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New PTC eatery denied larger sign

A new restaurant located off Ga. Highway 54 West in Peachtree City will have to remove its sign because it ran afoul of the maximum size of 50 square feet.

The sign for My House restaurant, as measured by city staff, was some 58 square feet whereas the city ordinance limits it to no more than 50 square feet, the city council was told last week.

Representatives of the restaurant said the sign was initially submitted to the sign manufacturing company at 50 square feet, but to include the necessary lighting the size grew a little.

City Planner David Rast noted that the restaurant did not submit a sign permit application, and thus city staff opposed the requested variance.

The restaurant owner claimed that the city had the application but did not act on it. Even if that were the case, the ordinance is clear that no sign should be installed until the business has its sign permit in hand, said City Attorney Ted Meeker.

“This was up on the building when we saw it,” Rast said. “... Had we seen drawings we could have identified that earlier in the process.”

Rast added that he didn’t think the oversight was intentional on the restaurant’s part.

Council voted 4-1 to deny the variance. Councilman George Dienhart cast the lone vote against the denial.

Several questions were asked about recent sign variances that were approved. City staff noted that one of the variances was for the new Sany building in the industrial park, and it was approved because the large scale of the building which made the sign look minuscule in comparison.

It was also noted that the Sany sign is not visible from any public road.

Dienhart said he hated to see the My House owner create 32 jobs and invest his life savings only to have the city put him in the hole by enforcing the ordinance.

While the city does have some criteria that allows it to approve variances to the sign ordinance, none of them applied in this case, noted Councilman Eric Imker.



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[quote]Dienhart said he hated to see the My House owner create 32 jobs and invest his life savings only to have the city put him in the hole by enforcing the ordinance.[/quote]
Good call George. The owner's sign was only 16% over the limit.

[quote]“This was up on the building when we saw it,” Rast said. “... Had we seen drawings we could have identified that earlier in the process.”[/quote]
I doubt that. The way I read it is that the owner's plans called for a 50sf sign and the sign company made it a little larger. Most likely, if the owner would have had the sign permit in hand the existing sign would not have been measured.

Meanwhile....the food is great. A great addition in PTC and Fayette County.

Farm to table, and totally fresh!...absolutely worth trying.

Support your local business, I urge everyone to try it and then the sign size won't matter.

So many of of us these days are sick of over regulation. You have created jobs..You have risked you savings only for a government to say " 8 sq ft is to big" I know the line needs to be drawn somewhere. Come on. This article will bring you more business than you know..I can not wait to be served. Trip Adviser here I come.

Just vote. Citizens have given their lives for that right. Stop spending money we do not have. myself


....that our tax dollars are being put to such good use that our eagle eyed "regulators" are out there doing all they can to monitor and maintain the sign ordinance and STOP those who would violate the 50 sq ft maximum by 8 feet and thus RUIN the esthetics of this fair city. WOW, what a wonderful use for our revenue.

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Sure enough, let's make the guy spend another $5k for a sign that is 8 square foot smaller - that's the size of a small card table, BTW. Welcome to PTC, hope you stay here is short. Just kidding, I'm quoting somebody.

Of course if he didn't submit an application for a sign permit as is implied, shame on him. This is Peachtree City.

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Not much on the menu if you aren't a carnivore!

I'm guessing a salad would work for you....

Actually thinks for the link, the menu looks good..

I'm wondering if the FREE PUB he's getting from this paid off. :)

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