the intelligent, capable citizens of our county. Every issue facing our county is important. Every issue must be well researched and based on an argument that is proven to support the best interests of the entire county. Our citizens deserve no less.

The new board of commissioners and the new leadership must demonstrate that they are working toward securing the long-term interest of the county. Proper governing means defending the durability of your positions well into the future.

The inability of the elected body to follow the will of the people results only in more public distrust as we have today. Our voters must gauge the actions of our board and its leadership, comparing talk versus action, determining whether the long-term interests of the county are being addressed, and then casting judgment on the leadership, one by one, in the voting booth through subsequent elections.

As we have learned in the last elections on public officials and referendums, our voters are the scorching heat that purifies our leadership in Fayette County.

The character of our elected body is disclosed whenever it exercises the power given to it by you the voters. The level of public examination of elected leadership has grown over the last several years and it should continue as we are facing some of the most critical issues concerning our future well-being in the history of Fayette County.

I look forward to our future debates. You need to demand that your elected officials be able to justify their actions.

I always welcome your thoughts and concerns. Please do not hesitate to contact me. Your feedback and attendance at meetings is essential to our county’s success.

Steve Brown

Fayette County Commissioner-elect, Post 4

Peachtree City, Ga.


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