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We should be grateful for revelations of foreign policy from Wikileaks

William Murchison’s latest column, “Those whom the gods would destroy” regarding the Wikileaks is laughable. He basically makes the argument that the New York Times and other papers are shamefully unpatriotic for publishing “classified” diplomatic cables and other government documents that may be embarrassing but surely do not seriously damage the national security.

I have been on the edge of my chair watching TV in hopes of learning something that is really threatening, but so far I have seen nothing. Is there an American left who still believes that Iraq had any weapons of mass destruction? Is there anyone left who still believes that the United States was justified in invading Iraq? Does anyone really think we can rebuild Afghanistan in our own image? I don’t think so.

One thing the Wikileaks do is reveal the truth about our foreign policy. It is petty, stupid and short-sighted.

What in the name of heaven are we doing with our fists still stuck in those two back to back “tar babies”? Why do we think we must be the problem solvers for the whole doggone world?

Where is China? Where is India? Where is Russia? They are thriving and growing into the next super powers while we dissipate our wealth and power dealing with problems like Korea that rightfully should be theirs.

Mr. Murchison is just plain wrong when he states the public does not need to know what the Wikileaks reveal. If it is true that the strength of our democracy is dependent on an educated and informed public, then bring on the truth. We do need to know it, even if it is painful and/or embarrassing.

In the long run revealing the truth cannot be a bad thing. Like many Americans, I am sick to death of wasting our national resources fighting bogus wars while unscrupulous people like William Murchison deceitfully justify them and enable the villainous to profit.

Ten years ago we had a balanced budget. Now look at us! Up to our ears in debt and all I can see is further “conservative” efforts to water down entitlement programs that actually do some good. God save us from ourselves! Isaiah 5:20.

David Browning

Peachtree City, Ga.


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