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Horgan: County not resurrecting TDK road extension to Coweta

The Fayette County Commission wants full ownership of a Peachtree City-owned 1.7-acre tract just south of Lake McIntosh to provide permanent access to the lake’s amenities in the area, according to Commissioner Robert Horgan.

Horgan confirmed that the county has looked into possibly condemning the city’s property, but he emphasized that the county is not attempting to revive the scuttled TDK Boulevard extension.

In fact, Horgan contends that the commission is proposing alternatives via a land swap that would help the city maintain its ability to keep the road extension mothballed.

The TDK extension was scuttled in 2007 due to concerns that Ga. Highway 74 South at Crosstown Road would be flooded with traffic from a potential four-lane road leading to a 3,100-home subdivision and 600,000 square foot shopping area Coweta had approved.

There have been concerns recently that should the county commission acquire the city’s tract, the city would lose its ability to halt the road extension, especially since the owner of the 1,600-acre Coweta project has asked city and county officials to resurrect the road.

Horgan said that county officials have told the Coweta landowner that they would not revive the project since that decision would be left up to Peachtree City.

Horgan further pointed out that after the TDK extension was cancelled in 2007, the county decided to spend money elsewhere that had been set aside for the extension and bridge and additional intersection improvements in the area.

The county also refunded the $200,000 that the city had put in to pay for part of the TDK extension, Horgan noted.

Instead of agreeing to a land swap proposed by the county, city officials have offered an easement to its 1.7 acre tract at the lake’s southernmost point, which would preserve the city’s ownership of the land ... and thus its ability to negate the TDK extension in future years.

Horgan said the commission wants to own the property outright because it will be spending upwards of $400,000 to build an access road to the lake’s amenities. “We should own that land,” Horgan said. “It’s too big a project and too much to go on to say we don’t own that property and have access to our dam. ... There could be some way we would be forced into not having access to the amenities at the dam or do anything, and that could cost us more money down the road.”

Horgan noted that the negotiations between the city and the county have been going on for about two years. An easement would not guarantee that the access would be permanent, Horgan said, noting that a legal opinion from the county attorney indicates that the county can’t spend public funds for a road on land it doesn’t own.

Horgan did not know immediately if water system funds qualify as public funds even though its revenues are considered utility revenues from user fees.

Construction on the lake dam is well underway, and the county may begin impounding water within six months, Horgan said, adding that now is the time the commission is trying to finalize the contracts for construction of the recreation amenities area for the lake.

The 650-acre lake is projected to have a playground, a gazebo, two walking trails, a picnic pavilion, docks and parking for boat trailers. It also will feature a gate at the entrance so the park can be closed from dusk until dawn.

Horgan said he doesn’t think the majority of the commission will drop the lake amenities just to allow the city to keep its 1.7-acre tract.

The commission met in secret (closed) session Thursday afternoon to discuss acquiring the city-owned tract, and the commission gave direction to provide other options to the city to resolve the dispute.

Peachtree City Mayor Don Haddix said the city has agreed it will provide the easement access for the county and also provide access to two privately owned land-locked tracts in the area that are located in Peachtree City.

But the city will not agree to allowing the road to be extended into Coweta County, Haddix said.

According to multiple documents reviewed by The Citizen, the city wants language in the agreement that would forbid the tract from being used to extend any road into Coweta County.

Any such road extension would require a bridge across Line Creek, and the county owns a tract of land abutting the creek that was the exact proposed landing spot for the TDK extension bridge on the Fayette County side.

The 650-acre lake will stretch just south of Ga. Highway 54 West southward toward Falcon Field Airport. It will be located along Line Creek though most of the land is in the jurisdiction of Coweta County. The land was purchased back in the 1970s and is owned by Fayette County.

Representatives for the owner of the 1,500-acre Coweta tract primed for the mega-development recently asked Peachtree City Mayor Haddix to revive the TDK extension project, Haddix said.

Haddix said he rebuffed the request because there is “zero interest in extending a bridge or a road” into Coweta County.


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ask Steve Brown or Allen McCarty. By the way, was Horgan's interview conducted in a slightly weaving white truck on a Sunday afternoon?

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We don't want people from Fayette County or anywhere else using our lake. Just put a cart path in there and parking for PTC registered electric golf carts only. No boat trailers, no smelly motors, no screaming kids, none of that. Well-behaved dogs on a leash - maybe. You build that stuff and have a parking lot the next thing that will happen is people from Coweta County will come over here and let their rug rats swim in our drinking water.

Come on mayor Haddix. Stick to your guns.

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There is a Development of Regional Impact (DRI) application on file at the Georgia Department of Community Affairs for a large real estate project in Coweta County called “McIntosh Village.” In order for the McIntosh Village project to be successful, a road and bridge connection between Peachtree City and Coweta County often referred to as the “TDK Extension” would have to be constructed. The land for the McIntosh Village is now owned by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints as an investment property.

The TDK Extension transportation project has been rejected by the last three administrations of the Peachtree City Council as not in the best interest of the city or the county. The project had been removed from city transportation plans.

The Fayette Board of Commissioners adjourned into executive session late in the regularly scheduled commission meeting on Thursday, December 15, 2011 to discuss the proposed action of the county government condemning a piece of land owned by the City of Peachtree City that could facilitate the construction of the TDK Extension (This was illuminated in an email correspondence from Commissioner Robert Horgan).

A majority of the commissioners voted to proceed with the county government condemning property owned by the City of Peachtree City and the County Attorney was given permission to initiate condemnation. I voted in opposition. At no time did the County Administrator or the County Attorney, both present at the Executive Session, disclose their conversations with the Mormons or disclose the desires of the Mormons (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) as real estate investors to construct the project known as the TDK Extension which would bring the parcel owned by the city into play.

Both the county attorney and the county administrator are obligated to disclose information pertinent to any discussion before the Board of Commissioners, especially since I expressed severe concerns about the revival of the TDK Extension. Could this be described as willful misconduct?

Remember, these are the same people who brought you the unwarranted and unwanted (yet quite expensive) West Fayetteville Bypass.

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Nice summation.

With a majority of the County Commission in favor, would it not be in the best interest of the Peachtree City Council to file against such an action and place the whole matter into litigation? That is, if they still oppose such a venture. Pending the outcome of the reelection efforts of Frady, Horgan, and Hearn, the whole matter could be 'dropped' should either of the anointed three lose in two years.

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Steve, I must say that your reporting efforts on these events were much better than Munford's 2 attempts. Of course you were there and he wasn't, but still you were able to explain things better and in much less than your normal 1,000 words. Congrats.

You got snarky at the end, but still - good reporting. Although it was a secret meeting and you spilled the beans. Hope you don't get censured.

I do indeed see the wisdom of keeping ownership of the land in Peachtree City within the City of Peachtree City. After all, you never know who could get elected to Fayette County Commission - some radical whackjob with a hidden agenda to help developers. One never knows, does one?

Live free or die!

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Like many other issues that have come before Frady, Horgan, and Hearn behind closed doors, this issue would never have been presented to the people of Fayette County and Peachtree City in a clear concise manner.

THANK YOU for truly representing the interests of Fayette County.

Let the TDK extension go through & Coweta county have their new development but place a toll booth on the Peachtree City side of the lake and charge a small fee, say something like $2.00 per axle . This will help pay for the amenities at the lake, the roads, and inconvenience local residents will have to put up with The toll which would be assessed both ways plus limiting the hours the road is available from Dawn to Dusk will deter people from using it strictly as a commuter road and will put some much needed revenue into our community.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Mr. Horgan and his two amigo's vote to take propery from the city in executive session. What a bunch of cowards. Then Mr. Horgan reports it is not to revive TDK. This is similar to the misleading statements concerning the West Fayetteville bypass. I believe Commissioner Brown's account of the executive session. I am hoping that none of the people involved with this decision will have a job with the County after 2012. It is high time we have Commissioners that are honest and truly represent the people of Fayette County and not special interests.

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"It is high time we have Commissioners that are honest and truly represent the people of Fayette County and not special interests."
With Commissioner Horgan its always High times, pssssssst, pass the Cheetos man!

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Speaking from experience, the deception and misleading statements West Bypass folks have endured from Smith, Maxwell, Frady, Horgan, Hearn, and Steele would have put less courageous people down four years ago.

And, yes, there is something very fishy going on.

During the 2012 Candidate Forum in Fayetteville, former Commission Chairman Jack Smith was asked why County Administrator Jack Krakeel did not receive a performance review. Smith replied that Krakeel receives an "oral performance review." Smith also said that Krakeel was there at Smith's "behest."

It is well known that Krakeel and County Attorney Scott Bennett will do whatever Commission Chairman Herb Frady wants them to do. I have watched as Frady put Krakeel and Bennett on the spot during commission meetings to orchestrate wording to Frady's advantage. If Frady is that blatant during a commission meeting, can you imagine what goes on during Executive Sessions?

During commission meetings, Frady sets the tone, Horgan, Hearn, Krakeel, and Bennett follow. It is the same old "go along to get along" mentality that Frady and Steele have learned to follow with the Atlanta Regional Commission.

Peachtree city and Mayor Haddix would do well not to trust anything proposed by Frady, Horgan, Hearn, Krakeel, and Bennett.

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First off, the sooner a competent County administrator is brought in to replace the way under-qualified and under-performing Krakeel the better.
How he's managed to finesse being "interim" into "beyond permanent" is a mystery to me. Oh it isn't! He's Jack Smith's and now Frady's puppet.

As far as the land condemnation for TDK goes, what Horgan stated sounds real reasonable and all good, but he, Frady and Hearn have shown they cannot be trusted whatsoever, so Horgan's words are simply not good enough now. The trust factor evaporated a while ago with the Three Stooges.

Lake McIntosh has not been filled but something smell fishy over there.

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Oh crap. His lips are moving

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