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PTC condemns property for stormwater improvement project; easements needed short and long-term

In a rare move Thursday, the Peachtree City Council had to condemn small portions of two tracts of land so they could proceed with a stormwater upgrade project in the Wynnmeade subdivision.

There were repeated attempts to contact property owners to no avail, according to City Attorney Ted Meeker.

The tiny spots of land were needed for both temporary and permanent easements to allow for stormwater improvements to prevent property damage downstream.

The city and its representative, Integrated Science and Engineering, tried multiple times to contact the property owners at 108 and 115 Wynnmeade Parkway, but the owners never replied.

It was noted that on one occasion to visit one of the homes, a knock on the door results in a person inside pushing back the drapes but not coming to answer the door.

Both property owners are believed to reside in Peachtree City, officials said.

City Councilman Mike King noted that if a subpoena was used, the police department could have delivered it to the property owners in person.

The motion to condemn the land was unanimous on a 4-0 vote with Councilman Eric Imker absent from the meeting.


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