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Jobless numbers fall in Coweta, Newnan

Unemployment figures for November will be out soon. And the news might be good for a change if the figures for October are any measure. Coweta County in October saw jobless numbers fall below 9.5 percent while Newnan’s unemployment numbers fell half a percentage point to 11.1 percent.

Unemployment in Coweta during October decreased to 9.4 percent compared to the 9.7 percent figure in September. That number equates to 5,653 people out of work in a countywide workforce of 60,400.

Coweta’s jobless rate in October 2010 was 9.1 percent.  

The jobless situation in Newnan improved significantly in October, decreasing to 11.1 percent compared to the 11.6 percent rate in month earlier. And Newnan in October came close to the 11 percent rate seen one year ago.

The October jobless figures translate into 1,519 people out of work in a workforce of 13,670.

 Coweta and Fayette counties were the only two counties in either the south or southwest regions of the 28-county Atlanta Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) to see jobless figures of less than 10 percent in October. The remaining metro counties with less than 10 percent unemployment included Cobb County and a small handful of others in the northeast metro region.

Employment across the 10-county Three Rivers Regional Commission area also fell in October. The 11.3 percent jobless rate in September gave way to a rate of 10.9 percent in October. The rate is just one-tenth of a percent higher than the 10.8 percent rate in October 2010.

The October employment numbers for Three Rivers represents 24,673 people with jobs in a workforce of 225,642.

The situation across Georgia improved only marginally in October with a jobless rate of 10 percent. That compares to the 10.2 percent rate in September and a 10.1 percent rate in October 2010.


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