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PTC gets national accolade: best place to raise kids

Peachtree City has been named one of the 50 “best places to raise kids” in the United States by Bloomberg Businessweek.

Although residents are well-versed in the myriad of recreational offerings available for the younger set, Bloomberg was concerned with public school performance, safety, housing costs, commute time and other factors including the percentage of households with children, adult educational attainment and diversity.

Median income and unemployment factored in too, and the result of all that data crunching put Peachtree City in the top 50 among some 3,200 cities from 5,000 to 50,000 in population from across the nation.

The online blurb of course offers the de rigeur nod to the heart of Peachtree City: its cart path system. But it also notes that the city boasts the “artificial” Lake Peachtree and also the fact that the city was named a “Tree City USA” by the Arbor Day Foundation.

Considering that the city is Georgia’s only representative on the list (one city was chosen from each state), it bodes well to help promote what is arguably the crown jewel of the southside metro Atlanta area. Especially in a time in which the economy is beginning to pick back up, as have visits from corporations considering moving here.

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Despite poor leadership from the top, Bloomsberg Businessweek has named PTC as one of the top 50 places to raise kids. The based this on the schools, adult education, low crime, commute to the city, and get this Mr. Mayor, RECREATION.

All of these were reasons my wife and I choose to plant roots in this fine city.

So, instead of trying to cut the recreation budget, why don't you do a 360 and invest more into the recreation programs. I am pretty sure there are some low cost ways to improve and expand on existing programs. I am sure that there are many fine citizens that would be more than willing to donate thier time to share/teach one of thier passions.

Why don't you appoint someone on staff to market PTC as one of the top places to raise kids? Bring in families to fill the empty homes, and I promise you businesses will return to fill empty offices and industrial parks.

Lets invest in our future.

mudcat's picture

Believe me, they didn't attend one of Haddix's council meetings last month and then back to vote us in as one of the 50 best. They were using data collected from 2011 programs and amenities and those things were in place because of what previous leaders accomplished.

Anyone who disagrees with this probably thinks the well-trained SEAL Team that killed bin Laden was nurtured and encouraged under the great military leader Barack Obama.

They'll be voting on the results of the Haddix outsourcing and purging in a couple of years and by then we will be way out of the first fifty.

I certainly understand the magazine collected data to make the decision and certainly did not research the present political situation.

Just wanted to point out to the mayor, who we all know scans the blogs, that scaling back recreation is a very poor decision. Recreation activities for both young and old, provide a healthy outlet for the both the body and mind. It keeps the kids off the streets and getting into trouble and it keeps the older folks active in the community.

We have a lot of talented people in PTC who are very willing to share thier knowledge or passion to others. We just have to ask.

Don't see how investing in recreation hurts in any way. Market this to young families who will then move in to the homes that the empty nesters are moving out of and revitize the city. This will slowly bring in new businesses.

NUK_1's picture

No recreation, no more amenities, no even half-azz attempt of landscaping around the city. Young families? UGH! GO AWAY! They want to drive away families and replace them with seniors. Brown was very direct about that as he thinks it will lower the tax burden on PTC residents since he's a total goof that doesn't realize the very high costs of providing services to seniors. He thinks it's cheaper than providing services to families and "we'll get cars off the roads since seniors don't drive as much", not that he's ever personally made enough money to pay property taxes or live in PTC to begin with, but that's another story.

I totally resist that "vision" of PTC and, yeah, I'd pay more in taxes if necessary. Most of the hotels/motels also agree, but Haddix doesn't because there hasn't been a "needs assessment" done and the fact that he's such a weak leader that he wants to govern by surveys instead of proposing anything himself.

We need to take this Bloomsberg article and run with it. Market it all over the country. Good people(young and old) will move here because we do offer recreation activities. Promote intelligent long term growth.

To only market to older empty nesters is closed minded. Though they may not need the schools, and may tool around on a golf cart in lieu of a car, they also require more emergency services and may not be able to provide the upkeep of a home. I never realized SB wanted PTC to become a heavily senior local.

In my established neighborhood, we have many empty nesters that have been moving out and new younger families moving in. These families are upgrading, repairing the homes to suit thier families needs. These are blue and white collar families who all seem to give back to the community in some fashion. One senior helps at the dog park, we have parents active in scouting, sports, music, teachers, policemen, mothers involved in PTA, someone who teaches at one of the art classes. Of course we also have some retired Delta employees who drive thier golf cart to the nearest watering hole for a couple drinks every night, need an ambulance once every three months, and whose homes need a lot of work inside and out.

I am like you. I would gladly pay additional taxes to keep and improve our recreation activities. I would think the same way even if I didnt have kids or utilize the facilities myself.

The bottom line is that we need a leader that can build a consensus with council and improve on what we have instead of putting a line in the sand and daring others to cross. Yes, we need seniors, but we also need young families to help revitalize the city.

I'm an empty nester, but people all ages need to use common sense.
PTC was built as a planned community. We need to attract you and old.
That includes great schools. Whether you have children in the schools or not, the ESPLOST was important.
The next PTC mayoral election is too!

I'd prefer taxes not go up, but our mayor has been too bust fighting with the world then focusing WITH council on how to cut the budget. 2 service departments with EEOC complaints is a total crime and it happened on this mayor's watch! That will waste needed funds to defend that could be used elsewhere.

Enough already!

So much valuable time wasted and it all rests with Haddix's inability to show any form of leadership. All he knows is how to street fight and play political games which are so transparent. The most recent was the campaign to stop the 77 acre annexation after he couldn't put a damn factory there that Fayette Development already walked away from.

The list of failures is so large it's a pity! And he thinks that people including the Tea Party love him!

mudcat's picture

We were designed as a vibrant go-go business environment with condos, apartments, a monorail connecting everything and a population of 80,000. Modest business growth in the 1960's and 70's caused them to drop Plan A and come up with Plan B in the 1980's which cut the population in half, emphasized the cart paths (killing the monorail) and getting rid of the hi-density in favor of white bread cookie cutter subdivisions pandering to young families commuting to Atlanta and the airport. The 1980's and 1990's saw very good business recruiting and local job creation and most sensible people in PTC realized we were in the business of growth - and life was good. Virtually all the good retail we have arrived in those 2 decades.

Then along came 9/11 which crippled airline travel, Steve Brown whose anti-business crusade crippled local job growth and business recruitment and the 2007 recession which has slowed everything. Now we are beginning the second decade of being a has-been community and we have dopes like Haddix chipping away at recreation and probably some other things that have made this community great.

We can recover if someone who actually understands this community (like Scott Bradshaw and people like him) come forward and force-feeds us an economic development program that can easily be the best in Georgia if not the Southeast (BTW, it once was exactly that). OR, we can do nothing, not vote or vote for the wrong people and just quietly retire, age in place and watch us become a seniors community - albeit one with the highest taxes anywhere.

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You are making it sound like Brown and Haddix and even Logsdon are just typical self-promoting politicians that could care less about city and are only interested in themselves. I have heard all 3 of these guys promise to defend the sacred land use plan from all enemies both foreign and domestic and they sounded so sincere. So what happened after they got elected?

Agree on Bradshaw but he ain't running. Lenox was the last elected person who had a good sense of history and tradition. Les Dyer is the only candidate in the last 10 years that I was impressed enough with to say the same. I doubt the economic development pipe dream you are having will come to fruition. The good leaders are aging, dying and moving away. We are left with the dregs in political office and the uninvolved and apathetic voters who put them there.

New motto - Peachtree City: Plan to stay (until we tax you out of your home).

Live free or die!

Recreation cut backs and outsourcing by the mayor is just one of a hundred reasons why he will never be re-elected as mayor if he even tries to run again.

PTC needs young families to move here, to maintain and grow a strong housing market. He wants "smart growth" which is code for no growth.
Slowly we are stripping away the things that make our planned community unique, this is compounded with lack of good maintenance of what we have, then sprinkle in the years he wasted fighting over economic development with council because he wanted his way or no way. Under his "un-leadership", we are getting closer to have to sell ourselves to Del Web!

Sorry, but we need a mayor who understands leadership, someone with a vision for "intelligent growth" who can be a team leader with a council that works together on important projects to enhance PTC, not rip it apart as he has done.

You want perfect examples of the difference between "smart growth and "intelligent growth"

Racetrac = smart growth / Kohls = intelligent growth. Racetrac never should have happened!

77acre Southern Pines annexation - first the mayor wanted a polluting plastics manufacturer there, then no annexation even when it proved to be financial viable for the city. He also played political games surrounding that annexation be recruiting a third party to hammer away at the council members which is another example of his lack of leadership and his political gamesmanship!

NUK_1's picture

I agree completely and I'm hoping enough of the people living in PTC feel the same way. Pretty confident they do because everyon I talk to in PTC despises the hell out of Haddix and some aren't also too fond of Imker either, but you got to turn out on election day and make sure it happens.

I'm not down on senior citizens because a lot of them want to locate in PTC to watch and be close to their own children(now adults with kids of their own) and grandkids enjoy the amenities of living in PTC. They and myself and a lot others didn't move here to be a city known that can't govern itself and needs surveys to tell our elected what to do because that's "politically expedient." Fortunately, most of our elected have resisted that approach. Still, PTC was never designed to be a "senior community" and let's not go down that road.

Don Haddix's picture

I could not resist on one point. it demonstrates how non fact base political attacks can be.

Smart and Intelligent growth have become such contorted terms I now prefer "Planned Growth."

Fact is Kohl's never was an applicant for Line Creek. All the developer ever applied for was footage. What developers say and what they legally do are often not the same thing.

Kohl's already signed onto Fischer in 2007 and before. The parcel was clearly shown in the 2007 DRI where they were going to build an about 136,000 sq' store.

Nothing happened on the site. In 2011 they reduced the footage to about 87,000 sq'. Early this year that canceled plans altogether.

Nothing intelligent about building a dark box.

You also neglected to mention the new traffic light issue on 54 that went along with that thinking.

Hundreds of email objections to Kohl's were received. None have come in on the RaceTrac. Some people have said they actually like it there. Others think we could have done better, but not a Big Box. Most just don't care.

As for the always false claim Kohl's does not close stores, just Google Kohls closings and start reading. Kohl's also had closed their entire food store chain.

The Kohl's panacea claims were always a myth.


<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

Mr Mayor
Want me to call Vince, the developer on this project to call you out on this one? At the same time, I can call Brendan at NorSouth to explain why they really sued PTC too. Lets put it all on the table.

You actually prove the point.... Your anti developer rhetoric is so 1980s. Vince clearly had Kohls lined up. He also had Marshall's and HomeGoods lined up but you jerked him around!

So instead of working with him to find out the plans, you played games.

Don - you delivered a RACTRAC with a 24 hour convenience store to Peachtree City.
You own that!

Anyone running against you can slap you with that one!

Don Haddix's picture

Go ahead and call Vince. RAM was not the developer at Line Creek nor was Vince.

Try going to City Hall and getting copies of the legal documents we actually saw and voted on. Actually know what you are talking about.

Nor did I have anything to do with RaceTrac coming here or being approved. That was purely a Planning Commission action since it was fully within ordinance.

On NorSouth, the issue was lack of low income housing. Period. There is nothing illegal about any elected talking about issues in advance of a vote. Neither Planning, or Council, contrary to what you keep claiming, are quasi judicial bodies.

Do lawyers fish, trying to find other legalities. Were there any other legalities found? No. Obviously, you didn't pay attention to the Council Meeting where we did the reconsideration. It was only based on Federal Housing Law, nothing else.

Once again, you make claims and pronouncements totally lacking in facts. You are not credible.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

You really know how to twist the truth, and I always love your fall back position...attacking the opponent.

People are tired of that stuff Don, your un-leadership is amazing. You have relly ruined PTC over the years you have been on city council and mayor.
Local businesses are tired of you which is why you will never win if you try to run again.

The best thng about Racetrac is when you tired to convince people that because of the hard rock, it would be too expensive to put the tanks undergound.
Meanwhile, they did and you really underestmiated and messed up on RACETRAC.

As for NorSouth, people know the truth, I have spoken to Brendan and there were many people at that joint meeting where Brendan presented. Actually, this proves your inability to serve even further. NorSouth brought the most powerful lawsuit against the city BECAUSE you biased the planning process. If you actually believe what you write here, it shows how out of touch and unqualified you are to serve as the mayor. Even the attorney representing the city had many choice words about you and what you did. Everyone involved with the lawsuit knows it too.

Its like your insulting e-mail about the past just needed to keep your mouth shut and you didn't.

Don, the list about you goes on and on. You are not credible, you are not qualified to serve, and your record and the damage you have done to Peachtree City is a crime.

Oh, and the election is 11 months away. It's time for TAKE BACK PEACHTREE CITY.

Finally, what are you babbling about Kohl's, it is one of the most sucessful retail chanins in the US. They are long term players in their leases and the communities they get involved with. They sold their food stores to A&P in February 2003. They operate 1,146 stores in 49 states.

Your anti-Kohls postion has everything to do with your anti-Big Box thoughts or "smart growth"...How's that working for Peachtree City? It isn't you brought us a RACETRAC instead!

RACETRAC DON.....that's your new nick name. I hope every candidate that runs for mayor uses it... or better still how about:

2 EEOC LAWSUITS DON...remember its on your watch!

Hey, any bloggers interested in more nicknames, feel free to pitch in!

Don, you are not credible! You lack leadership and that's what this job needs.

MajorMike's picture

Wow Larry!! I think you just got Don Haddix reelected.

I guess Don called you for support.
He needs it.

MajorMike's picture

Larry - I haven't talked to Don Haddix but once since he was elected and that was in the WalMart parking lot this year. We did exchange a few emails & blog posts about the gas golf cart ban fiasco back when that was a hot item. Go back in the Citizen archives and see what the tone was on that one. I had about the same amount of appreciation of the new tree ordinance (which I totally ignore along with everyone else).

Once again - you missed the point.

Trust me, I didn't miss the point!
Just taken back that you wrote what you did and can't see the humor in it!
It's actually buried in one of my posts to Haddix.

If he is dumb enough to respond to my comments because he can't control himself.... Well that's his problem and further proof he is not qualified for the job!

So, trust me, I get the point and as a local business owner I see the negative effect he has had on this city.

MajorMike's picture

Perhaps sometime soon I will come to one of the City Council meetings and meet you. Then we can go to Starbucks and you can buy me coffee so we can discuss "points" and maybe even Mayor Don Haddix.

PTC Observer's picture

Not a chance, Mr. Haddix is through in PTC, a man with his character has a higher calling I am sure, perhaps state or federal?

MajorMike's picture

Oh, I don't know. The last PTC Mayor youse guys were slam dunking went on to be elected to the Fayette County Commission, then on to be the Fayette County Commission Chair.

And like Larry S., you missed the point.

PTC Observer's picture

think so pal, a man like this will bypass the county government and go straight to State or Federal levels for sure. It's is all about character, I am afraid you missed the point.

But then again you are a Major...... ;-)

MajorMike's picture

No, just someone who pays attention to history (local included) and occasionally tries to be polite to the local nut cases ........:-). Frankly, you need to examine your own character. Go back and look at your petty and hate filled blogs over, shall we say, the last year. Then - you decide.

Polite? Nut cases? Please, look at some of your own posts before pointing a finger at others.

As for character and integrity, or lack there of, Haddix has made his own bed on those issues. Maybe that's ok for you but not others. PTC voters didn't pay attention when they elected him yet it was pretty clear to those who were actively involved with the city at the time and voters who really paid attention to his behavior as a council member.

Call me a nut case, call me whatever you want. I call myself someone who is very informed, and also operating a PTC business employing 40 employees, knowing Haddix is not good for business in PTC.

So have at it, call me crazy! But don't start believing what you wrote to PTC Observer.

MajorMike's picture

Actually Larry, I wasn't poking at you. This time anyway. The offer of coffee still holds. I'll even buy!

Ok, but only if I can buy the lemon pound cake....

Let's make a day and time.

PTC Observer's picture

Mike, "petty and hate filled", I don't think your assessment is correct and as far as you being "polite", well....... I think you come up a little short there too pal.

Logic is a terrible thing to waste on those that don't use it Major, that's why I won't waste it on you.

Mike King's picture

...You bend the truth so much I can understand how you might believe your own facts, but you cannot spin away $12K of taxpayer money for your unbridled imbecility. Also, you cannot spin away your comments prior to the Norsouth fiasco.

Peachtree City is tired of you. You have surpassed Steve Brown in infamy when it comes to our city's governance. You are so far over your head, even 'pumkin' is beginning to understand how delusional you are.

Why not do one honorable thing in your life and resign, the citizens of Peachtree City would welcome it.

I and many others blame you.

What about our 12k?

Mike King's picture

"Smart and Intelligent growth have become such contorted terms I now prefer Planned Growth."

You are so dumb you hair hurts!


So and so.

Mike King's picture

This simply goes to prove that Peachtree City is great because of it's people, not it's government. With nearly half of the budget going to police and fire, and less and less going to recreation can we all not see what Haddix and his vision is doing to our city?

Can anyone correctly state that our recreational facilities/programs for our youth are that much better than surrounding communities? Of course not! It would seem our priority is to diminish recreation at the expense of our mayor's perceived lack of security.

Perhaps if we cut both fire and police by as much as fifteen percent and simply apply their reduction to recreational programs, we might just stem the tide without raising taxes.

Now let's hear from those on the city staff that say it simply cannot be done.

In comparison to the playing fields I grew up playing on, the fields and facilities we have are great. However, you are correct in that our facilities are not any better than other local cities and towns I have had the opportunity to visit.

Each year the city asks more and more of the local youth groups to pick up the tab for upkeep. There are many residents (some who don't even have kids playing) who spend many a weekend helping with field upkeep that used to be the city's responsibility.

Recreational programs are vital to everyone. You ask any policeman and they will tell you that the kids that don't have parents who get them involved in activities when school is out are more than likely to get into the mischief and trouble.

So, one can almost guarantee that cuts in recreation will result in additional police and maintanance for the children and some adults who get into trouble due to the lack of recreational activities.

Mike King's picture

For the twenty-five plus years we have lived here it has been the residents, or parents to be more specific, that have made the best of our fine recreational facilities. My kids ,now grown, have been the beneficiary of coaches, mentors and the like and have grown into fine adults as a result. Most parents my age are proud of their involvement in the recreational programs in which our kids participated. It troubles me to hear over and over that private citizens are taking active roles in the upkeep of our facilities while the tab from the city keeps going up.

Further, I am proud to say that I am still involved to the extent I can with the youth of our city.

NUK_1's picture

All politics aside and everything else, this is something that PTC can yet again claim as a good reason to locate here, whether you're a young family with small children, seniors looking for a high quality of life, or a business.

I'd encourage our elected leaders and our tireless volunteers in many facets of FC and PTC life to push this to the hilt and take advantage of any national recognition or mention. PTC could use the help of an influx of people that not only like the way things are now, but want to make it better.

How's that PLANNED GROWTH thing going.....
Sort of reminds me of that HOPE & CHANGE thing going around 4 years ago.

I know, under your new umbrella of PLANNED GROWTH, let's get LOW TEMP back for those 77 acres now that they are part of Peachtree City.

You can get your surrogate to post for you.

NUK_1's picture

I'm still laughing about how THE DON says no one has complained whatsoever about Racetrac being built(totally false) but had a ton of complaints about Kohl's possibly being there. The whole NORSOUTH revisionist history is another amusing bunch of BS. Where's the 12K you owe us taxpayers also for your stupidity and fat mouth? You want to talk trash to others....back it up with your wallet. Nope, need GRMA to bail me out of slandering others and that's all OK because I'm THE DON. Kiss the ring!

The man has no integrity at all. I'd say ignore him completely, but that's really tough to accomplish. Stupidity and arrogance need to be challenged, especially when it gets posted here or in the print edition of The Citizen. It just can't be ignored, though I wish it could.

I believe that RACETRAC DON relies on most voters not being totally informed so he can tell fibs and lies on these posts to win elections.
He did alot of that a few years ago when he ran for election against Cindy spending no money and praying on anti-developer, anti-Westside emotions.

My hope is, his track record will speak for itself...and more smart people like Vanessa will enter the 2013 mayoral race which will mean that first he will have to defend his record based upon the TRUTH that 2,3 or 4 contenders speak about resulting in all citizens learning the truth and, second, anyone entering the race will have to spend money to get elected.

$12,000 DON now has a track record with Peachtree City and the voters will be the judge. The key will be the number of candidates entering the race and the amount of TRUE history they present.

Also, I can't see any political party endorsing him after the last 4 years including the loss of public trust when he sidestepped the system and took the $12,000 of taxpayers' money.

Happy New Year! Should be an interesting election year!

Those who constantly complain about this great city are backstabbers. They complain about the current leadership, and push out good leaders in favor of poor leadership, but claim the opposite.

This community is great. It IS the best place in the state to raise a family, and one of the reasons is that so many educated people from a variety of locations live here. Most of Georgia's cities are loaded with natives who don't care enough about where they grew up to even stop and pick up the garbage they throw from their pick-up trucks.

There's a reason this city is called The Bubble. It's one of the few places in the Southeast in which civility and education are priorities.

And that Racecar place isn't a big deal. It's just one gas station out of many throughout the city, and it's one of the few that are actually clean and not an eyesore. The one on the opposite corner isn't doing anything to add beauty to the place.

Some people are never satisfied with the happiness of others.

G35 Dude's picture

You title your post: [quote]Some of you are addicted to negativity.[/quote]

Then you say: [quote]Most of Georgia's cities are loaded with natives who don't care enough about where they grew up to even stop and pick up the garbage they throw from their pick-up trucks.[/quote]

As a native born and raised here let me thank you for your positive reinforcement and remind you that Delta is ready when you are.

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