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McCarty to be county legislative liaison

Fayette County Commissioner Allen McCarty will serve as the legislative liaison for the county commission for the rest of the month until a new county administrator is named in January.

Interim County Administrator Jack Krakeel served in the position last year at the request of the commission because it was easy for him to communicate legislative issues of importance from the Association County Commissioners of Georgia. But as Krakeel prepares to transition fully into retirement at the end of this year, he suggested at a workshop meeting Dec. 5 that the commissioners appoint one of their own to handle the critical task.

As the legislative coordinator, McCarty will be looped in the discussions about potential legislation and changes to state law that could have an effect on Fayette County.

He will have a chance to provide feedback about the county’s priorities and to meet legislators at several functions at the capitol.

The commission will take up the matter again in January when the three new commissioners are sworn in to serve on the five-member board. In addition to commissioners McCarty and Steve Brown, both of whom are in the middle of their four-year terms, the commission will gain Charles “Chuck” Oddo, David Barlow and Randy Ognio, all of whom were elected earlier this year to four-year terms.

Commissioner Lee Hearn had suggested McCarty would be ideal for the role, noting that if the new commissioners want to make a change in the position in January they could do so.

Commissioner Steve Brown said he thought it was good to have the county administrator fill that role to make communications easier and quicker.

Krakeel noted that activity is already starting to pick up as the legislature inches closer to its January kickoff date.


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