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Mabra heads to House from Fayetteville

For Ronnie Mabra the time has come and the Atlanta attorney and Fayetteville native is ready to be sworn-in as the representative for the newly created District 63 seat in the Georgia House of Representatives that includes portions of Fayette, Clayton and south Fulton counties.

“I’m excited. It’s going to be fun, being a Georgia boy going to serve in his own state and representing the town where he grew up,” Mabra said. “This state and county gave so much to me. What better thing to do now than to help them out.”

Mabra, a Democrat, was quick to acknowledge that his new role as state representative comes with a learning curve.

“I’ll have to get down there and learn the system,” said Mabra. “I’m in the minority party and I’m at the bottom because I’m a freshman representative. But don’t doubt small beginnings. I’ll be able to do good things for the people in my district.

Mabra’s political stance is anchored on three issues: creating jobs in the community, guaranteeing educational opportunities and promoting safe and healthy neighborhoods.

When it comes to education, Mabra said that while attending Fayette schools his teachers inspired him to succeed and to give back to the community.

“They prepared me to graduate with honors from Fayette County High School and to earn degrees from Georgia Tech and the University of Georgia School of Law. As someone who was educated in Georgia’s best public schools, I’ll be an unwavering voice for improving education and will fight to save the HOPE scholarship so more of our children can attend college,” said Mabra.

Mabra also says he wants to help improve the economy in District 63.

“My parents are successful business owners who taught me the value of a hard day’s work. Now that I run my own business I want to improve our community by putting people back to work, attracting new visitors and keeping tax dollars in our community,” Mabra said.

As for addressing crime and safe neighborhoods, Mabra said those efforts involve the three-pronged approach that includes effective law enforcement, effective sentencing and providing appropriate outlets to help keep children out of trouble.

“As a homeowner and attorney, I’ve seen firsthand how crime affects our communities. I’ll be an advocate for fair sentencing and community policing and I’ll work to give children creative outlets like sports and the arts to keep them out of trouble,” Mabra said. “Protecting our neighborhoods and growing the economy go hand in hand and I’ll fight for laws that keep us safe and help us prosper.”

Mabra is a trial lawyer and founder of the Mabra Firm, LLC, a personal injury firm in Atlanta.

Mabra grew up in Fayetteville, and attended East Fayette Elementary School, Fayette Middle School and Fayette County High School.

But Ronnie Mabra is not the only family member involved in first-time politics. Ronnie’s wife, Dawn, was recently voted chairman-elect of the Fayette County Democratic Party and will begin her service in January.

Dawn and Ronnie Mabra live in Fayetteville.



Ronnie, Ronnie, Ronnie, your comment above, "My parents....who taught me the value of a hard day's work." And here we are again, Ronnie, you just love the spotlight, now don't you?

Funny,this is the example to teach your kids the value of a hard day's work, Ronnie? Just how hard DID you work to buy those tickets, Ronnie? What's that you say? Oh, I'm so sorry, I thought you said you PAID for those tickets. You know, like most folks do, so there would be no confusion later when I make a decision that would possibly benefit those that handed them to me, for free. And to think you hadn't even taken that oath yet. Enjoy your new job.

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