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10 screens by next Christmas

Popcorn, anyone?

Fayette and Coweta residents by late 2010 will have another choice for buying a box of popcorn and settling in to watch a first-run movie.

The venue is the new NCG theaters that will bring 10-12 screens to the Fischer Crossings retail development at Ga. Highway 34 and Fischer Road in east Coweta County, less than a mile from Peachtree City.

“We’re hoping for Nov. 1, but it won’t be any later than Thanksgiving,” said Jeff Geiger, vice president of the Michigan-based Neighborhood Cinemas Group (NCG).

Geiger said his company plans to have 10 to 12 screens with a total of 2,038 seats in 40,000 square feet at Fischer Crossings. Each of the theaters will be outfitted with 100 percent digital projectors and digital sound and will come with stadium seating that includes high-back rockers. At least three of the screens will be 3-D-capable and all will feature first-run movies, he said.

Geiger said one of the theaters will include the NCG Ultra format, a company-specific design that presents first-run movies and other media on a screen approximately 50 feet wide and 30 feet in height and comes with high-end sound and seating, Geiger said.

Geiger said the arrival of NCG to the community will bring a different approach to the way movie-goers are accustomed to purchasing tickets and concessions. Rather than the usual approach of getting a ticket at the booth outside and snacks at the concession counter inside, NCG combines the two so that customers pay for the ticket and order drinks and popcorn at the same counter.

Another difference in approach comes after the purchase. Geiger said that, at Fischer Crossings, refills on sodas and popcorn will be free.

As for the selection of east Coweta to establish its second theater in Georgia, Geiger said NCG liked the demographics of the area, including that of Peachtree City.

“The demographics are ideal and this is a great location,” Geiger said of the east Coweta, west Fayette area. “There are a lot of opportunities to offer customers. They will have a place to go see a movie without having to travel 10 miles down the road.”

Peachtree City had a three-screen theater in the 1980s and ‘90s, but it went out of business more than a decade ago.

NCG operates 11 theaters in Michigan, Indiana and in Acworth in north metro Atlanta. Some of its theaters include IMAX screens.

Fischer Crossings developer Scott Seymour said the theaters will be located on the northeast corner of the large development and will be situated on the easternmost portion of the property. Moviegoers will access the theaters at the new entrance at the traffic light at Ga. Highway 54, a short distance to the east from the intersection of Fischer and Hwy. 34.

Also at the Fischer Crossing development, ground for the 136,000 Sam’s Club is being graded. The warehouse discount retailer is also expected to open in late 2010.

As for the other retailers for the 400,000 square-foot northeast portion of Fischer Crossings, Seymour said he is in negotiations now and expects more announcements in January.

The announcement may dim prospects for another, unnamed movie theater that a developer is touting for the controversial Line Creek commercial project on Hwy. 54 in Peachtree City, less than two miles from the Coweta movie site.



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Remember the song "I Fought The Law(and the law won)?" Well, in this moron's case since he's a judge, it's I AM THE LAW, SO I WON.

Does anyone think if Camp was a regular citizen instead of being a Judge that he would have managed to avoid the deadly sentencing of "possession of a firearm while committing a felony" so go straight to jail for a chunk of years?

If it is not already obvious by now that Judges in GA are even more corrupt than the Sheriffs of GA not that long ago that set up Mafia-style empires in their jurisdictions....time to wake up. These morally bankrupt goofs have a lot of power and they are not held accountable to anywhere near the same extent as the sentences they dole-out to everyone else. They know that and it seems to encourage them to think they are not only above the law, but the consequences of their actions seem to prove them right.

Hey Judge Camp.....when you can put down the Viagra, stop snorting the cocaine,stop playing around with hookers at strip clubs and paying for sex, going out on drug buys with your six guns in the front seat, maybe you can figure out how "uncharacteristic" your behavior was. My guess? You are a pathetic loser and that your behavior is not uncharacteristic at all, it's what you are. Hope that helps! Love-NUK.

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Does anyone think if Camp was a regular citizen instead of being a Judge that he would have managed to avoid the deadly sentencing of "possession of a firearm while committing a felony" so go straight to jail for a chunk of years?[/quote]

I wondered about that as well.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

Maybe, just maybe licensing plays a role here. I know that if I was a Judge I'd for sure have a concealed carry license--and be carrying! No excuse for the drug connection.

How did these posts get in the 2009 10 screens by next Christmas thread? Did somebody/something burp? Just asking.

Cyclist's picture

Never under estimate the power of the force. Perhaps there was some behind-the-scenes action by the all mighty himself.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

I thought someone did some misCAL-culations on here. Glad that isn't the case. Calling all editors...oh, wait, it's Sat. night, let it go.

Keep this thought in mind. One out of every four people in this country are mentally unbalanced. Think of your three closest friends. If they seem ok, then you're the one.

Same reason some posts default sutomatically to an original post that is totally unrelated. Think it's called hosed up software.

oh, like sort of automatically? I can't read braille, but I'm learning.

You ever "fat finger" a keystroke?

I have. I have created a language that would make Miriam & Webster (well maybe not Webster) proud. I have offered it up to military cryptologists and they have refused. Some days, the keys could be the size of playing cards and I still would not hit them right.

Don't know where you found "Military Cryptologists"--most are Civilian. Maybe you should try contacting the National Security Agency. You know, the Red Phone you have in your basement Sensitive Compartmented Information Room.


I actually have a red phone story, but am not at liberty to discuss it at this time. Now, please, stay out of my basement.

Actually, the true secure phones are gray. The link you provided is really about Linguists, NOT real cryptologists. Now the Navy Security Group (NAVSECGRU) does have some excellent technicians but these days, the true "crypto" work is done by computers. I think the personnel are called "Cryptologists" because that's how they're shown in a budget line.

these guys have done some crypto work, too. Maybe.
Then again, maybe not.

Nope, they're communicators, not collectors & analysts.

I think The Stooges just got a chuckle out of the new word you accidently created. You know, sounds like Pseudomatically.

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About those Rolls-Royce engines; we don't operate that specific model.

Egad, I do remember those old twin Bonanzas. Those geared Lycoming engines and augmenter exhaust was <strong>really</strong> loud at takeoff.

The other was the only "light" twin that you can remove the front seat and actually sit up and "work" behind the instrument panel.

With avgas going for $5+ a gallon and burning about 38 gallons an hour at in the world could anyone afford them things today?

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

I'll never forget that engine sound. I hear one go over every now and then--can't miss it. And ours were modified, with dipoles thru the wings and a rack of radio equipment inthe back with a single operator seat. We did have a couple of "Slicks" to use as admin birds. Interesting days. Mag check, mag check! And I can't think of many more exciting things than to be on final and discover you've only got "2 in the Green!" That usually meant getting down real close and hand cranking the nose wheel down during your "Go Around".

Cyclist's picture

I still have my mag timing light, timing protractor, and mag lock. Although it has been a "couple" years I think I can still remove and replace one quickly. Some things you never forget.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

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I'm sickened by how his career has ended; similar to the way I felt when I saw how Paschal English's career ended. Great Judges; great guys who blew their legacy; their body of work in their life. Damn. I'm trying to make it a lesson in what not to do when I reach that age if life seems lacking. I'll try not to do anything so stupid as to embarass my family for the rest of their life.

I have to disagree.
It is like some drunks, they only beat their wife when drunk, but would like to when sober!

Bullies are similar.

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We all make bad choices in life and some of them deal with character. The fact that the judges you mention are in fact judges, means that you must hold them to a much higher standard. If they cannot make good choices in their own life, I wouldn't want them to make choices about the lives of others.

It doesn't matter what "great guys" they are, it is all about character.

I am sure you agree with this.


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