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PTC author unveils new book

Author David Sterling, a resident of Peachtree City, has just released the second book in his “Bennett Mills Mystery” series.  The book is titled, “The Dream Maker” and is a sequel to his previously released book “Do As I Say”. 

Sterling said that “The Dream Maker” picks up on the life of Agent Bennett Mills almost a year after his last adventure concluded.
“One might say that life in general is going well for Agent Mills but, as the saying goes, ‘Nothing good lasts forever.”
An encrypted message from an unlikely source leads Bennett into a late night stakeout in the Sonoran Desert where he witnesses the murder of a man who has already been dead for a year.  While trying to unravel this mystery and prevent a deadly new drug from hitting the streets, Bennett takes a cross-country trip. 

There, he joins forces with an old adversary seeking redemption from his past.  When his own existence puts those he loves in jeopardy, to what lengths will Bennett go to protect them? This book brings back many of the same characters whom readers have connected with from my first book. It will also introduce several new characters including a new dangerous adversary,” Sterling says.  “I think my fellow Peachtree City residents will enjoy the fact that a good portion of the book takes place right here in Peachtree City. “

Sterling and his wife, Mary Ann, have two daughters, one a junior at the University of Georgia, the other hoping to attend medical school next fall.  Their son is currently a Starr’s Mill High School senior. Besides writing, Sterling enjoys both photography and convincing friends and family to move to Peachtree City. 

In addition to his family making the move from New York, he is responsible for 16 other friends and family members relocating here.  “Part of the reason why I used Peachtree City as one of the venues for my story is because of its uniqueness.  While I don’t want to give anything away, I will divulge that I take advantage of some of those unique qualities in my book.”  Sterling suggests, “Although I recommend that you read the series in order to fully enjoy the second book, the storyline of the second book stands on its own.” 

Both books are currently available on in both Kindle and paperback formats.  Sterling encourages those interested in his books to either visit his website at, “Friend” him on Facebook and/or follow his “Tweets” via his Twitter username, “davidasterling1”



like a good read. "Uniqueness"...hmmmm...sound intriguing...

$2.99 on Kindle.

Robert W. Morgan's picture

Got the oversexed police officer, the gaudy golf cart and a city official arrested for DUI - none of which is relevant to the plot, but fun to read.

Mr. Sterling likes to revisit people and events from his previous novel, so I guess the door is open for a Peachtree City reappearance. I'm hoping the Italian mob guy is brought back. Maybe he can get upset at the mayor for being disruptive and make him an offer to go away on a dangerous secret mission with NSA.

Live free or die!

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