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3-pet limit lifted for some

Fayette residents living on large tracts of land no longer face the three-animal limit in county ordinances as it applies to cats and dogs.

The limit was removed with an ordinance change approved by the commission last week. The change applies only to property that is zoned agriculture residential, which requires a minimum lot size of five acres.

Residents on smaller lots must still abide by the three-dog or -cat limit. And that is three pets total, not three dogs plus three cats. The county does not restrict household pets such as turtles, parakeets and the like which typically remain inside the home.

Commissioner Lee Hearn, who championed loosening the restrictions for the large AR tracts, was not present for Thursday’s vote because he was ill. But in the past Hearn noted that such large tracts of land put more room between neighbors, reducing the chances of any nuisance issues caused by having more pets.

One resident asked the commission to postpone the vote to require that the pets be neutered, spayed and microchipped in an effort to prevent local animal rescue groups from being overwhelmed. Commissioners said they could look into adding those restrictions next year.

The motion passed unanimously 4-0 with Hearn absent.



yellowjax1212's picture

Wow, I hope the Pet Police don't snoop in my window. I don't know which one of my four rescued animals I would decide to take to the shelter for extermination.

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