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2014-15 school calendar: Start early, end early

Those with school-age children wanting to get a jump planning vacations for the next two years can forge ahead with those plans. The Fayette County Board of Education last week approved the school calendar for 2014 with school starting Aug. 7, 2014, and ending May 22, 2015.

School system officials had more than 1,000 people respond to the two calendars previously posted on the website. Superintendent Jody Barrow said the best features of both proposed calendars were combined.

Effective for the next two school years, the 180-day calendar has school beginning on Thursday, Aug. 7.

The largest blocks of holidays will come for Thanksgiving break from Nov. 24-28, semester break from Dec. 22 through Jan. 5 and spring break from April 6-10.

Barrow noted that the first semester will conclude prior to the Christmas holiday.

The calendar has the last day of school on Friday, May 22, 2015, a full week before Memorial Day.

The calendar will span the next two school years to give parents the ability to plan into the future.

The unanimous approval of the calendar included a board OK for 10 teacher planning days.

For a look at the new calendar, visit the school system website at



This has to be the dumbest schedule I have ever seen.

August 7 is a Thursday in 2014. What kind of attendance do they really expect to get for the first 2 days of school? Starting school late in the week has to be one of the dumbest ideas I have ever heard of.

While this will not effect me personally, Starting school late in the week creates a nightmare for some working parents.

Kids do not return from the Christmas break until January 6th (a Tuesday)

FYI to The Citizen, May 22 is not a full week ahead of Memorial Day (May 25 in 2015) but the Friday before

This calendar incorporates a 2 day break in October and shrinks the February winter break to just 2 days..

What's next FCBOE, how about we have shrink the holiday break to just Christmas & New Years Day??

They asked for it.

Start school on August 11 (Monday) and end on May 22 (Friday)

No Fall break.

Half Days on the Fridays before Christmas Break and end of year

Obviously opinions vary.

Happy New Year!

TheRealityCheck's picture

Its too long to go from August to November without a break. I voted for a small Fall break and a small Winter break in February.

I don't see why it would be any more of a nightmare for parents for their kids to start on Thursday than it would for them to start on Monday (or any other day of the week for that matter). When I was in school, we started mid-week - no big deal.

I don't think the students need to start too early in August - that takes the fun out of Summer - and its too hot.

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